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Sergio Gales


Dallas, TX


To gain employment in customer's service as Peer Support Specialist in an organization in mental health environment. Sharing my life experience for 33 years and in whole health resiliency level, enhanced by various training seminars in the field of peer support to help people suffering from emotional difficulties on the other hand of diagnosis. As an agent of change supports in transformation of beliefs to one to commit to change that I can and they can. Empowering peer to solve problem on own and advocacy.

Work Experience

Security Guard Officer

Weiser Security Contractor
Dallas, TX

December 2012 to Present

Customer's service in crime deterrence 
Secure properties by observation, conflict resolution,and report untoward incident / s 
Skills Used 
Patrol, observation, monitor surveillance camera, foot patrol, check perimeter, secure client properties as well as to protect lives.

Peer Support Specialist

ABC Behavioral Health
Dallas, TX

July 2012 to November 2014

Worked in customer's service as part time as Peer Support Specialist by supervising groups in Mental Health Recovery, Relapse Prevention, Schizo-affective Mental Illness Management Dual Diagnosis and assigned by clinical manager.

Recovery Coach Volunteer

APAA Association of Person's Affected by Addiction
Dallas, TX

November 2011 to July 2012

Customer's service as telecommute Coaching in different places such as in the Mental Hospital of Boarding Home doing Dual Recovery Anonymous, Al-on-non, Spirituality, Peer Hurdle, Men's Issues, Back on Track groups and other works assigned by the Volunteer Coordinator. Allso intake and update new members and advocacy.

Teacher to Family to Family Education Program, Peer to Peer Mentor Volunteer

NAMI Dallas National Alliance of Mental Illness
Dallas, TX

March 2011 to July 2012

Volunteered in customer's service as teacher for a 22- hour seminar of Family-to-Family Education program for families that have relatives with mental illness. A non-diagnostic approach but rather an emotional support for mentally ill relatives that they may realize the underlying difficulties and can help relative's recovery in different target population.

Peer counselor

Metro Care Services
Dallas, TX

May 2010 to November 2011

Adult out-patient clinic  
Ms. Jennifer Wadsworth MA LPC Dallas, Texas 75211 
Clinical Manager 214-330-0036 
From: 05/07/2010 to 11/30/2011 
Reason for leaving: Federal budget cut and Peer counselor office was terminated. 
Customer's service as Peer Counselor in a mental health environment including dual diagnosis, and mixed substance abuse. By method of prompting, role play, modeling, rehearsal, reinforce, assessment, advocacy, and referral. Escalate problems to the Clinical Manager for solution for other cases beyond my cope of service. Collaborate with the groups. individual, employees for solution and timely charting and billing at the end of daily activities.

Roaming Nursing Assistant

AA Plus Home Care
Dallas, TX

June 2010 to December 2010

Aurora Laquian 
Office Manager  
From: 06/2010 to 11/11/2010 
Reason for leaving: Client changed schedule to morning service. 
Customer' service as Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) by checking for body or bruises, scar or burns of the patient skin. Check vital signs, interviewing relatives for any changes of client's health. Log-in any change that needs attention of the healthcare professional. Keep accurate records of daily visit and report to the coordinator.

Community Living Specialist

Dallas Metro Care
Dallas, TX

February 2001 to November 2001

Dallas, Texas 75211 Dallas, Texas 75228 
N. Westmoreland Clinic 214-331-0107 
Ms.Natashia Simmons 02 /04/2001 to 11/16/2001 
(Nursing Director)\ 
Reason for leaving: Was ill, and terminated without prejudice. 
Customer's service to observe behavior of toddlers and teens in classroom setting special daycare and report to qualified mental health professional. Pick up toddlers from residence or school to special care and vise-versa every day. Held Metro Care charge card to maintain bus, marketing, food and supplies for kids and teens in the special day class.



Maria's Career Institute -
Mesquite, TX

January 2010 to February 2010

Information Tech Support Professional in Help Desk Support Microsoft Office 2000 Professional

Computer Learning Centers -
Garland, TX

1999 to 1999

General Science in Biology

Eastfield College -
Mesquite, TX

1991 to 1996

Secondary School in Secondary

Ugbaras High School -
Igbaras, Iloilo Philippines

January 1975 to January 1979

Computer Learning Centers


Calculator, cell phone, GPS, fax, copier, computer, printing, 35 wpm, MS Office word, power point, excel, outlook, one note, copy to fax, copy to email, adobe software, photo shop, word perfect, clips or snippets, format and trouble shoot personal computer software and printer, website, data entry, adding machine and telephone skills


Magna Cum Laude

November 1999

Graduated in Information Technical Support Professional with Honors.

Outstanding Recovery coach

December 2013

Awarded by ABCBH Clinical Manager for services rendered as volunteer Recovery Coach


Certified Teacher To Family to Family Education program

August 2011 to Present

A 12-week training seminar provided education by NAMI Dallas at Metro Care Services Campus. Dallas, Texas

Certified Peer Specialist

July 2014 to Present

Training provided by Viahope Mental Health Resource Austin, Texas. at Holiday Inn Select Hotel, Austin, Texas

Emotional CPR

March 2014 to Present

ViaHope Mental Health Resource Austin, Texas continuing education at Holiday Inn Select Hotel, Dallas, Texas

Trauma Informed Peer Support

July 2014 to Present

Via Hope Mental Health Resource Austin, Texas continuing education at Holiday Inn Select, Austin, Texas

Peer Mentor / Recovery Coach Designation

October 2014 to October 2016

Certification Number 1041-1041 Conferred by Texas Certification Board of Addiction Professionals (TCBAP) Austin, Texas. Awarded 10/03/2014

Whole Health & Resiliency Completion Certificate

November 2014 to Present

Training provided by Via Hope, Texas Mental Health Resource continuing education, Austin, Texas

Peer Recovery Support Specialist Training

September 2012 to Present

ABC Behavioral Health, TAIRCOS APPROVED CURRICUM. ABCBH Campus, Dallas, Texas

Peer to Peer Mentor

July 2011 to Present

Training seminar provided by NAMI Dallas at Holliday Inn Select Hotel at Holtom City Forthworh, Texas

Additional Information

I would prefer that you will contact me in late afternoon. I am working nights shift as Security Officer and email me at the same time Cellphone […]