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Melinda Bridges

Probation Officer - Middle Georgia Probation

Vidalia, GA


Highly motivated professional seeking to further my career in a high paced work environment to best utilize and acquire new skills.

Work Experience

Probation Officer

Middle Georgia Probation
Vidalia, GA

2009 to Present

• Manage an assigned general probation caseload of up to 400. 
• Conduct assessment interviews and determine supervision levels. 
• Develop supervision plan based on identified risk and conditions imposed. 
• Monitor probationers through scheduled and unscheduled contacts. 
• Investigates violations of probationer and initiate warrants, revocation petitions and other actions. 
• Document all offender contact and case activity. 
• Monitors collection of financial obligations. 
• Respond appropriately to victims and inquiries from the community. 
• Develop written supervision plan utilizing biometric monitoring system, drug and alcohol testing and specific targeted number of location and contacts. 
• Provides direction, service and information to the Court. 
• Testify in court to provide accurate information regarding compliance, progress and attitude of the offender towards the requirements of the sentence. 
• Prepare arrest warrants. 
• Identify witnesses and present violations before the Court. 
• Make appropriate referrals for specialized treatment. 
• Enforce the orders of the Court. 
• Perform urinalysis and breath alcohol analyzer tests on probationers. 
• Respond to subpoenas and testify in various court proceedings.


Normantown Grocery
Vidalia, GA

2008 to 2009

• Open store to begin daily operations. 
• Provide quality customer service to each customer. 
• Check in vendors and pay invoices. 
• Monitor shrinkage in all areas. 
• Fill food service orders. 
• Provide correct change to customers during each transaction. 
• Maintain charge accounts and provide collection services.

Casual Labor

Georgia Southern University
Statesboro, GA

January 2006 to December 2007

Statesboro, GA 
Casual Labor 2006 - 2007 
• Verified new insurance information entered into PeopleSoft including open enrollment. 
• Assisted faculty, staff, and retirees with benefits, flexible spending, and retirement questions. 
• Coordinated retiree luncheon. 
• Assisted with retiree billing, payments, and deposits. 
• Audited reports to ensure correct billing of insurance premiums. 
• Maintained confidentiality in all areas.

Project Director

ARBOR Career Center
Swainsboro, GA

2001 to 2006

• Supervised up to 8 people. 
• Supervised 3 programs covering up to 15 counties including Welfare-to-Work, GoodWorks! And On The Job Training. 
• Utilized cognitive restructuring to overcome barriers to employment. 
• Provided classroom and individual training. 
• Conducted training seminars at National Conference. 
• Assisted in writing proposals for new contracts and renewal of existing contracts. 
• Prepared for federal, state and local audits. 
• Conducted in-house audits on a routine basis. 
• Built programs to satisfy new contracts and modify existing programs to meet new guidelines. 
• Recruited clients in a large rural area who were seeking employment. 
• Recruited employers seeking quality employees. 
• Communicated through verbal and written communications with staff, supervisors, and partnering agencies. 
• Used human relations skills when dealing with staff, corporate office, and partnering agencies. 
• Used Microsoft Office programs Word and Excel to communicate with multiple agencies and design forms. 
• Created and maintained spreadsheets and databases to track client data, budgets for various contracts, and reports for the corporate office. 
• Counseled customers and employers on appropriate job matches. 
• Composed detailed invoices and reports on a monthly basis to submit to the corporate office. 
• Maintained a high level of confidential information. 
• Attended and participated in career fairs in multiple counties. 
• Collaborated with multiple agencies to acquire Memorandum of Understandings to increase resources available to clients.

Case Manager

ARBOR Career Center
Swainsboro, GA

2000 to 2001

• Matched customers with jobs appropriate for their skill levels and interest. 
• Developed jobs for customers with multiple barriers to employment. 
• Worked closely with a diverse population to help them transition from welfare to work. 
• Provided detailed reports on a weekly basis. 
• Communicated on a daily basis with a diverse clientele and all levels of management. 
• Used Excel and Word to create memos and spreadsheets. 
• Provided classroom and individual training. 
• Participated in career fairs in multiple counties.


M.S. in Justice and Security Administration

University of Phoenix


B.S. in Justice Studies

Georgia Southern University -
Statesboro, GA


B.S. in Justice Studies

East Georgia College