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Hostess Brands

Logistics Manager

Alexandria, LA


Work Experience

Hostess Brands

Holsum Bakery
Alexandria, LA

April 1994 to December 2012

Shipping/Logistics Department: 
- Logistics Manager: 5-31-10 to 12-21-12 (2 years, 7 months) 
- Logistics Supervisor: 5-15-04 to 5-31-10 (6 years) 
- Lead Person: 1-4-04 to 5-14-04 (4 months) 
Retail Department: 
- Utility / Delivery: 4-25-94 to 1-3-04 (9 years, 8 months) 
Duties as Logistics Manager: 
Manage 54 employees in the shipping and transportation departments (1 Assistant Manager, 3 Supervisors, 24 shipping employees and 26 over the road transport drivers). 
Prioritize, implement and manage work schedules, new projects and assignments. Audit work orders for accuracy in the order filling process and to insure service to the sales department is a daily focus. Track inventory of bread, bun and cake varieties (200+ varieties) and reconcile daily run counts with the production team. 
Dispatch 112 transport runs per week in a 5 state area to our sales depots and retail stores. Personally oversea our transport runs with XATA GPS monitoring system, which includes real time driver location access, fueling data and IFTA data. 
Work with 3rd party logistics companies to cover shipping lanes that could not be handled with in house drivers. Negotiated rates, set time lines for lanes and ensure drivers were licensed and had proper insurance coverage. 
Recruit, interview, hire, motivate, coach and mentor shipping clerks and transport drivers; institute training programs, evaluate performance and initiate corrective action plans when needed. Have daily team huddles with employees to review that shifts objectives. 
Work with the Safety Manager and supervisor team to develop safety solutions and maintain a safe work environment; hold daily huddles and encourage safe work habits, hold monthly safety committee meetings to discuss safe work practices and implementation of them. Personally investigate and support investigation of personal injuries and vehicle accidents associated with the shipping and transport departments; implement corrective action plans.  
Report to senior management on a routine basis regarding shipping and transportation performance and cost; prepare presentations and reports, review daily operation process for improvement. 
Daily communicate with Production and Sales Division about orders, needs and improvements to insure customer satisfaction regarding quality of product. 
Fork-lift power truck certified, able to drive 18-wheeler trucks. 
Fluent in Excel, Word Perfect, Power Point and Microsoft Outlook to perform my daily tasks. 
Key Accomplishments as Logistics Manager: 
-In July of 2010, I combined the shipping lanes and reduced FTE’s by 1, cut 1,789  
OTR miles per week out of the total bid and improved our trailer cube utilization from 75% to 78%. This was an annual OTR savings of $32,523.04. 
-In June of 211, I combined the shipping lanes and reduced FTE’s by 3, cut 3,800 OTR miles per week out of the total bid and improved our trailer cube utilization from 78% to 89%. This was accomplished by reducing delivery frequency to 4 depots (5 day delivery to 4 day delivery). This was an annual OTR savings of $75,443.68. 
-In January of 2012, I reduced the delivery frequency to the Moselle, MS. Depot from 5 day delivery to 4 day delivery. This was an annual OTR savings of $28,003.76. 
-In February of 2012, I changed the dock order filling procedure to increase our service to sales efficiency. We converted to a WMS system. This also reduced shipping overtime by not having shipping line runners mirror the production schedule. 
-In July of 2012, I was recognized as the South Business Unit “Logistics Manager of the Year” for FY 2012. This award was based on having the best performance metric numbers for shipping and transportation in the region.



November 2005 to December 2007

Primerica Financial Services Alexandria, Louisiana 
- Licensed by the state of LA to sell life insurance, broker home loans and refinance, as well as broker car and homeowners insurance (commission based salary) 
- Help middle income families get the proper amount of life insurance, get out of debt through refinancing their home 
- Retirement planning 
- Manage several field agents (train and work with in the field) 
- Hold group meetings for training purposes, as well as train my agents on company policies and on how to make a sell that is right for the client.


Weiner's Department Store
Alexandria, LA

December 1993 to April 1994


New Iberia, LA

June 1991 to September 1991


Louisiana College
Pineville, LA


High School Diploma

Alexandria Senior High
Alexandria, LA

1989 to 1992


Logistics Manager of the Year

July 2012

I was awarded the Logistics Manager of the Year award for FY 2012 by Hostess Brands. This award was based on having the best performance metric numbers for shipping and transportation in the region.