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Nicholas Carter


San Antonio, TX


As a student and an employee, my goal is to learn and experience as much as possible in my school and work life so I may better myself and my life now and in the future as well as have the opportunity to one day better other people's lives.

Work Experience


Papa John's
San Antonio, TX

March 2009 to Present

• Initially learned the computer system and order taking, as well handling the register. 
• Learned the make-line and cut-table. 
• Other misc. tasked performed daily/weekly: Thorough cleaning of restroom, restock and thoroughly clean the soda machine, wipe down the oven, clean the windows inside and out

Sales Associate

San Antonio, TX

March 2009 to May 2010

• Main focus: customer service. 
• Always maintained a clean and organized work space. 
• Unloaded trucks, organizing merchandise onto pallets then distributing to designated departments. 
• Often assigned projects which required excellent time management, focus, and hard work. 
• Gained experience and knowledge in dealing with different types of customers and how I could better the experience with the store and with myself.


Pizza Hut
San Antonio, TX

January 2008 to June 2008

• Main focus: customer service. 
• Learned each piece of machinery, required or not, to prepare for anything. 
• Occasionally opened/closed the store. 
• Took orders via phone, internet, and in person. 
• Maintained a clean and safe work space for myself and others as well as occasionally put in charge of cleaning the lobby/lavatory. 
• Always worked with others coworkers and customers alike to ensure that all jobs were done right, and that the customer was always satisfied.


Jack In the Box
San Antonio, TX

January 2007 to June 2007

• Main focus: customer service. 
• Took orders from drive-thru and at front counter. 
• Handled money and learned to operate the cash register. 
• Cleaned lobby, lavatory, and dishes. 
• Learned to safely operate and maintain grill and fryer,

Additional Information

Areas of Expertise: 
• 1+ year s of retail service 
• General knowledge of AutoCAD 
• General knowledge of Macromedia Fireworks and Dreamweaver 
• Proficient with Microsoft Office 
• Adequate artistic skill i.e. freehand drawing