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Moses Ebuk

Diplomat, Medical Doctor, Neuroscientist, Physiologist ,Researcher,Senior Lecturer and Tutor



* To professionally Lecture and tutor human Physiology, neuroscience to colleges and universities students. Fourteen (14) years experience, qualified Physiologist,neuroscience senior tutor with masters degree, medical Doctor with bachelor degree, access to computer on wide band internet service and computer literate. 
* To advise and work together with faculty members on development of learning problems in neuroscience for tutoring, tutor's guide, assessment of students and curriculum review, with ten (10) years experience. 
* To train and mentor tutors, qualified Trainer of Trainers (TOT) of Tutors in neuroscience, with ten (10) years experience.

Work Experience

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary,of The Republic of Uganda

To The Russian Federation

February 2010 to Present

The Republic of Uganda Diplomatic Mission, Moscow,Russian Federation. 
Activity,-Diplomatic relations between Uganda and Russian Federation..

Senior Lecturer and Tutor in human Physiology,neuroscience

Makerere University, College of Health Science (CHS)

April 1992 to January 2010

* 14 years experience lecturer, tutoring and teaching human Physiology and neuroscience to students in Makerere University, College of Health Science (CHS) as senior tutor 
* Training of Tutors (TOT) - Senior Trainer of Trainers (TOT). 
* Writing of problems in neuroscience for tutorials and tutor guide, Leadership - Head, neuroscience committee. 
* Developed e-learning in Makerere University College of Health Science-Leadership - Senior member. 
*lecturing, tutoring and teaching human Physiology and neuroscience using Problem Based and VIPP, Leadership position- Senior Tutor. 
* Trained in online, face to face, small group learning, tutoring, classroom and seminar approaches. 
* Skills in tutoring p physiology and neuroscience course. 
* Lab skills in Physiology and neuroscience. 
* Clinical skills in neuroscience. 
* Supervision of dissertations. 
* Assessment of students - Leadership - curriculum review committee member. 
* Organized international scientific conferences and seminars, namely International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) in Makerere University, Uganda - Leadership - Head, Makerere University, and neuroscience conference organizing committee. 
* Founded Makerere University neuroscience organization (MUNSO) - Leadership - Founder of neuroscience organization. 
* President of neuroscience organization of MUNSO for four years. 
* Networking.

Teaching Assistant

Makerere University,Makerere College of Health Science

January 1986 to March 1992

>Teach physiology to basic science to bachelor of science,medical ,dental and nursing undergraduates of Makerere university 
>Organise and set out practicles in physiology for undergraduates and post graduates. 
>supervise practicles, 
>mark practicle write out. 
>organise tutorials for undergraduates.. 
>Set,organise and demonstrate clinical skills to undergraduates and postgraduates.

Junior Medical House Officer

Mulago National Referral Hospital

January 1985 to December 1985

Providing medical care service to both outpatients and inpatients in the national hospital-Mulago.


Msc. in Human Physiology,Neuroscience

Makerere University -

January 1988 to January 1992

MBCHB in Human Medicine

Makerere University -

January 1976 to January 1984

EAACE in Biology,Chemistry and Physics

Kings college Budo -

January 1973 to January 1974

EACE in Biology,,Physical science,mathematics,English, History, geography,Litreature in English,Bible kn.

La Lira, Qro.

January 1969 to January 1972

PLE in Science, Mathematics,English and General Papper

Adyel P7 -
La Lira, Qro.

January 1965 to January 1968


Diplomat, lecturing,tutoring,research, laboratory work,student assesment, mentoring& supervision

Additional Information

* Dr. Moses Ebuk 
* Neuroscience Senior Tutor and Lecturer. 
* Specialty - Neuroscience, Medical Doctor. 
* Qualification - Masters Degree. 
* Experience - 18 years tutoring neuroscience to University/College students. 
* Procedures and assessment of students in neuroscience. 
* Online Tutor. 
* 24 hours access to computer and wide band internet. 
* Computer literate. 
* Available from 2 hours to 18 hours a week