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Michael Burris

System Analyst

Temple Hills, MD


Work Experience

System Analyst


July 2007 to April 2011 (3 years, 9 months)

Treasury, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and Department Of Homeland 
Security. Over Fifteen years experience in Data Center/Helpdesk./Network. 
Company: IBM (DHS TOMIS Contract) 
Title: System Analyst 07/07 to 04/11 
Supervisor: Gerald Mayo (703) 521-4181 
Maintain mainframe applications that allow unattended launching of scheduled events while maintaining the computer operating systems that support: UNIX, IBM Mainframe, PC, and Windows. Provide a detailed log of all events processed by the application and query the log from multiple views. Provide specialized support for the data systems and subsystems (Dallas and COW): the MVS/ESA mainframe, IDMS databases and CICS applications. 
Participate and assist with monthly outages for maintenance, hardware or software upgrades. 
Perform set-up, monitoring, and troubleshooting on the CA-Scheduler for production schedules. 
Follow schedule to ensure timely processing of all batch work and application backups. 
Follow established procedures to handle restart/recovery. Restore and archive files at specified times. 
Assist with FBI NameCheck 
Handle incoming problem calls from users. 
Create and assign remedy tickets to production services. Track and list all open remedy tickets. Add notes to all open tickets and update the status and change priority as necessary. 
Process higher priorities remedy a ticket that requires escalation. 
Operate the impact/laser printer and cartridge tape drive. 
Analyze hardware and software errors and take appropriate action. 
Active security clearance 

Computer Operator

Office Comptroller The Currency, Department Of Treasury

October 1991 to September 2007 (15 years, 11 months)

Supervisor Lawrence Harley (301) 499-6277 
Duties included monitoring cameras and grounds of government 
facility. Perform security functions for all shifts. Notify Police for emergency situations. Operates, monitors, and controls mainframes, 
minicomputers and communications equipment and associated 
peripheral equipment. Monitor the work and provides assistance and guidance to junior operators. Responsibilities were to instruct, direct and check the work of other operators to ensure that all operations and activities are performed successfully. Maintains, checks, updates and produce-scheduled reports of operation activities. Recognize 
problems, performs trouble-shooting and executes recovery 
procedures to recover from malfunctions of the operating systems or hardware. 
printers, color/monochrome monitors, tape backup units, memory 
expansion, CD-ROM technology, IBM 3278 emulators, and communications controllers

System Analyst

Northrop Grumman

June 2004 to July 2007 (3 years, 1 month)

Supervisor Jose Joaquin 
Duties and responsibilities were the same as aforementioned.


Diploma in Innovative Community Technology Services

University District of Columbia -
Alexandria, VA


Itil Foundations

Additional Information

1. IBM Z10- five years 
2. 9672 - seven years 
3. IBM 3090 - five years 
4. IBM 9000 - five years 
5. Amdahl 5995 - seven years 
6. IBM 4381- ten years 
1. IBM 990 RISC 6000- four years 
2. IBM RISC 6000 R40- three years 
3. HP 3000 928 RX- eight years 
4. HP 6000- eight years 
5. AS400-three years 
1.Z OS/390- 7 years 
2. IBM, MVS -ten years 
3. MVS XA - ten years 
4. IBM ESA -six years 
5. MPE - nine years 
6. AIX -six years 
7.MS-DOS - ten years 
8. WINDOWS 2000- six years 
9. WINDOWS XP-five years 
1.INFOMAN - six years 
2.Omegamon - Ten years 
3.NCCF, NPDA- ten years 
4.TMON-8 years 
4.TSO, CICS, TMS -ten years 
5.WORDPERFECT- ten years 
6.GROUPWISE -five years 
7.CA7, C11- 10 years 
8.Microsoft Word - 6 years Exchange - 5 years 
9.REMEDY - 6years 
10.Microsoft Exchange - 6 years 
11.ARCSERVE - 10 years 
12.UNIX - 7 years