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Laura Bachmann

VERY Eager to learn something new!!!!!!

Lacey, WA


Work Experience


Department of Corrections_Health Services Division
Tumwater, WA

December 2010 to Present

December 1, 2010 thru Current 
Provide assistance to Quality Assurance Administrator, Pharmacy Director, Special Projects Manager, and the unit's AA5 to include senior staff to include research and answering questions. 
Follow well-defined plans, methods and procedures and gather, compile, code, classify and analyze data in accordance with procedures. 
Work under minimal supervision of a higher level supervisor who reviews work for accuracy and completeness. 
Collects, compiles and classifies data; checks for completeness, accuracy and comparability with other data; 
Gathers information, prepares routine data summaries and narrative reports, and assists higher-level staff with preparation of complex reports. Create spreadsheets using Excel. 
Uses OMNI to collect offender information needed for reports or to verify information is correct. 
Create spreadsheet to process and track Continuing Education Unit (CEU) reimbursement requests for licensed professionals (i.e., psychiatrists/pharmacy/ nurses/psychologists/dentists/ dietitian's) for fiscal years. Documentation includes course information for job classes that require licensure renewal per Policy 880.130. (Formerly done by AA5) 
Create spreadsheet to track specific licensing numbers (i.e., Department of Health (DOH); Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA); and National Provider Numbers (NPI for prescribing providers) and ensure information is up to date and expiration dates do not expire. 
Responsible for Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System (CASAS) Report. Extract data from this report to prepare final report on reading scores. Full report provided by management analyst in planning and research. 
Compile information for the monthly (by facility) 1290 Report. Record DOC number, facility, and mental illness scores. Cross reference OBTS-HS report for accuracy. 
Develop presentation materials in Power Point, Excel spreadsheets, tables, and charts directed as needed or requested by staff. 
Assist Special Projects Manager with electronic monthly newsletter in Publisher. Contact facilities for information. Responsible to post on SharePoint and be Point of Contact for facility staff in absence of manager. Talk to discipline leaders about what they want discussed in Newsletter. Under the direction of the Special Project Manager, coordinates SharePoint site. Point of contact in her absence. 
Assist Health Services Project Manager with the development of training curriculum for SharePoint. 
Post ID/DD information and Expedited Medical Services information on SharePoint. 
Assist with entry of Patient Medical/Psychiatry/Dental Encounter Coding data into DOC's Offender Based Tracking System (OBTS-HS). 
Receive reports from Forms/Records Analyst, record Level of Care. Enter accurate infirmary census information received from facilities in to Infirmary Census Database. (Formerly done by a Forms/Records Analyst) 
Prepare, coordinate and/or facilitate meetings to include travel arrangements and processes paperwork for reimbursement using the TEMS. Secures meeting location, prepares necessary paperwork for meetings. 
Coordinate Level III Grievances for Pharmacy Director. 
Responsible for scheduling, organizing, and monitoring appointment calendars; preparing and processing correspondence, making travel arrangements; planning and scheduling meetings including the development of agendas, meeting minutes and meeting materials. 
Prepare A-19's for invoice payment, verifying charges. 
Interprets and applies administrative policies to the work of the unit. 
Reason for Leaving 


Department of Corrections_Health Services
Tumwater, WA

February 2010 to December 2010

Provide administrative assistance to Behavior Health staff including: Chief of Psychiatry, Mental Health Director, Health Services Reentry Manager, Quality Improvement Manager and Mental Health Project Coordinator. 
Research, Data Gathering and Report Preparation: Prepare and distribute weekly Care Review Committee 
(CRC) report for health services/behavioral health unit. Gather data from psychiatric prescribers at all 15 facilities who request case review during the CRC. Compile information and create, format, and maintain Excel spreadsheet and Access database to include information pertaining to individual cases. Record final decisions made by Committee and distribute final report to staff. Schedule all CRC teleconferences. Assist with entry of Patient Medical Encounter Coding and Patient Psychiatry Encounter Coding data into OBTS. 
Professional Support: Provide confidential administrative support to the Behavioral Health Unit including: the Chief of Psychiatry, Mental Health Director, Health Services Reentry Manager, Quality Improve Manager, and Mental Health Project Coordinator. Compose correspondence; make travel arrangements and prepare travel vouchers; maintain electronic and manual files and records; and develop presentation formats using tables, graphs, PowerPoint and other computer graphic programs. 
Contract and Grant Assistance: Provide assistance and support to Reentry Manager in the development of grant applications. Track application status through and the Grant Management System, and assist in researching grant opportunities. Assist in processing and tracking contracts progress in the contract reporting system, and draft/develop federal contract reports as needed or requested.


Department of Corrections_Reentry Unit
Tumwater, WA

April 2009 to April 2010

Provides support for the Reentry Programs which include evidence-based programming, community partnerships, family services, and resource program management. 
Developed complex data reports including the County of Origin Report: 
- Coordinate monthly data collection from 15 state correctional facilities/work releases to compile the County of Origin Report, Summary Report, Year-to-Date Summary Report/Calendar Year Summary Report and Fiscal Year Summary Report. 
Complete monthly County of Origin Report mandated by Senate Bill 6157. Compile release/summary reports with information submitted from institutions, work releases, and sections. Summarizes the county of discharge for offenders released to community custody or community placement. 
Develop Resource Program Management (RPM) educational reports for specialist. 
Draft correspondence to offenders and family members. 
Track Extended Family Visits (EFV). 
Attend and take minutes for the Offender Change Program Standards Committee Meeting, State Reentry Steering Committee and the Family Advisory Committee. 
Track statewide information on offender participation in change programs and the use of Family Friendly Offender Betterment Funds. Ensure accuracy of data collection.


Department of Corrections/ Classification Unit
Tumwater, WA

April 2009 to August 2009

Record entries into the Department's information systems: Update offender transfer order summary screen in the Offender Management Network Information (OMNI). Review Security Threat Group (STG) database- add entry to "Special Concerns" in the transfer order request reflecting the offender status 
relative to STG. (i.e., STG - no concerns/ STG Sureno.) 
Prepare "transfer of custody reports" for offenders transferring from WCC to Yakima. Record offender information (i.e., DOB/ race/pick up date/return-release date/current criminal charges). 
Review request for "Denial of Work Release Placement Forms" from DOC facilities. Refer to 
Headquarter Community Screening Committee (HCSC) for final action or sign to verify information 
Update classification actions/chronos in OMNI for Work Release placement and transfer orders. 
Research offender information using OMNI, Liberty Net, and Excel programs. 
Prepare Deputy/Secretary Offender Correspondence. 
Prepare offender/ family initial classification letters. 
Prepare documents for indexing and scanning- ensure document has been clearly scanned and quality control checks have been completed. 
Attend Correctional Program Manger's meetings. Accurately record date from meetings and disseminate.

Forms and Records Analyst

Department of Corrections

August 2008 to March 2009

Part of the CCR Project Team since inception 
Knowledge and understanding of SCOMIS, DISCIS, WACIC/NCIC, and Criminal History screens within OBTS. 
Attention to detail and ability to ensure accuracy of conviction data transferred from OBTS to OSPS. 
Learned how to quickly operate and navigate thru OMNI/OSPS 
Demonstrated ability to accurately enter CCR offender data. 
Volunteered to update Comparable Crime Table to CCR Team 
Team Leader for new staff 
Volunteered to create a "Welcome to OMNI CCR Project" notebook for new staff 
Volunteered to write detailed notes from team meetings and distribute 
Ability to work independently in a complex environment as a team member


Department of Corrections_Oganizational Development Division
Tumwater, WA

April 2007 to August 2008

Process and ensure VA OJT applications for all 15 facilities are processed within required timeframes. This included processing detailed applications, verifying information recorded on application is correct and contacting VA OJT Coordinators when information is needed. 
Collate unit manager's policy response into one report and send to the Organizational Development Manager to report suggestions or concerns and respond to the appropriate policy owner. 
Maintain current policy review tracking sheet. 
Track confidential information (i.e., sick leave) 
Maintain and update emergency organizational chart, to include all personal information.


Department of Corrections_Prison's Division
Tumwater, WA

September 2006 to April 2007

This position is the sole administrative support for the Correctional Manager who is responsible for ADA for offenders, deaf and blind offenders, limited English speaking offenders, and offender visiting, offender recreation, and offender mail, ACA accreditation for prison facilities, prison security audits, CCB offender release tracking, and Performance Based Measures System implementation. 
In support of these programs, my customers included investigators, ACA committee members, interpreters, recreation leaders, mail room supervisors and staff, from whom I needed input/information for various projects. 
Utilize, update, and maintain databases and programs pertinent to information required for program implementation and data tracking / analysis. Respond to correspondence from offenders. Research appeal/grievance issues and write draft letters for supervisor's approval. 
SCAN, INDEX, and RETRIEVE inmate mail rejections using Liberty NET System. Access OBTS to confirm Community Custody Board (CCB) status. 
Research, request, and collect backup documentation for correspondence. Track, proof, and route correspondence. Access Liberty System for offender information (i.e., Judgment and Sentence information).

Secretary Administrative

Department of Commerce_Growth Management
Olympia, WA

June 1999 to September 2006

Principal Secretary to Managing Director and two WMS Supervisors. Provides high-level administrative support. Monitors and managed Managing Director's calendar. Maintained managers complicated and somewhat unpredictable schedule; managed supervisor's incoming e-mails in his absence, commit manager's time, and schedule internal and external meetings. Scheduled meetings, draft and route correspondence, screen incoming calls, and exercises delegated authority on administrative matters. Prepared background information in preparation for supervisor's professional commitments. 
Assist the Contracts Specialist with grant and contract related material. Processes incoming paperwork in the Growth Management Grant Contract Tracking System, creating signature memos, award letter packages, and Contract Information Sheets. Recorded submitted status reports, which included work and budget status of jurisdictions to review planner and update grant/contract tracking excel spreadsheet and information in the grants database. Assumed the duties of the Contracts Specialist position while position was vacant. 
Make complex travel arrangements for multiple staff; prepare travel expense forms. Coordinated arrangements for meetings at destinations internal and external to CTED. Scheduled, organized, and prepared meeting material for managers. 
Public Records Coordinator. 
Maintain and update Organizational Chart as well as staff phone lists. 
Wrote draft memos, letters, and personnel forms for supervisor's signature and approval. Draft, edit, and proofread correspondence written on behalf of managing director. 
Wrote accurate and thorough minutes for staff, planner, and external meetings. Distributed final minutes and agendas. Took the initiative to provide additional information to the reader by using the Internet or other electronic sources. 
Oversee the physical work environment including space, equipment, telephone, computer user start-up and acts as floor coordinator working with agency office manager and building owners. Coordinated office space and modified workflow processes to achieve efficient use of space, equipment, and personnel. 
Unit liaison with Human Resources to coordinate and process staffing requests and personnel evaluations. Met regularly with Personnel officers to resolve personnel issues, reallocations, staff questions, and hiring procedures. Coordinated unit hiring process through assistant director's office, including classification questionnaires, essential functions analysis, schedules interviews, participated as a member of several interview panels, and maintained all personnel files and records for all growth management staff. 
Prepared all initial hiring documentation, including Personnel Action Requests (PARS), Applicant Approval Requests (AAR), Appointment Above the Minimum Forms (AAM), Workweek Schedules, and New Employee Telephone Requests. Conducted reference checks and participated on interview panels. 
Process Governor's Correspondence for Director's signature. 
Provide Administrative Support to Assistant Director in AA's absence.

Environmental Technician

Department of Ecology_UST Division
Lacey, WA

July 1998 to June 1999

Conducted research in the state's Underground Storage Tank (UST) electronic database and paper files to determine the most current and accurate information for a particular facility. Updated data in UST Database. Performed filing of UST facility paper records. Determined which tank records were not readily resolvable and required further research. Conducted more detailed research to resolve tank records. Researched the UST database and paper files to identify tanks, which should be in closed status. Located the closure paperwork submitted by the owner/operator (o/o). Applied knowledge of UST regulations to determine the adequacy of closure documentation. Performed queries of Department of Licensing's (DOL) database to obtain information relevant to tank closures. Changed status of tanks in the UST database to "closure in process" or "closed" as appropriate. 
Queried the UST Database to determine which facilities meet the requirements for receipt of an UST Facility Compliance Tag. Generated reports detailing the deficiencies of a facility's tank(s). Prepared mailings of reports and cover letters to non-compliant facilities. 
Received information from UST facility owners/operators (o/o). Applied knowledge of UST regulations to determine the adequacy of 'o/o's response. Enters valid data into the UST database. 
Communicated with regional UST staff. Queried UST and DOL Databases to find information for regional UST staff. Received information from regional staff and entered into UST Database. Responded to UST o/o phone calls and to counter customers.

Word Processing Operator

Department of Natural Resources/ Forest Resources Division

February 1997 to July 1998

Created complex forms and developed procedures for legal and statistical reports, informational reports, forms, letters, charts, publications, and multiple mailings. Created and updated spreadsheets in Quattro Pro for use with budget, leave, etc. Independently performed a variety of complex word processing assignments such as keyboarding complex material using specialized, technical knowledge of equipment and operating procedures from type written materials, handwritten materials, dictation tape, electronic mail or disk. 
Compiled Forest Resources Division spreadsheets with other division spreadsheets for budget preparation. 
Experience with Quattro Pro, Word Perfect 6.0 for DOS, and Windows, Presentations, PageMaker, Smart Label Printer, Word Perfect (department E-mail), and division programs such as the Budget Tracking System. 
Independently planned, organized, and prioritized work to meet deadlines.

Word Processing Operator

Department of Natural Resources

September 1997 to March 1998

Exercised independent judgment, innovation, and creativity of action, technical expertise and 
Instruction to others with regard to standard software and procedures. 
Designed, created, formatted, and revised award certificates, complex tables, spreadsheets, graphs, 
merge documents, department publications, manuals, brochures, fact sheets, and forms. Produced department's hire letters and appointment statements. 
Received and input Performance Evaluations and Classification Questionnaires to ensure updated 
Department personnel information. 
Proofread letters, memos, agendas, manuals, information sheets, for manager's signature and distribution. 
Maintained and ensured confidential employee information.


Department of Ecology/Water Quality Division

April 1991 to February 1997

Administrative support for a Section Manager and 20 technical staff. 
Arranged meetings including inviting appropriate participants, obtaining facility for off site 
meetings, preparing notices, and assembling relevant documents. 
Established or revised electronic or manual files. Finalize, edit, and spell check business letters, merge letters, technical reports, forms, monthly reports, and tables. Proofread material, making corrections for sentence structure, spelling, grammar, and punctuation. 
Proficient in the use of E-Mail, Word for Windows, Network Scheduler, Word Perfect, Access, Excel, and D-Base III. 
History of Volunteer Work 
Currently volunteer at a homeless Shelter 
Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity 
Little League Coach; Volunteer for Crime Stoppers 
Volunteer for Lunch Buddy Program at Olympia School District for two years 
Intern for Attorney General-Consumer Complaint Division


BA in Criminal Justice _Major

The Evergreen State College -
Olympia, WA

1991 to 2001


City University -
Centralia, WA

1990 to 1991

AA Degree in Business

South Puget Sound Community College -
Olympia, WA

1984 to 1987


Centralia Community College -
Centralia, WA

1981 to 1982


Volunteer at Olympia Family Services Homeless Shelter

April 2011 to Present

Additional Information

I am eager to learn and grow. I currently work for the state full time and would need a full time position with benefits. I am not interested in a sales position. Would prefer to work in the criminal justice field but am open to all possibilities.