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Ronald Burrell

Chief Investigator at Tactical Surveillance & Investigations

Merrimack, NH


23 years investigating insurance fraud and domestics for investigative companies nationwide. Expert in surveillance and hard to obtain video evidence. Utilize high tech video equipment, PV900 to get up close to target. Many investigative companies place Tactical Surveillance & Investigations at the top of the list for the go to investigative company in New Hampshire.

Work Experience

(SIU) Field Investigator

Tactical Surveillance & Investigations
Merrimack, NH

2004 to Present

PO Box 1117, Merrimack NH 03054 
Dates of Employment: July 2004 - Present 2011 
Position: (SIU) Field Investigator 
Duties - Investigation of questionable worker comp/disability claims. Obtain video of claimant activities. Copy video to DVD. Prepare reports on computer format Word Perfect/Office documents and submit to investigative companies. Update clients on a regular basis. Interview witnesses. Locus Photo accident scene. Review case material and appear in court and/or Dept. of Labor to testify on behalf of video evidence. 
Insurance Fraud 
Asset Searches 
Criminal Background Check 
Witness Statements 
Skip tracing 
Domestics (Child Abuse, Child Custody & Infidelity) 
Deliver Subpoenas 
Equipment & Databases: 
Canon ZR800/900 & Sony Digital 
Panasonic - Primarily used for locus photos. 
HP FAX machine 
DELL XPS Laptop 
DELL Desktop 
Dell Printers 
(2) Sport Utility Vehicles - tinted windows 
(PV900 covert cell phone) law enforcement grade 
Skipsmasher database 
IRB search database 
Past Employer: 
Owner Name: Mike Manni 
1. Captital Investigating & Adjusting 
Corporate Office 
PO Box 4997 
Manchester, NH 03108 
Phone: 877.637.1880


East Coast Investigative Services
Hingham, MA

June 1999 to Present

Investigate SIU claims and other related investigations. Detail reporting of the facts. Video evidence. Testify in court on behalf of insurance companies and video evidence. 
Phone: 781.740.0390


Summit Investigations
Weymouth, MA

June 1998 to June 2011

Investigate insurance fraud. Reporting of the facts. Video evidence recorded of the claimant's activities. Represent the insurance companies in court to testify on behalf of video evidence obtained of the subject. 
Phone: 781.331.8822


Pembroke, MA

June 2004 to March 2010

Owner Name: Brian Donahue 
4. Execprotec 
24 Kennie Ln 
Pembroke, MA, 02359-3722 
Phone: 781-294-7078 
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Past Employer and Vendor: 
East Coast Investigative Services


Capital Investigating & Adjusting
Machester, NH

1997 to May 2003

Accomplishments: While under the employment of Capital Investigating & Adjusting was honored as "Investigator of the Month." Instrumental in saving the insurance companies thousands of dollars in mitigating claims. Investigate insurance fraud. Expert in surveillance and hard to obtain video evidence. Creating the opportunity to obtain video evidence.

Investigator (trainer)

East Coast Investigative Services
Hingham, MA

1991 to 1997

Investigate insurance fraud. Reporting of claimant activities and video evidence.



Central Penn Business School -
Summerdale, PA


College Prep in Psychology

Greensboro College -
Greensboro, NC



Surveillance, Surveillance, Surveillance