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Generator Watch Person/ComEd Inspector, Spec-Tec, ComEd Contractor

Generator Watch Person/ComEd Inspector, Spec-Tec, ComEd Contractor at ELIGIBLE FOR SCI CLEARANCE

Country Club Hills, IL


Work Experience

Generator Watch Person/ComEd Inspector, Spec-Tec, ComEd Contractor


2009 to Present

• Watchperson Duties 
o To Maintain fuel level, Calculate Phase imbalance, Burn Rate, and the Percent of the Electrical Load on the generator. 
o Check for faults and alarms and keep the OCC notified of any issues 24/7. 
o Maintain Safety Perimeters from non-authorized personnel. Safety is most important. 
• ComEd Inspector Duties 
o To inspect customers electrical equipment to make sure it complies with the city and ComEd electrical codes. 
o Order ComEd electrical equipment if inspection is passed 
o Inspect all Safety Clearances for electrical equipment. Safety is most important.

Webster Data Communication Processor

Naval Marine Core Intranet, USN

2008 to 2009

• Tier 2 Administrator for NMCI. Reconstruct and replace laptop hardware (i.e. motherboards, heat sinks, speakers, hard drives, etc. 
• Replace, repair printer parts (fuser rollers, tray feed, imaging unit etc.) as well as implementing printer installs onto the network and directly to desktops. 
• Reconstruct and repair desktop hardware (fan assembly, heat sinks, motherboards, hard drives etc.) 
• Troubleshoot and maintain all connectivity among CPU peripherals, imaging devices, and digital senders. Implement and installation of software associated to a desktop or laptop whether current or legacy programs. Through software distribution programs such as RADIA CONNECT or ELEMENT Software Distribution tool. 
• Domain admin rights ("pushing" CPU for new users, wiping and building new hard drives, adding users to and from the domain etc.) 
• Troubleshoot and resolve issues for two Naval Training Commands with over 9000 users classified and unclassified based on a "Cloud" network 
• Blackberry support, installation, configuration, and synchronization, wiping and etc. 
• Configured users to VLAN through VPN wireless connectivity via wireless network using remedy CSR tracking system, to note all communication with uses, troubleshooting efforts, detailed support, and daily log of troubleshooting efforts  
• Diagnostics, troubleshooting and repairing issues occurred sometimes with a desk side visit or issue would be fixed using Remote Desktop Support Microsoft Windows Net meeting.

Network Administrator

USS Iwo Jima LHD
Norfolk, VA

2005 to 2007

• Active Directory / Exchange Server Administrator. Had full administrative rights for multi-server administration (Windows 2000-2003 Server / Microsoft Exchange Server) 
• Windows 2003 LAN and provided support for over 1700+ end-users as well as four embarked commands consisting of over 400+ end-users 
• Maintain and create user accounts and policies within Active Directory including password resets, monitoring mailbox storage limits, creating group accounts and distribution lists. 
• Performed daily, weekly and monthly backups for our classified and unclassified exchange servers using Veritas Back Up Exchange server program. 
• Restored exchange accounts for over 1500 plus users and groups using known-good backup tapes for Exchange Server, when server failed or crashed. 
• Full administrative rights to add or remove printers through the print server, troubleshoot, configure and verify proper IP association as well as appropriate print server settings for designated printer or peripheral device. 
• Provided desktop support for users including, MS Office, Windows NT and 2000, Windows XP 
• Created and automated backup schedules using windows backup and Veritas Backup Exec 
• Reviewed, analyzed and approved over 200+ customer requests for additional computers connectivity changes and other related networking requirements. 
• Network Administrator troubleshooting and resolving network issues on ATM Based Classified and Unclassified LANs for over 2000+ users 
• Implemented and managed inventory database used to track 1000+ computer assets consisting of computers, monitors, and laptops achieving 100% accountability

Network Administrator / Radioman

Norfolk, VA

2003 to 2005

• Setup and connected over 250 users when updating IT21 Network, onboard USS Hawes 
• Maintained the sending and receiving of over 20,000 messages to maintain shipboard communication throughout COMSECOND FLEET between USS Hawes and sister ships. 
• Messages range from Confidential to Top Secret sensitivity. Maintained proper configuration of all antennas onboard USS Hawes in accordance with 301 maintenance standards. 
• Maintained 95% connectivity frequency during entire underway replenishment and sea trials.


Information Technology

United States Naval A School
Great Lakes, IL

January 2004 to January 2005


Microcomputer Networking, Information Systems Technician, Computer Application Administrator, Telecommunications Administrator, Electronic Communication Systems Engineer, PC repair and maintenance, Network Hardware installation, Network Security Technician, IT Customer Service

Military Service

Service Country: United States

Branch: United States Navy

Rank: IT3

July 2003 to July 2007


Navy Achievement Medal

July 2006


Information Technology Certification

Additional Information

Core Competencies 
•Multi-Level Networking •Time Management •Ethics 
•Cross Functional Team Coordination •Dependability •Team Leadership & Training 
•Technical Adaptability •Creative Problem Solving •Self-Motivation 
Operating Systems: Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Windows 7. 
Servers: Windows 2000 Server, NT Server, Exchange 2000 Server, Unix. 
Software & Programs: Norton Anti-Virus, Global Command and Control Systems-J (GCCS-J), and GCCS-Top Secret, MS Office MS Word, MS IE 5-Current, Netscape, Citrix, Roxio CD Creator, MS Exchange, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Excel, Compose 2.0, Veritas Back Up Exec 9.1, Naval Tactical Command Support System (NTCSS) Navy Standard Integrated Personal System (NSIPS), Blackberry configuration and software repair, Remedy Tracking and logging system, Radia, Wireless VLAN support, Winternals, Video TelePrompTer Communication Devices & Peripherals, MS Office Suite, Windows Net meeting, Remote Software Distribution tools such as ELEMENT