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Sharon Browne



Work Experience


Fort Belvoir, VA

October 2014 to Present

Daily duties consist of communicating with various Property Book Officers and Central Issue Facility to resolve concerns and issue that in return enhance customer satisfaction with my organization. 
* Provide CIF and PBO with accurate Lateral Transfer of PM SPIE/PM SSL equipment for, shortages and fitting fielding's to obtain accountability. 
* Research various issues with equipment and Property Book Officers. Attend weekly department meetings that help to improve department operations. 
* Assist on various special projects to better the Property Book Department relationship with the customer. Train clerks on system and distribute daily task. 
* For accountability purposes kept accurate and organized files of each fielding. Update various log tracks with daily transactions accounting for equipment. 
* Responsible for managing on hand stockages and adding of new equipment to Property Book and Central Issue Facility catalog. 
* Accurately accounted for and manage property at net worth value of over […]



July 2012 to August 2013

Program activities from conception stage through life cycle management of product. 
* Maintains an inventory control process to ensure that inventory requirements are met according to policy, budget and customer demands. 
* Coordinate logistics activities for field service personnel, resolves logistics problems, and compiles data on standardization and interchangeability of parts to expedite logistics activities. 
* Operates Property Book Unit Supply Enhanced (PBUSE) for Theater Provided Equipment (TPE) experience. 
* Provides Senior Management, Customers, and Subcontractors with basic Logistics technology and information that ensures effective and economical support for products, service, equipment and distribution. 
* Assists in negotiating and coordinating delivery of required inventory to ensure equipment is received and available to clients in a timely manner. 
* Tracks routine logistic transactions using appropriate recording (RFITV Tracker). 
* Communicates with Supervisors and Managers and commanders, brief incoming and outgoing unit's representative regarding the status of turn in /issued of equipment.



March 2012 to June 2012

Responsible for all aspect of warehousing shipping and receiving of cargo and equipment throughout the SWA Theater. 
* Responsible for receiving shipments for PTDS, EOD, PM RUS, PMCMona daily basic. 
* Prepares DD Form 1348, DA form 3161, DA form 3318, DA form 2062, DA Form 2407, DA Form 2404 and Shipping paperwork to (DHL/FEDEX, on a daliy basic using DD 1149, US Customs Declaration. 
* Generate necessary documents for incoming /outgoing shipment of Return Material Authorization of repairable items to Gyro cam. 
* Inventory of government furnished property (GFP) and contractor acquired property. 
* Responsible for activities which cover the breath of the logistics mission, to include property accountability, asset visibility, maintenance and fleet management. 
* Army information system management and reporting, operational planning, storage operations, facilities management, security, and quality management. 
* Managing operational systems to include Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) for inventory on a quarterly basic. 
* Verified and maintained records for incoming and outgoing shipments. 
* Established and maintained stock records and other documents such as inventory, material control, accounting, supply, and administrative reports. 
* Responsible for maintaining Recovery/Exchange, Rejected and DRMO Parts reports evaluating and updating work orders in MTSAA. 
* Identified property and equipment for serviceability, availability, and life cycle replacement; taking appropriate actions to identify property for issue, replacement and/or disposal ensuring compliance with all properly authenticated directives within established guidelines.



March 2009 to March 2011

my duties include property book accountability, customer service, data entry, and administrative operations and all other duties assigned or associated with CIF-ISM, PBUSE and warehouse operations. 
* Responsibilities include lateral transfers, document registry, turn-in of excess or unserviceable parts, accounting military property, within the South West Asia Theater. 
* Trained 95 PERCENT of the fielders on using CIF-ISM providing a higher level of knowledge in Logistic and Property Accountability at the Camp Buehring Facility. 
* Advise the floor manager, on multiple levels on the advantages that using CIF-ISM provided by posting property issues to soldiers, and assisting with property recovery. 
* Responsible for the accountability of Rapid Fielding Initiative equipment (RFI) while on a 100% travel mobile fielding team. 
* Responsible for annotating all shipment errors, issuing error and any losses occurred while issuing gear to soldier. 
* The Inventory dollar value I supported PM-SPIE was […] 
* Maintains records of discrepancies from shipping and packaging on Standard Form 364 and overages or losses of equipment are annotated on DA Form 7436 Certificate of Research. 
* Prepares reports using DD Form 1348, DA form 3161, DA form 3318, DA form 2062, DA Form 2407, DA Form 2404 
* Inventory change reports are updated and validate military unit's paperwork for accuracy in order to initiate the issue of Rapid Fielding Initiative gear. 
* Issues out unit bulk equipment via DA Form 3161.

Senior Logistical Warehouseman

KBR. Iraq

August 2007 to February 2009

Established all procedures and processed all receipts, Lateral Transfers, found on installation, FLIPL and Statement of Charges and developed procedures for units to move CIF OCIE in the Iraq Theater with no loss of property. 
* Prepares reports on DD Form 1348, DA form 3161, DA form 3318, DA form 2062, DA Form 2407, DA Form 2404 
* Responsibilities include managing and accounting for incoming and outgoing stock, issuing of OCIE, such as Central Issue Facility-Installation Support Module (CIF-ISM), and Standard Army Management Information Systems (STAMIS) operations. 
* Perform cyclic report ans sensitive item inventories on a daily basic. 
* Prepares missing parts notifications, Notifications of Non Fair Wear and Tear damage. 
* Process all the documents for special projects, including the Army Combat Shirts, Improved Outer Tactical Vest, ESAPI plates exchange and fire-resistant uniform issue. 
* Responsible for maintaining Recovery/Exchange, Rejected and DRMO Parts reports evaluating and updating work using both CIF-ISM, PBUSE. 
* Improve the recon from a 70% to a 100%. 
* I moved to the Inventory Control Section of CIF to improve the inventory percentage from 97.9% to 99.82% with research and establishing and improved accountability within the other sections. 
* The inventory dollar value I supported KBR was […] 
* Check that all of the clearance organizations have their relevant documents up to date and in place in order for accreditation and licensing. 
* Conduct a final check of completion work to ensure that clearance and handovers are in accordance with the National Standards.



November 1996 to May 2006

Served as Barracks Manager, supervising the in-processing and out-processing of military service members living in the barracks. Inputted data daily into the computer system, issued keys, and inventoried furnishings for over 428 soldiers and 228 rooms. 
* Responsible for assigning troop housing, issuing and clearing of non-tenant facilities and property accountability within the Training Center facilities 
* Performs billeting operations to include personnel checks, reservation management, revenue accountability and customer support. 
* Analyzed and made space reduction modifications in warehouse, issuing repair parts and supplies to several military units. 
* Verified all shipping and receiving of documents, are 100% accuracy on parts location. Prepared and confirmed release orders and maintained customer personnel files. 
* Reviews and verifies quantities received against bills of lading, contracts, purchase requests, and shipping documents. Unloads, unpacks, visually inspects, counts, segregates, palletizes, and stores 
incoming supplies and equipment. 
* Establishes and maintains stock records and other documents such as inventory, materiel control, accounting and supply reports. 
* Establishes and maintains automated and manual accounting records, posts receipts and turn-ins, and performs dues-ins and dues-outs accounting. 
* Responsible for the requisition, receipt, storage, distribution, and destruction of over 1600+ lines of maps and related products used in support of the United States Forces Korea. 
* Ensures that inventories and location surveys are performed in accordance with established procedures. Instructs warehouse personnel in loading, unloading, segregation, dunnage, pelletizing, and selection of stock and storage areas. 
* Responsible examined contents and compared with records to verify accuracy of incoming or outgoing shipments. Managed warehouse operations utilizing Standard Army Retail Supply System (SARRS). 
* Dispatched, purchased, received and inventoried parts. Prepared daily transaction report. Managed motor pool operations using Unit Level Logistics System (ULLS).


Dade University, Basseterre High School

Additional Information

* Honorable Discharge from the United States Military after 10 years of faithful service. 
* Developed, applied, revised, and maintained quality standards for receiving, in-process, and final inspection in accordance with company and contractual requirements. 
* Capable of writing inspection procedures. 
* Reviews and evaluates in-process rejections and implemented corrective action as needed. 
* Recognized expert in reading, interpreting, and applying technical data; and reviewing and evaluating operational and procedural systems. 
* Excellent experience in providing leadership and training, directing daily activities of large, technical teams in order to excel and achieve mission objectives. 
Core Competencies 
✓ Planning Management ✓ Secret Clearance ✓ Property Accountability 
✓ Inventory ✓ Critical Problem-Solver ✓ Time Management 
✓ Information/Data ✓ Travel Support ✓ Quality Assurance/Control 
✓ Management ✓ Project Management ✓ Delivery Tracking 
✓ Oral/Written Communication ✓ Audits/Assessments ✓ Technical Documentation 
✓ Information Technology ✓ Record Keeping ✓ Performance Monitoring 
✓ Time & Workflow Management ✓ Facility Management ✓ Personnel Deployment