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Sr. SAP BI/BOBJ Consultant

Phoenix, AZ


• 8+ years of experience in SAP BI, ABAP, and Portal with 2+ yrs experience in SAP Business Objects. 
• Experience in application planning, process design, requirements definition, testing, monitoring, deployment and support activities of the SAP BI design solution and ensuring that best practices are embedded into the system design. 
• Extensive experience in Extraction, Transformation and the loading 
• Expertise in Netweaver 2004s Business Information Warehouse Components with Experience in installing and enhancing BW business content. 
• Experience with data extraction from multiple SAP source systems like R/3, ECC, along with flat file data loads from legacy systems. 
• Experience with creating custom queries and report generation using BEx Query designer, Web Application Designer and BEx Report designer. 
• Prepared Functional Specification Documents, Technical Specification Documents, User requirements documents and end user manual. 
• Expertise in implementing and integrating business objects in SAP BI environment by installing the Businesses Objects SAP Integration Kit. 
• Extensive experience in building OLAP Universes on top of SAP BW BEx Queries. 
• Experienced in building reports using SAP BO - Web Intelligence. 
• Developed new dashboard using crystal Xcelsius by using Web service functionality. 
• Extensive knowledge of using Central Management Console of SAP Business Objects, scheduling documents using Broadcast Agent/CMC. 
• Excellent communication skills, leadership qualities, stong system analysis with systematic approach and ability to work effectively in a fast paced environment. 
• Has the motivation to take independent responsibility as well as ability to contribute and be a productive team member. 
• Can demonstrate initiative and responsibility and be flexible/adaptive to fluid 
business environments.

Work Experience

Sr. SAP BI/BOBJ Consultant

Fender Musical Instruments, AZ

June 2009 to Present

Responsibilities include analysis of data requirements and translation of these requirements into dimensional data models, with an emphasis on actual implementation in BI. 
• Involved in creating functional specification documents and technical design documents. 
• Responsible for identifying Financials InfoCubes and DSO Objects in Business Content based on business requirements, activated datasources and utilized the same. 
• Used generic extraction and made custom enhancements by writing ABAP code in user exits to extract Purchasing data into the BI server. 
• Played an active part in the realization phase by creating custom Info Cubes, Info provider's, DSO's, Transformations and DTP's, writing Start Routines, End routines and expert routines using ABAP for transformations. 
• Used Delta Update process for loading the data to BI from R/3 in specific intervals. 
• Interacted with management and gathered business requirements for development of front-end reports, analyzed reports in FI and MM application areas. 
• Worked on developing Purchase Order Statistical Report and Contract Analytical Report for MM application area. 
• Used BEx Query Designer to create BEx 7.0 queries with exceptions, conditional formatting, restricted key figures and calculated key figures. Worked on currency conversion as per the user requirements. 
• Performed Technical unit tests in BW Backend as well as Functional unit tests in BW Frontend. 
• Managed and monitored several data loads using process chains. Optimized load performance by adjusting packet sizes. 
• Extensively involved in Cut-Over activities by creating transport requests to transport newly developed backend objects like Info providers, data sources, transformations, DTP's and Query components across the transport layer. 
• Prepared project plan for post go-live activities like initial fill-up of setup tables, delta initialization and data validation in production system. 
• Involved in SAP Business Objects Integration KIT installation in SAP Environment. 
• Extensively involved in building OLAP Universes to report on SAP BI data, also built some regular universes, Classes and Objects in Business Objects. 
• Published reports using Business Objects Web Intelligence basing SAP BW queries as backend. 
• Developed new dashboard using crystal Xcelsius by using Web service functionality. 
Environment: ECC 6.0 (MM, FI), SAP BI 7.0, Business Explorer, BO 3.1, WEBi - InfoView, SAP IKit Windows 2003 64 bit

Sr. SAP BW-BOBJ Consultant

City of Portland
Portland, OR

January 2008 to May 2009

Gathered reporting requirements , analyzed the reporting needs, created functional specification documents, identified the source system as well as the necessary datasources. 
• Created Technical specification documents which included identifying the dataflow, necessary objects to be created, transformation logic and the delta strategy. 
• Involved in Creation of custom Info Objects, Info Cubes, DSO's, Multi Providers, Transformations and DTP's, Start Routines, end routines and expert routines using ABAP for transformations. 
• Implemented E-Recruit, MM and FI modules by installing relevant business content, performed LO-cockpit extraction and used queued delta to handle delta updates for MM. 
• Identified E-recruitment (HR), Financials and Purchasing InfoCubes and DSO Objects in Business Content based on business requirements, activated datasources and utilized the same. 
• Extracted data from SAP source systems using business content extraction, as well as legacy systems using custom extractors including custom enhancements by writing ABAP code in customer exits .Used Open Hub Destination to reconcile the BW data to the legacy system. 
• Interacted with management and gatherered business requirements for development of front-end reports, analyzed reports in E-recuitment(HR) and FI application areas. 
• Created BEx 7.0 queries using BEx Query designer, and created New Posting Report as well as Time to fill reports using variables. 
• Used Process chains for loading the data and took care of load performance issues. 
• Performed performance tuning of queries using aggregates, table partitioning, indexing of Infocubes. 
• Involved in SAP Business Objects Integration KIT installation in SAP Environment. 
• Involved in solving report requirements by using Business Objects with SAP BI as backend data source. 
• Built OLAP universes and regular universes, Classes and Objects. 
• Developed Reports using Web Intelligence, Xcelsius dashboards using data from SAP BI Queries. 
• Created reports using Business Objects - Webi Infoview. 
Environment: ECC 6.0 (E-Recruitment, HR , MM, FI), SAP BI 7.0, Business Explorer, BO 3.1, WEBi - InfoView, SAP IKit, Windows 2003 64 bit

SAP BW-BOBJ Consultant

Infineum International Limited

December 2006 to November 2007

Involved in gathering requirements, gap analysis, writing Functional Specifications for custom extractors and for enhancement of standard extractors. 
• Involved in Creation of InfoObjects, Info Cubes, DSO's, Multi Providers Transformations and DTP's, Start Routines and update Routines in a Post- SAP Blueprint and BW Implementation Phase. 
• Extensively involved in data extraction from SAP as well as legacy applications, into the BI Application layer. Performed LO Extraction and Generic Extraction as and when needed. 
• Extended Transaction data and Master data by appending new data elements using enhancement component. 
• Created Sales and Delivery, Billing Info Cubes , Activated the required business content Purchasing cubes of MM. 
• Built new Multi Providers, Aggregates to suit the business and reporting needs. 
• Extracted data from MM modules and uploaded the data into the procurement cubes. Involved in Data Extraction using LO Cockpit for Plant Maintenance. 
• Worked extensively with BW reporting via BEx Analyzer, and BEx Web reporting, BEx Query Designer.Restricted Key Figures & Calculated Key Figures for filtering and formula as per the requirement of query. 
• Created reports on sales order module for sales and distribution. 
• Used RRI from vendor data to customer data in sales. 
• Job Scheduling and monitoring and error handling functionality, Worked with RSMO in solving Data load errors. 
• Optimized load performance by adjusting the packet sizes and resolved the errors and inconsistencies during the data loads. 
• Handled transportation, post-production support and development of new design cycles simultaneously 
• Generated reports using Web Application designer with BEx Query designer in the backend. Worked with exceptions, restricted key figures and calculated key figures as web as conditions, formulas, RRI interfaces, filters, drilldown methods. 
• Created query variables by writing variable exits. Creation and enhancement of Web reports and linking the same to MIS Portal. 
Environment: R/3 4.7(SD, MM, PM), BI 7.0, BEx Query Designer, Web Application Designer, 
, ABAP/4, Windows 2003 64 bit.

SAP BW Consultant


January 2006 to November 2006

End to End testing of interfaces. Involved in the Business and Technical design and carried out the requirement analysis with users. 
• Created InfoObjects, Info Cubes, ODS, Multi Providers , Transfer rules and Update Rules. 
• Create and maintain the objects necessary for loading flat file Master and 
Transactional data staging to PSA, ODS and Info Cubes. 
• Created Update Routines for the ODS object and testing the data of the ODS. 
• Used ABAP Conversion Routines in Transfer Rules and Update rules. 
• Extensively involved in data extraction from SAP as well as legacy applications, into the BI Application layer. 
• Worked extensively with BW reporting via BEx Analyzer, and BEx Web reporting, BEx Query Designer. 
• Worked on Web Application Designer (WAD) and published reports on web. 
• Monitor BW data loads and fix on fail for technical issues. 
• Involved in solving high prioritized tickets regarding extractions and load failures 
• Creating Push reports, scheduling packages and reporting agents. 
• Used Open Hub Destination to reconcile the BW data to the legacy system. 
• Good knowledge on 'Rev-track' system for creation and transport of requests and releasing the rev-tracks to subsequent systems in the landscape and coordination with the Basis team for object transports. 
• Extensively involved in preparation of Functional Specification Documents, Technical Specification Documents and uploaded the same in Microsoft SharePoint 
Environment: R/3 4.7 (MM, FI, SD), SAP SRM, SAP BW 3.5, BEX Web Application designer 3.5, ABAP/4, Windows 2003 64 bit.

SAP BW Consultant

Intuitive Surgicals, CA

March 2005 to November 2005

Monitored Daily Chains, Weekly Chains and Monthly Chains. Taking care of the load failures, resolving the problems, reconstructed the Request and also involved in Preventive maintenance Activities. 
• Loading Master data, Transaction data and Hierarchal data into the SAP BW on daily basis. 
• Handling the tickets and analyzing the errors in the data loads. 
• Worked on IPG's (Info package Groups), Created and Scheduled InfoPackages for Delta Initialization (Full Load + Selection Conditions) and Delta data loading in to InfoCubes Via PSA, ODS objects. 
• Performed data Re-initializations for specific business areas, Activating and filling the Aggregates. 
• Interacting with Different Markets regarding the issue relating to data loads. 
• Set the Update Rules for InfoCube and uploaded data into InfoCubes. 
• Documented all the errors encountered and also prepared Troubleshooting guides. 
• Loaded transactional data into PSA and updated data from PSA to ODS and activated ODS for reporting. 
• Raising tickets to other resolution groups regarding performance of the system and data loads. 
• Enhancement of extractors to calculate Moving average price and FOB amount for In-Transit quantity cube. 
• Involved in using performance enhancements features such as Indexing, maintaining aggregates and compression. 
• Used LO, CO-PA extractors for extracting logistics related data into BW. Extracted data from SD, MM, FI module and uploaded into procurement cubes 0PUR_C01, 0PUR_C02, 0PUR_C03, 0PUR_C04 and 0PUR_C05. 
Environment: SAP R/3 4.6, SAP BW 3.1b, Windows 2003 64 bit.

SAP BW Consultant


April 2004 to February 2005

Creation of Info Area's, Basic Info Cubes, Transactional Info cubes and ODS's and generating the Export Data source. 
• Integration of Formula Builder in BW Transfer Rules. Lookup of Master Data Attributes in Update Rules, lookup for ODS key fields and data fields. 
• Partitioned the cube and created indexes to improve performance, created process chain to include custom ABAP programs for automatic loading in back ground. 
• Creation of Marketing Plans, campaigns, Campaign Activities and Trade Promotions in CRM. 
• Extensively involved in configuration of Planning Profile Groups and Maintain Value Distribution. 
• Creation of Planning Area, Planning Profiles and Global Planning Sequences 
• Creation of Planning Folders, maintained Planning levels and Layouts and enhanced the same. Worked on manual planning functions. 
• Created interface function module to upload the product Costing information directly to BW through BPS functions using flat files. 
• Worked extensively on standard and custom defined LIS, LO extractors for extracting data from CRM and SEM-BPS areas. Installed relevant SAP business content. Used LO structures for extracting sales order, delivery information. Logistics Cockpit configuration and customization; Alpha Conversions, Tracing problem to R/3 and resolution. 
• Customized cubes such as Sales Order cube (0SD_C03), Sales Delivery cube (0SD_C05), Used ODS to stage the data before transferring the ODS contents to the Info Cube. Done ODS reporting to give details of delivery items and schedule line items. 
• Data source enhancements, generic extractors, user Exits and customized delta built up for the data sources, V3 Updates, controlled by pull/push principle from OLAP system. 
• Extensive experience in data design, data modeling, star schema and extended star schema, ASAP methodology, Info Cube partitioning, Setting customized Info Cube. Data extraction from R/3 and Flat file; SAP BW delta load, Info package creation, IPG. 
• Resolve and implement BW Query faults (Day to Day) and change requests. 
• Created the Users and assigned them to the proper Roles. Checked the Authorization Issues and Roles. Involved in Security Issues. 
• Extensively worked on WAD to generate the Web Reports in the form of Charts, Maps, and Graphs as per the user requirement. 
• Involved in BEx Query Design to produce the reports for the analysis purpose and formatting. 
Environment: SAP R/3 4.7 , SAP BW 3.1, SEM- BPS, CRM, BEX Web Application Designer 3.5, ABAP/4, Windows 2003 64 bit.

SAP BW & ABAP Developer

GE - Insurance solutions

September 2003 to March 2004

The duties comprised of gathering all the requirements, analyzing the entire CDW Architecture, CDW 1.1. design and implementation which is the previous version of CDW 2.0. 
• Involved in designing, developing and implementing the data warehouse using SAP BW with SAP R/3 Sales and Distribution (SD) and MM. 
• Worked with SAP R/3 LIS in Loading SD data into BW and used Flat File Interface in loading corresponding Master Data. 
• Data extraction from flat files for Master data and Transactional data. 
• Writing custom ABAP routines for transfer and updates rules. 
• Created InfoPackages and scheduled nightly jobs to run using the BW scheduler. 
• Monitored Load Failures while loading Data, migrating master data from legacy system to SAP R/3 using LSMW. 
• Worked on the SAP-Script layout sets in SD & MM modules. 
• Created Report to display a list of Purchase Requisitions with details like MRP Controller Release Date and Unit of Measure along with standard details. 
• Created missing quantity list that gives the difference between sent and received quantities during Stock Transfer. 
• Created Report in Material Master that outputs Material Vaulted Stock, grouped by Material type and Plant. The output shows Material No., Storage Location, Unit of Measure and Description in addition to group totals. Data was extracted from MARA, MARC, MARD, MAKT, EKKO, EKPO, MKPF, MSEG and T001W. 
• Using the standard data conversion program uploaded the material master data from legacy system to SAP R/3 using flat files. 
Environment: SAP R/3 4.6, SAP BW 3.1b, BEx Analyzer/Browser, ABAP/4, Windows 2003 64 bit.


Bachelor of Engineering

Osmania University -
Osmania University, ANDHRA PRADESH, IN