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Data Architect / Modeler

Over professional career as employee and consultant at Decision Support Systems (Data Warehouse / Data Mart)

Cedar Grove, NJ


Work Experience

Data Architect / Modeler

UBS Financials
Weehawken, NJ

July 2010 to Present

• Lead data modeler supporting WMA - Wealth Management America, specifically Banking Products Mortgage Servicing Application in a DB2 environment 
• Collaborate in architecting a data modeling target state 
• Extensive collaboration with the development teams to identify modeling requirements 
• Responsible for creating both logical and physical data models utilizing CA Erwin 
• Creation of both transactional and dimensional data models 
• Extensive collaboration with the DBA teams to implement the physical structures in DB2, Oracle and SQL Server 
• Facilitate requirement sessions 
• Facilitate Data Model Walkthroughs 
• Support various database platforms - DB2, Oracle and Sybase 
• Utilize CA Erwin Modeling tool

Business Analyst /Data Analyst

Boehringer Ingelheim
Ridgefield, CT

November 2009 to January 2010

• Lead Data Analyst / QA for in-house developed MDM application 
• Extensive hands-on SQL and PL/SQL development in an Oracle 10g environment to verify ETL loads 
• Extensive interaction with end users to identify application needs 
• Extensive use with Toad, SQL/Plus for data analysis 
• Utilization of CA ERwin 
• Participate in Data Warehouse Model reviews

Data Modeler/ Businsess Analyst / Data Analyst

Hoffman La-Roche
Nutley, NJ

September 2005 to September 2009

• Lead Data Architect in the design of the US and Canada sales and marketing of a 1 terabyte enterprise data warehouse (EDW) within an Oracle 10g database 
• Partner with ETL/Informatica lead to identify the migration strategy to the new enterprise data warehouse (EDW) 
• Creation of both Logical and Physical ER and Dimensional diagrams 
• Creation of the physical DDL to create database objects 
• Creation of initial index strategy 
• Creation of source to target mapping documents 
• Facilitated data model walkthroughs 
• Extensive collaboration with the Siebel Analytics and Business Object reporting environment 
• Extensive collaboration with Business Analyst and PMO team 
• Globally manage a team of data modelers based in Canada and US 
• Experience with third party vendor data (IMS, NDC) 
• Successfully manage and partner with third part vendors (PWC, TCS and Accenture) 
• Utilize Erwin data modeling tool and Modelmart 
• Support the DBA group with the creation of the physical database objects 
• Implemented Naming Standard Conventions 
• Implemented ER Data Modeling Best Practices 
• Implemented and Manage the Change Management Process 
• Facilitated training sessions on the new change management process 
• Train and mentor junior level data modelers 
• Train team members on Data Warehouse/Dimensional concepts 
• Extensive utilization of Toad and SQL/Plus for data analysis

Data Management Architect

Hanover, NJ

April 2005 to August 2005

• Participate in the auditing and profiling of clients high impact data utilizing Evoke Axio Release 
• Creation of a white paper defining KPIs and metrics measuring Data Quality for a company service offerings 
• Design Data Quality Dashboard Data Mart utilizing Oracle 9i with a BO front end for Data Quality Analytic's 
• Design Daily Sales Report Data Mart utilizing SQL Server 2000 with a BO front end for a clients Sales and Marketing data 
• Mentor other members of the team in Data Modeling best practices

Data Modeler / Data Analyst

Scholastic, Inc
Secaucus, NJ

August 2004 to February 2005

• Participate in the design of data mart fact and dimension tables within a product distribution EDW supporting Sales and Marketing. 
• Perform data profiling / auditing in a AS400 / DB2 environment. 
• Define mapping documentation for the ETL process. 
• Define business requirement documents. 
• Utilizing Access Database to maintain the Meta Data Repository. 
• Extrapolate business rules from Cobol source code. 
• Participate in Functional Testing for the ETL process. 
• Design Functional Testing Standard Operating Procedures.

Data Architect / Business Analyst

Purdue Pharmaceutical
Stamford, CT

September 2003 to March 2004

• Lead Business Analyst in gathering business definition of Common Data for Clinical Trial applications. 
• Lead Data Architect between the integration of multiple Distributed Databases. 
• Produced both Logical and Physical Data Models utilizing ERStudio on an Oracle 9i Database. 
• Lead Business Analyst / Architect in gathering requirements and designing Row Level Data Security utilizing Oracle VPD functionality. 
• Lead Architect in establishing Standard Data Architecture principles (naming conventions). 
• Published an internal White Paper on the use of Row Level Security. 
• Produced UML diagrams utilizing Visio. 
• Defined the Data Abstraction Layer along with the OO Architects. 
• Designed and coded Data Migration / Data Cleansing scripts utilizing PL/SQL. 
• Performed Data Profiling and Gap Analysis.

Data Architect / Business Analyst

Janssen Pharmaceutical
Titusville, NJ

October 2002 to September 2003

• Lead Data Architect on a Web Based Siebel Version 7.5.2 (CRM) for a Pre Clinical Trial Application. 
• Mapping document was produced utilizing Siebel Tools 7.5.2 and Life Sciences data model. 
• Lead Data Architect / Business Analyst of a Web based Rewards and Recognition OLTP System for Human Resources. 
• Lead Data Architect / Business Analyst for Sales & Marketing application to maintain tracking of Educational Grant Requests. 
• Created Logical and Physical Data Models utilizing Erwin (V3.5.2 / Allfusion V4.1.2) and Modelmart 
• Utilized UML Use Cases and Rational Rose V2001.03.00 to capture Business Requirements. 
• Lead QA of existing Models created by third party vendors validating against Johnson & Johnson standards and ensuring FDA compliance of 21 CFR Part 11. 
• Designed and coded Data Migration / Data Cleansing scripts utilizing PL/SQL. 
• Involved with the evaluation of Metadata Repository tools. 
• Presented a Power Point presentation on the use of ERD's within the UML/ OOD paradigm.

Data Architect / Business Analyst

Fairfax Information Technologies
Parsippany, NJ

February 2002 to August 2002

6 month engagement) Feb 2002 - Aug 2002 
• Lead Business Analyst in the design of a Web Based Metadata Repository Application, capturing Common Reference Data (CRD) 
• Utilized the RUP (Rational Unified Process) Methodology. 
• Created various UML artifacts (Class Diagram, Use Case Diagram, Activity Diagram, Sequence Diagram) utilizing Rational Rose Version 2001.03.00. 
• Designed both Logical and Physical data models utilizing ERWIN 3.5.2. 
• Designed and Mapped the ETL load process. 
• Developed both PL/SQL and INFORMATICA POWERCENTER Ver 5.1 ETL scripts. 
• Facilitated JAD sessions to capture business requirements. 
• Lead Business Analyst in the analysis of disparate reference data layout. 
• Designed and coded Data Migration / Data Cleansing scripts utilizing PL/SQL. 
• Lead the Development team in the creation of the user interface. 
• Mapped objects to relational format.

Principle Consultant

Oracle Corporation
Iselin, NJ

August 1999 to May 2001

• Designed and Maintained Dimensional (Star Schema) Models within Supply Chain and Consumer Product applications. 
• Designed and Maintained OLTP Entity Relationship Models. 
• Utilized Designer 2000 to maintain Data Models and Metadata Repository. 
• Utilized SQL Navigator to produce physical DDL scripts. 
• Designed a spreadsheet to automate the sizing of Oracle Database Tables and Indexes. 
• Acted as Application DBA in supporting the Test and Development Database Environments (Managing roles, users, tablespaces, rollback segments, creation of physical obects etc). 
• Created and Maintained Database links for the replication of data (data replication). 
• Designed the Database Security Strategy for our clients. 
• Designed naming standardization procedures. 
• Designed change control procedures. 
• Designed and Evaluated load procedures (initial and update) to populate Decision Support Environments. 
• Facilitated JAD sessions to capture user requirements. 
• Evaluated the use of ORACLE 8i features (Materialized Views, Virtual Private Database). 
• Tuned PL/SQL Stored procedures. 
• Designed Screen layouts to support database layout (story board). 
• Acted as Team Lead by maintaining ORACLE Consultants time lines with clients. 
• Responsible of the installation of ORACLE Designer 6i.

Programmer / Analyst

Dulcian Inc
Woodbridge, NJ

October 1997 to August 1999

• Lead Data Architect in implementing the companies SWR (system work request) application. 
• Lead Developer for the companies Development Template. 
• Lead Business Analyst facilitating meetings with clients to determine Mapping requirements. 
• Lead Developer in the design of PL/SQL ETL routines to populate Decision Support Databases. 
• Designed and Maintained Dimensional (Star Schema) Models. 
• Designed and Maintained OLTP Entity Relationship Models. 
• Utilized Oracle Designer to produce logical and physical models. 
• Utilized Oracle CADM (Case Application Development Methodology). 
• Involved with QA of existing Client Models. 
• Designed Naming Standard Procedures. 
• Acted as Application DBA in support of Test and Development Databases (Managing roles, users, tablespaces, rollback segments etc). 
• Designed the Database Data Security Strategy. 
• Utilizing Oracle Developer V4.5 & 5.0. 
• Utilized Oracle Database v7.3 &8.0 Database. 
• Team Lead over several external development projects.

Programmer / Analyst

MFG Systems Corporation
Somerset, NJ

November 1994 to October 1997

• Technical Lead on a four member team rewriting a clinical trial application utilizing PL/SQL and Oracle Forms 3.2 on a VAX / Oracle Platform. 
• Lead Business Analyst Facilitating JAD sessions to gather business requirements. 
• Created specifications, time lines, and program architecture. 
• Performance tuned application utilizing Oracle's tuning tools to improve the response time of SQL. 
• Lead Demo presentation of product to client. 
• Lead The User Acceptance Testing.

Programmer / Analyst

Basking Ridge, NJ

February 1990 to November 1994

• Designed, coded and unit tested software for an on-line system utilizing Oracle Forms accessing an Oracle database in a UNIX environment. 
• Supervised the database upgrade from Oracle 6.0 to 7.0 managing outside consultants. 
• Maintained a batch system written in Cobol/Cobol II. 
• Designed, coded, and tested software in a batch and in an on-line environment utilizing Cobol, IMS-DC/MFS in a conversational mode, accessing a DB2 database.. 
• Team Lead for the system test group. 
• Provided production support.


B.S. in Computer Science

Kean College of New Jersey

Additional Information

Technical Summary: 
Project Management Software: Microsoft Project 
Methodologies: Oracle Case Application Development (CADM), 
Kimball Star schema (Dimensional Modeling), 
Rational Unified Process (RUP) 
Modeling Tools: Oracle Designer (Versions 1.2.3, 2.1.2, 6i), 
Erwin 3.5.2 and AllFusion 4.1.2, Visio, 
Rational Rose Version […] 
Embarcadero ERStudio 
Profiling Tools: Evoke Axio R4.4.0.1, DataFlux R8.2 
Development Tools: SQL Navigator, Embarcadero RapidSQL, Toad, SQL Plus 
RDBMS: Oracle, DB2 UDB, Access, SQL Server 2000 
Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, Cobol, Cobol II, Unix shell 
Tools: Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, Oracle Developer/2000 
Operating Systems: UNIX, Windows NT, MVS, VMS, AS/400