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SAP Basis/Netweaver Administrator

SAP Basis/Netweaver Administrator - PepsiCo

Alpharetta, GA


Around 7 years of experience in SAP Basis/NetWeaver Administration, maintaining and supporting large/complex SAP implementation landscapes. 
• Involved in implementation, Upgrade, and production support of different SAP systems. 
• Proficient in Installation and upgrade of SAP systems (Central Instances, Application Servers, SAP GUI and ITS 6.20) for R/3 4.6C/4.7EE/ECC 6.0 on Windows and Unix (HPUX, AIX) Operating systems. 
• Experience in installing ECC6.0 Ehp1, HCM Ehp4, BI 7.0, CRM 7.0, XI 3.0, SAP R/3 4.7, 4.6c on Sandbox, DEV, QA, Prod environments. 
• Involved in Upgrade 4.7EE to ECC 6.0, BW server from 3.1 to 3.5, SRM 4.0 to SRM 5.0, SRM LAC2.0 to LAC5.0. 
• Imported Support pack stacks, kernel upgrades, Plug-ins, add-ons and applied through SPAM/SAINT and applied OSS notes into the SAP system. 
• Well versed with SAP NetWeaver Administrator (NWA), JSPM, SDM, Visual Admin, Config Tool and system troubleshooting. 
• Experience in implementing NetWeaver security and Single Sign-On (SSO) using SAP Logon tickets 
• Good knowledge of integrating SAP HCM system and BSI Tax Factory. 
• Proficient in working with MDM, livecache and ADS 
• Setup and refined CCMS thresholds and parameters for system performance and resources RZ20. 
• Implemented SAP NetWeaver Administrator (NWA) to monitor both ABAP and JAVA systems in the entire landscape. 
• Experienced in configuring Enhanced Change and Transport system (CTS+) 
• Hands on experience in using and configuring the SAP router. 
• Extensive experience in configuring Transport Management System (TMS) using STMS and Implemented Central User Administration (CUA) to administer users centrally. 
• Expertise in handling security request like creating users, copying a existing user, Maintaining user, resetting a password, locking/unlocking user and user group creation. 
• Expertise in Performance Tuning, Work load balancing, Sizing, managed spool and TemSe. 
• Good knowledge of client administration, client copies using Export/Import method and remote client copy. 
• Planned and implemented Disaster Recovery drill successfully. 
• Provided 24/7 on-call support, monitoring and resolved issues. 
• Experienced in coordinating and delegating tasks with offshore teams, functional teams globally. 
• Good communication skills, systematic approach, quick adaptability to new technologies and ability to work with a team and faster navigation skills.

Work Experience

SAP Basis/Netweaver Administrator

Plano, TX

February 2011 to Present

PepsiCo is a world leader in convenient snacks, foods and beverages with revenues of more than $60 billion and over 285, 000 employees. 
Environment: ECC 6.0 Ehp1, Solman 7.0 Ehp1, HCM Ehp1, PI 7.1 Ehp1, DB2/400, IBM AIX 5.3 
• Installed HCM Ehp1 and connected BSI Tax factory with SAP 
• Involved in ECC & HCM refresh of QA systems from Production systems 
• Applied BSI tax locator for 17 states and applied TUB's (Tax update Bulletin) in HCM landscape, 
• Installed new languages (Chinese & Portuguese) in HCM system. 
• Experience in setting up transaction based BPMon analytics in Solman 7.0 Ehp1 and involved in Solman 7.01 SP26 upgrade 
• Upgraded Wily Introscope to 8.2.2 and installed SMD agents on all satellite systems in our landscape. 
• Downloaded latest SAP patches by configuring SAP Solution manage Maintenance Optimizer 
• Installed ECC 6.0 and dialog instances as part of performance testing environment build. 
• Configured CTS+ in solution manager system for central administration of transports in the entire landscape. 
• Involved in configuration of ADS (Abode Document services) and good knowledge of trouble shooting issues with ADS. 
• Netweaver Administrator activities like Applying Java Patches, Java stack Monitoring for performance issues using NWA, Visual Administrator, Thread Dump Analysis, and Deploying SCA's with SDM, Monitoring Web Dispatcher, and ICM. 
• Netweaver Administrator's activities like Configuring Java Stack parameters using Visual Administrator and monitoring using VA. 
• Completed SUMG process. 
• Reviewed LONGPOST.LOG for any Errors at the end of the Upgrade. 
• Prepared documentation on Upgrade and Unicode conversion process. 
• Performed Post installation activities. 
• Installed the Java system as an add-in to the Upgraded SAP ECC 6.0 system. 
• Configure the RFC destination from J2EE to the ABAP stack for CTS. 
• Configured STMS for the newly installed SAP ECC6.0 Landscape. 
• Recreated the source system definition in BI 7.0 after upgrade. 
• Established connectivity between BI & ECC systems and checking the connectivity between them. 
• Activated the BI Source system on the Solution Manager. 
• Registered new technical systems and business systems in SOLMAN SLD 
• Good knowledge of Config tool to maintain Java VM settings, Visual Administrator tool to access and manage services and managers on the entire cluster. 
• Applied Support packs through JSPM, SPAM and Kernel upgrade. 
• SMQ1 & SMQ2 queue administration 
• Performed day to day administration such as transports, spool administration, user administration, system administration, profile parameter maintains, applying OSS Notes 
• Involved project support and resolved user problems and star team tickets related to all systems in the landscape.

SAP Basis/Netweaver Administrator

Holland, MI

August 2010 to January 2011

Haworth, Inc. is a global leader in the design and manufacture of office furniture and organic workspaces, including raised access floors, moveable walls, systems furniture, seating, storage and wood case goods. Haworth serves markets in more than 120 countries through a global network of 600 dealers. 
Environment: ECC 6.0, Solution Manager 7.0, CRM 7.0, PI 7.0/XI 3.0, EP 7.0, BW 3.1/BI 7.0, SRM 5.0, MDM 5.5, APO 3.1, Livecache 7.4.2, ADS, Oracle 10.2/9i, HP-UX 11.23 
• Install ECC 6.0 and CRM7.0 both ABAP and JAVA stacks on HP ia64 servers with oracle 10g. 
• Configured and maintained Single sign on (SSO) in our landscape for both SAP and Non-SAP application and Integrated LDAP with Portal UME, creating JCo RFC destinations with back end systems. 
• Setting up BI client and established source system connection between BI and ECC 6.0 
• Involved in Component, Message, Performance, Communication channel monitoring, cache and Alert Monitoring in SAP PI using Runtime Work Bench (RWB) and SXMB_MONI. 
• Integrated BI & PI systems so that data can be pushed into BI system from PI system. 
• As a basis lead planned and implemented the SAP steps in DR drill for Latin American systems. 
• As part of DR drill, recovered APO and livecache from production backups. 
• As a basis Lead managed offshore team and dealing with functional teams globally to implement projects successfully. 
• Livecache administration using LC10 and DB manager which includes livecache start, stop, maintain livecache parameters. 
• Involved in resolving Sev1 & Alpha incidents and proposed solutions to the issues without much impact to the business/users. 
• As part of on call support involved in monitoring and performance tuning of both ABAP & JAVA stack systems. 
• Importing of support packages and plug-ins through SPAM/SAINT and applying JAVA patches through JSPM. 
• Performed trouble shooting, performance tuning and maintenance of j2ee engines in the North American landscape 
• Good knowledge of SLD configuration, setting up SLD Bridge so that all changes of components and versions are automatically updated to SLD, created Technical systems and their corresponding business system in SLD 
• Installed the SMD Agent on the Managed systems (ECC, BI, PI, and EP) 
• Defining landscape and setup RFC destinations in Managed systems. 
• Configured System Monitoring / Administration and Service Level Reporting. 
• Registered new technical systems and business systems in SLD. 
• Setup CHARM, Issue Management for the entire landscape in solution manager 7.0. 
• Created MAINTENANCE PROJECT for production support in PROJECT_SOLAR_ADMIN. 
• Assigned Logical Components to the defined Maintenance project. 
• Configured Central SDCCN and Early Watch Alert Reports (EWA) for satellite ABAP & JAVA based software components. 
• Configured Service Desk functionality to process internal support messages centrally in solution manager. 
• Installed Wily Introscope Enterprise manager on Production SOLMAN with management modules. 
• Connected both ABAP & JAVA stack of satellite systems to Prod SOLMAN. 
• CCMS Configuration for Central Alert management. Alerts throwing using E-mails. 
• Installed all the systems in EP 7.0 landscape in clustered environment. 
• Worked on GRC tool (Compliance Calibrator, Firefighter) to resolve SOX & SOD conflicts. 
• Performed security administration in SAP ECC 6.0, EP 6.0 such as creating (Base, Derived, Composite) profiles and roles, mass user maintenance using transactions SU10 and PFCG. 
• Extensively used SE16 for data lookup in tables USOBT_C, USR40, AGR_TCODES, AGR_USERS, AGR_1251 and AGR_1252. 
• Worked extensively on Authorization Groups (SE54) and Customized Transaction Codes (SE93) 
• Worked closely with the functional teams and SAP audit teams to set and resolve the authorization object level data and problems in various modules (FI-CO, SD, HR, and MM) 
• Extensively worked under SOD and assisted all team members in their security issues. 
• Created User Groups for project team members (SUGR) 
• Refresh Pre-prod system from Prod on quarterly basis and post refresh activities like creating OPS$ user, applying license, adjusting STMS, modifying RFC destination, import profiles and maintaining operation modes. 
• Setup Email functionality in Sap system, so that the user can send sales order confirmation to the concerned parties once upload was successful. 
• Adjusted init<sid>.sap file for backup, DB Calendar and related procedures (DB13)

SAP Basis/Netweaver Administrator

Tractor Supply Company
Nashville, TN

February 2009 to July 2010

Tractor Supply Company is a retail company based in Nashville. It has around 600 stores in more than 33 states. It supplies large number of products at the stores and largest producer of ranch in the country. It's listed 43rd fast developing company in the United States by the Forbes magazine. 
Environment: ECC 6.0, Solution Manager 4.0, SRM 5.0, CRM 5.0, XI 3.0, BI 7.0, EP 7.0, Oracle 10g/8i, AIX 5.3, Windows 2003 
• Involved in implementing upgrade of 4.7 R3 system to ECC 6.0, SRM 4.0 to SRM 5.0 and SRMLAC2.0 (Live Auction Cockpit) to LAC5.0 
• Upgrading of the database from ORACLE 8.i to ORACLE 10g along with the server upgrade 
• Installed XI3.0 and involved in implementation activities of interface like configuring IDoc adapter, configuration in Integration Directory, configuring sender/receiving system, defining Outbound and Inbound interfaces. 
• Good knowledge of XI integration monitoring options like Component, Message, performance, Alert and Cache monitoring. 
• Configured GRMG to monitor the availability of XI J2EE components in RZ20. 
• Involved in SLD post installation and performed configuration of SLD server and persistence parameters and assigning SLD security roles and actions to users or user groups. 
• Configured SLD bridge to receive data that is automatically reported and sent by the SLD data suppliers that run on individual systems 
• Configured the solution manager to send SAP early watch alerts automatically by E-mail so that people involved can react to issues proactively before they become critical. 
• Setup RFC connections between Solution manager and satellite systems for central system administration. 
• Configured various properties of PRT and customized the initial logon page to improve portal performance at logon. 
• Involved in integration of BI system with Portal system in the landscape. 
• Good knowledge in using Visual administrator tool to logon to J2EE engine, Configure global properties and changing service/manager properties 
• Experience in using SAP NetWeaver Administrator (NWA) to monitor both ABAP and JAVA systems in the entire landscape, creating Java Connector (JCo) RFC connection from J2EE engine to the ABAP stack. 
• Experienced in Security aspects such as implementing Single Sign On in the existing landscape. 
• Done Client copies (Local, Export) according to the business requirement. 
• Importing of support packages and plug-ins through SPAM/SAINT and applying JAVA patches through JSPM. 
• Moved Normal Correction & Urgent Correction transports across the SAP landscape using ChaRM. 
• Provided audit team with solution-specific & cross-solution reports from solution manager. 
• Involved in installation of BI 7.0, as a part of the implementation. 
• Used RSA1 (Administrative Workbench) for administrating data modeling in BI 7.0 system with Info Providers, Info Cubes etc. 
• Updated SPAM level to 22, to apply support package 12 to BI 7.0 System. 
• Was responsible for SAP Database performance tuning and monitoring the table space, checking CPU utilization and volume space utilization and Monitoring Servers and Work processors overview for BI 7.0 and ECC 6.0 server. 
• Configured the printers for front-end printing and direct operating system call printing. SPAD 
• Monitored the Table spaces using DB02 and creating a new data file using BRTOOLS, if the table space exceeds the required limit. 
• Supported document archiving through IXOS and monitored IXOS archiving software

SAP Basis/Security Administrator

Hillsboro, OR

May 2008 to January 2009

Radisys is a leading company which supplies embedded systems and OS-9 operating system. They develop technology to enable the latest media-rich services and applications. 
Environment: SAP ECC 6.0, ITS 6.20, SRM 4.0, XI 3.0, EP 6.0, CRM 4.0, Oracle 9i, Windows 2003 
• 24 x 7 on call and resolved user issues within SLA time 
• Good knowledge of monitoring systems availability, CCMS monitors and JAVA performance reports using NWA 
• Knowledge of User management in NWA like creating/assigning roles to group of administrators 
• Experience in implementing NetWeaver security and Single Sign-On (SSO) using SAP Logon tickets. 
• Deployment of Java Support Packages (Software Component Archives and Software Deployment Archives) using JSPM. 
• Good knowledge of assigning portal roles to users and groups, defined portal user access rights to objects in the Portal Content Directory, import/export of content objects. 
• Performance tuning in Portal to increase the response time by adjusting the log severity levels, switch off zipping off http responses. 
• Used the Visual Administrator tool to access and manage services and managers on the entire cluster. 
• Installed ITS 6.20 and allowed users to login using an web browser, experience on installation and of SRM server so that the functional users can design a e-procurement process based on SRM 4.0 
• Redesigned the company landscape and implemented the new systems along with Solution manager system. 
• Configured and scheduled the dynamic sessions for Early Watch alert reports through SDCC. 
• Generated the RFC connections and established the trusted/trusting relationships between solution manager and satellite systems. 
• Configured RFC Authorization between Satellite and Solution Manager System. 
• Performed Spool Administration. Configured third party output management system. 
• Setup/Troubleshoot several printer issues. Analyzed the Online/Offline Backups problems. 
• Performed Profile generator activation, loading the SAP default tables in Customer Table, transporting activity groups between the clients, transporting the user master records and profiles across the landscape. 
• Created CATT Scripts for various activities such as creating mass users, deleting mass users, renaming users. 
• BW Client Copy, Performance Tuning, User maintenance, Spooling, Analyzing ABAP dumps, Day today activities, Data load monitoring, RFC queue monitoring etc. 
• Performed client copies between clients on the same system local client copy, remote client copy and client transport between different R/3 Systems. 
• In charge of Client Administration and handled client copies/exports and client deletions. 
• Involved in daily activities like transports, user administration, checking Trace logs, System logs, monitoring background jobs, backups and Spool Administration. 
• Successfully completed Client copies, system copies and synchronized QA system with Production system. 
• Created logical system's and RFC connection's between systems in the landscape. 
• Identified bottlenecks in the system and tuned the system with the available hardware resources. 
• Transported roles and profiles using SAP Transport Management System (STMS) 
• Configured alert monitor and maintained alert thresholds by monitoring the system over a period of time. 
• Created logon groups (SUGR) and performed load balancing between application servers.

SAP Basis Administrator

Newark, DE

May 2007 to April 2008

Conectiv Energy is an unregulated subsidiary of Pepco Holdings, Inc. PHI provides competitive wholesale generation services through Conectiv Energy and retail energy products and services through Pepco Energy Services. 
Environment: SAP R/3 4.7EE, BW 3.1/3.5, APO 3.1, DB2/400, IBM-AIX UNIX, Windows 2003 
• Upgrade of Business Warehouse server from 3.1 to 3.5 and Post go-live stabilization and support activities 
• Upgraded SPAM/SAINT for BW server before upgrading the system. 
• Installed and upgraded Plug-Ins into SAP 4.7 systems as required for the BW 3.5. 
• Livecache administration using LC10 and DB manager which includes livecache start, stop, maintain livecache parameters. 
• Performed system monitoring of the APO landscape including livecache monitoring, liveCache management and updates of APO support packages and Kernel upgrades. 
• Deleting BW application logs from BALDAT table which exists from long time. 
• Scheduled jobs in the background to clean up spool requests, dumps, batch input sessions, background job logs. 
• Monitoring of Processes, Users, Disk usage, Hit ratio, Buffer, swap memory, free table space and data consistency. 
• Used SPDBA/BRTOOLS for table sizing, archiving of database. 
• In charge of Client Administration and handled client copies/exports and client deletions. 
• Performing System refresh of QA system and Sandbox R/3 systems. 
• Spool configuration, Troubleshooting and reorganization of TemSe. 
• Kernel Upgrade, Applying Patches for BASIS, ABAP, BW and SM. 
• Configured RFC connections between the systems in the landscape. 
• Monitored the SM51, SM59, AL08, SM12, SM13, DB01, DB02, ST22, SM21, SM58 and Disk space monitoring

SAP Basis Consultant

Pittsburgh, PA

September 2006 to April 2007

The PWSA system is designed to optimize processes such as enterprise management, business support, e-commerce, sales, billing, work management, water and sewer data management, inter company data exchange, and customer relationship management. 
Environment: SAP R/3 4.6C, BW 3.5, Oracle 9i, HP-UX 11.23, Solution Manager 4.0. 
• Managed memory usage, system logs and other system components for maximum uptime and performance and provide customer support 
• Perform Database Administration, Table space administration (BRTOOLS), adding data file, monitoring archive logs, trace files, and log files for trouble shooting. 
• General Basis Administration and performance tuning of system (ST02, ST04, ST06 and RZ10) 
• Daily administrative tasks include monitoring system logs, Work processes, locks and updates (SM12, SM13, and SM21) 
• Analyzed ABAP code for performance tuning and resolving short dumps. 
• Performed Post Upgrade Activities like applied SAP Kernel patches, configuring of TMS using Production Server as Central Transport Directory. 
• Installed Java system as add-in to the upgraded ECC 6.0system. 
• Maintained RFC destinations using the transaction SM59 in order to integrate between BW3.5 and EP 6.0. 
• Configured different SAP and non SAP Source Systems in BW. 
• Security administration of BW like Creation of users, managing users, creation of roles, creation of profiles and troubleshooting user end problems. 
• Performed Installation and Post Installation of E.P 6.0 SP 10, Solution Manager 4.0 and XI 3.0 systems. 
• Activated HTTP Services to use Solution Manager for Solution Monitoring within a Web Browser. 
• Performed Client copies, and copying user master records from one client to another. 
• Involved in installation of necessary dialog instances, created logon groups and performed load balancing between application servers. 
• Transported change request from development to Quality system and imported to production system 
• Defined RFC destinations between different systems. 
• Applied OSS notes using note assistant. 
• Scheduled background jobs, monitored the batch cycle and resolved the generated errors on day-to-day basis

SAP Jr. Basis Administrator

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

July 2005 to August 2006

One Beacon is an Auto insurance company doing business in Personal lines and Commercial lines. PLUS module is associated with Personal Lines. 
Environment: R/3 4.6C, SAP BW 3.0, Oracle 8i, Windows Server 2000. 
• 6*8 production support to resolve the production job amends within specified Service level Agreement 
• Root cause analysis for user problems 
• Handling user requests and enhancements which involves code changes, data changes etc 
• Unit testing, testing the integrated program units and System Testing to meet the required specifications 
• Created logon groups and performed load balancing between application servers. 
• Performance tuning and daily health check for Production systems using various tcodes such as SM50, SM12, DB01, ST03, ST22, SM21, DB02, ST04, ST06, ST02, DB12, DB13. 
• Used R/3 Profile Generator (PFCG) to create, generate & assign authorization profiles to users. 
• Monitored and changing startup, default and instance profile parameters using RZ10. 
• Defining and Maintaining Operation modes, background jobs using RZ04, SM36 and SM37. 
• Applied Patches and Plug-ins for all SAP systems up to the required level through SPAM and SAINT. 
• Configuration of for backup, DB Calendar and related procedures using DB13. 
• Monitoring database and increasing the table space using BR* Tools. 
• Locking/Unlocking users and reset user passwords. 
• Performed Mass user Creation using SU10 and CATT scripts. 
• Extensive experience in tracking bugs using Bug tracking tools such as Mercury Test Director.

Additional Information

Technical Skills 
ERP Packages: SAP R/3 4.6C/4.7 EE, ECC 5.0/6.0, SAP BW 3.5, BI 7.0, BO XI 3.1, EP 6.0/7.0, 
: SAP NetWeaver 04/04s, XI 3.0, PI 7.0/7.1, WAS 6.40, CRM 5.0/7.0, 
: SCM5.0/7.0, SRM 5.0/7.0, Solution Manager 4.0/7.0. 
Operating Systems: Windows NT, Windows server […] RHEL 4/5, AIX V6 […] 
: Solaris […] HP-UX 11i v3. 
Databases: Oracle 10g/9i/8i, MS-SQL […] DB2 9.1. 
Languages: C, C++, SQL. 
Tools: BR*Tools, Redwood, GRC 5.3. 
Others: MS Office, MS Outlook, Mercury Test Director, TWS, FTP, Lotus Notes 6.5