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Robert Carey

Senior Data Engineer (DBA)

Warrenton, MO


Information Technology professional with over 40 years of experience, with increasingly higher levels of technological, analytical, training and project skills. For the past twelve years, worked at a major credit card company as an application and infrastructure DB2 DBA (Database Administrator), with heavy emphasis in DB2 infrastructure, DB2 monitoring and alerts, DB2 problem analysis, metrics data collection and analysis, DB2 system performance, IBM Q and SQL replication monitoring,DB2 DASD and dataset management, ITIL Change Management (Maximo), internal and external auditing, Sarbanes-Oxley auditing, Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance and on call support. 
I am looking for a position where I can use my z/OS DB2 DBA (Database Administrator), auditing, project/team leading, troubleshooting, analytical, documenting, training and security skills and experience to make a positive impact, as well as learning from and mentoring others. 
Skills Summary 
IBM DB2 (Data Sharing and Standalone), versions 5 thru 9, NFM 
z/OS Mainframe 
IBM Utilities Suite 
IBM Query Monitor v2.3  
IBM SQL Replication 
IBM Q Replication 
IBM Data Propagator 
IBM QMF for TSO and Windows 
IBM Maximo  
ITIL Change Management 
BMC Pool Adviser 
BMC Unload+ and Load+ 
BMC Mainview suite (DB2, z/OS, MQ) 
SQL (Structured Query Language) 
z/OS Utilities 
MS Windows and Office 
DB2 Security (both direct and secondary grants) 
DB2 Auditing 
PCI Compliance

Work Experience

Senior Data Engineer (DBA)

MasterCard Worldwide
O'Fallon, MO

August 2001 to May 2012

Led a multi-disciplined and multi-department team to troubleshoot and resolve issues with transactions exceeding specified SLA (service level agreement) response times. Implemented techniques and processes that ultimately showed that the problem was not with DB2, but z/OS. Used these processes and techniques to not only resolve future issues, but also provide preemptive monitoring and alerting. 
Led an international team of DBAs in the development and implementation of an automated DB2 Self Audit system. This put the department in full audit compliance and identified and marked for resolution any items that failed the DB2 security audit standards. 
Researched an issue with a merchant system who’s elapsed processing times were threatening completion of the batch schedule. Based upon my recommendations, this process’s elapsed time was reduced from 17 hours to 47 minutes, with an annual CPU savings of 2.5 million dollars. 
Developed a system that monitored the underlying DB2 DASD and Datasets, insuring that neither the DB2 nor SMS storage groups would run out space, as well as that the DB2 datasets did not reach their extents limit. This system was also able to monitor the user defined datasets. This was done using existing software, involving no software cost increases. Previously, there was no monitoring of DB2 DASD and datasets, resulting in many unplanned outages. 
As a result of the inadequacies of the IBM Q/SQL Replication’s built in monitoring, developed a series of monitoring processes that provided better monitoring and alerting for replication backlog and performance. This insured that customer SLA’s (service level agreements) for replication were met. 
Mentored both onshore and offshore DBAs in the use of BMC Mainview and Pool Adviser software products, as well as IBM Query Monitor software. 
Acted as the departmental SME (Subject Matter Expert) for ITIL/Maximo Change Management software, developed training documentation, conducted training classes and provided mentoring support. 
Implemented and monitored BMC’s Pool Adviser in all environments, both standalone and data sharing. This allowed the DB2 bufferpools to be dynamically monitored and changed based upon current workload requirements, improving application and subsystem performance. 
Implemented a process that was able to extract both DB2 and BMC Mainview messages, and loaded information into a DB2 database, where it was used for further analysis and monitoring. 
Worked with systems programmers and other DBA team members to support upgrades of DB2 and third party software. 
Revamped all of Mainview for DB2 active monitors, to provide a better distribution of appropriate monitoring. This involved working with the AO (Automatic Operator) team to set up the necessary AO rules and actions to be taken (IE: pages, emails, alerts to console operators). This resulted in better use of the monitoring, as well as a reduction in resources used by active monitors within Mainview suite. 
In partnership with other DBA team members, implemented a system whereby daily performance data from SMF and Query Monitor was extracted and loaded into a DB2 metrics databases, where the data was mined and analyzed for performance trends, etc. 
Participated in regular on-call rotation, as well as being available and responsive outside normal on-call rotation when problems arose. 
Developed and maintained working relationships with systems programming, storage management, operations and production control teams. 
Utilized expertise in Mainview and Query Monitor to react to sudden performance problems, helping to resolve them in a timely manner. 
Worked with both internal and external auditors to ensure that the department provided required information, ensuring that the department was able to pass the audits. 
Developed a process that automatically checked DB2 secondary groups with SYSADM authority to ensure that the security department had not mistakenly added an individual ID to any of them. 
Worked with the security department to implement a process whereby all requests to have individual IDs added to a DB2 secondary group would first be reviewed by the DBAs. This helped prevent individual IDs being given inappropriate levels of authority. 
At the specific direction of the CIO, and in partnership with two application developers, developed a DB2/Web based system that allowed outside customers to track their sent and received files. This was developed and implemented into production in 30 days. 
Trained personnel in the operations and production control areas on how to use the IBM Query Monitor software to help in their problem research, as well as when switching production from main site to backup site and back again. This eliminated problems associated with the switching process, as well as speeding up the entire process. 
Developed, implemented and maintained the DB2 pool (EDM, buffer, RID, sort) strategy for all DB2 subsystems. This involved 17 standalone subsystems and 8 data sharing subsystems. This not only involved insuring proper sizing and individual parameter settings, but also evaluation of DB2 objects (tablespaces, index spaces) to insure that they were in the proper bufferpools. This also required coordination with the z/OS systems programmers so as to not exceed real memory requirements. 
Working in conjunction with other DB2 DBAs on the team, analyzed and modified the DB2 ZPARMS for optimum performance. 
Working as part of a team that included other DBAs, systems programmers, application technical support and management, participated in a several week analysis of our systems with David Buelke and Sheryl Larsen. They provided a number of recommendations for improving our environments and overall system performance. However, we were also complimented on our bufferpool setups, our active monitoring and how we were using the Pool Adviser product.


Spherion Technologies
St. Louis, MO

April 1996 to August 2001

Directed a team of developers and US Postal Inspectors that implemented a DB2 based system that put the US Postal Services Money Order System in compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act of 1984. 
Working with US Postal Inspectors and the FBI, extracted data from the US Postal Service Money Order DB2 database that was used by the FBI in their tracking of the Atlanta Olympic bomber. 
Worked as an application DB2 DBA (Database Administrator) contractor for a major credit card company. My primary responsibility was the development and maintenance of a DB2 database for the sending and receiving of files to and from member banks, merchants, card issuers and acquirers. 
Made modifications to the GM Warranty voice response system to insure it would handle the Y2K crossover. Monitored the systems during the 12/31/1999 to 1/1/2000 date rollover, to insure that everything functioned correctly. 
Part of a team at Anheuser Busch that modified several of their systems to be Y2K compliant. As part of that effort, I developed a subroutine that was used to speed up the actual file and code conversions, thus speeding up the entire process.


McDonnell Douglas/EDS
St. Louis, MO

April 1987 to April 1996


Using DB2 and QMF for TSO, developed a system for the tracking of problems for the “Planmate” health claims processing system. This replaced the previous manual systems. Part of a team that implemented and supported the “Planmate” health claims processing system for Independence Blue Cross in Philadelphia, PA. This involved COBOL batch and CICS development, as well as customer requested enhancements. In conjunction with other developers, pioneered the use of OS/2 desktops , LAN and Micro Focus COBOL for the development and maintenance of mainframe based software. This allowed greater productivity, with lower mainframe costs. Represented McDonnell Douglas at several “Planmate” user's group meeting. Presented information about planned enhancements, as well as receiving feedback for requirements and changes that the customers would like to see.