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Sonia Macavoy

Staten Island, NY


Dedicated licensed registered nurse with experience in hospital, home health care, and primary care environments. Independent 
leader focusing on implementation and evaluation care of diverse client populations implementing all aspects of medical support 
including cardiac care, triage, pre- and post operative assessments, medication administration, chemotherapy administration, and 
neurovascular assessments. Proficient in all medical technology and trained in all areas of major and minor surgical procedures 
performed in hospital environments.

Work Experience

Registered Visiting Nurse

A Visiting Redi Nurse
Port Saint Lucie, FL

November 2009 to Present

Registered nurse providing direct care for 20 clients per week initiating medical processes for elderly care and clients allocated from hospital settings. Formulate, initiate, and evaluate nursing caring plans providing client education, intervention, and appropriate recommendations. Key contributions: 
• Provide direct nursing applications including feeding, ventilation, vital sign monitoring, wound dressing applications and removal, amputee dressings, etc., maintaining safety and security of clients daily. 
• Work collaboratively with physicians, clinical nurses, clients and family members to develop care plans and assessments 
using medical data and case histories. 
• Educate clients and client families on medical conditions, insulin administration, and other protocols used in treating and monitoring of client conditions. 
• Administer medication, insulin, chemotherapy, and other doctor ordered programs on time and with accurate performance. 
• Work independently with team of social workers and rehabilitation teams to discuss client goals and expectations of ongoing medical support services. 
• Team motivator with multitasking, problem solving, time management and proficient communication skills. 
• Perform data entry of client information and maintain confidentiality of records and files according to organizational 
governance and state laws.

President of Board of Directors

Indiantown Community Outreach Center
Indiantown, FL

January 2004 to Present

President and leader of established organization geared toward community education in obesity and AIDS prevention. Run, 
delegate and institute educational forums for community outreach centers and other key health institutions. Key contributions: 
• Perform obesity counseling, diet and nutrition consulting, and medication counseling for parents and children in diverse 
• Aids awareness instructor for teens and clients teaching prevention, intervention, diagnosis, and treatment variables for 
AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections. 
• Instruct breast cancer prevention programs for community outreach serving women ages 12 - 70 in breast care health 
• Interface with community leaders, facility organizers, vendors, and other establishments to intervene and connect with resources and referral opportunities.

Night Supervisor and Floor Nurse

Laurel Pointe HealthCare and Rehabilitation Center
Fort Pierce, FL

April 2011 to April 2012

Fort Pierce, Florida April 2011 - April 2012 
Night Supervisor and Floor Nurse 
Supervised a staff of 10 nurses and nurses aids in rounds protocols assuring 100% compliance with facility rules and regulations. 
Key contributions: 
• Administered duties such as vital sign readings, port-a-cath and access-a-port access for drawing blood and 
IV administration, heart monitoring, and medication administration for client health care needs. 
• Lead, teach, and instruct nursing staff in latest technological protocols, glucometers, and medical etiquette. 
• Fostered mutual respect with clients and medical team in order to boost client moral and emphasize the healing process. 
• Integrated communication and problem solving skills focusing in administrative correspondence, data entry and other 
organizational nursing processes.

Night Supervisor and Floor Nurse

Fort Pierce Health Care and Rehabilitation Center
Fort Pierce, FL

August 2008 to November 2009

Fort Pierce, Florida August 2008 - November 2009 
Night Supervisor and Floor Nurse 
Supervised a staff of 18 nurses aids in nursing practices collaborating in all aspects of care with health and medical professionals 
formulating, initiating and implementing nursing care for diverse clients and conditions. Key contributions: 
• Performed medication administration, wound dressings, wound vacuuming application and removal, IV Medication 
administration, tracheotomy suctioning and care, gastric- tube feeding protocols daily. 
• Covered building and performed fire safety drills organizing expedient emergency protocols for evacuation procedures. 
• Troubleshot problems with clients or staff, analyzing needs and generating referrals to appropriate resources. 
• Maintained calm, caring environment throughout day and night shifts assigned. 
• Recruited nurses and nurses aids and trained team in nursing procedures that adhered to administrative goals.

Registered Nurse for Private Contractors

All About Staffing
Port Saint Lucie, FL

February 2001 to October 2004

Provided care for clients admitted into the Cardiac Care Unit monitoring client cardiac status, administering cardiac medications, and observing effectiveness of programs. Key contributions: 
• Provided monitoring of clients during pre- and postoperative open-heart surgeries, arrhythmia diagnosis, MI screenings, 
anticoagulation therapy, cardiac and peripheral diagnostic procedures, and cardioversions. 
• Prepared clients for TEE, echocardiograms and stress testing assuring quality care and rehabilitation standards of practice. 
• Monitored and assisted with discontinuing chest tubes and various drainage devices along with telemetry diagnostic 
equipment and pacer wires. 
• Conducted faculty and client teaching and education with emphasis on rehabilitation counseling, stress management, care 
plan implementation and documentation. 
• Assured the completion of all requested and necessary assessments and documentation in a timely and accurate manner 
maintaining client confidentiality and industry standards of practice.

Register Nurse

Specialty Professional Services
Bayside, NY

August 1994 to February 2002

Placed as registered nurse for Staten Island University Hospital and Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center working under leading 
medical surgeons including Dr. Mehmet Oz delegating responsibilities to professional and ancillary staff around wound and incision 
care, condition monitoring and documentation procedures. Key contributions: 
• Personally place by organization to work in select care units including the Milstein Pavilion, cardiac, medical surgical, 
mechanical ventilation, AIDS, neurosurgical and pediatrics conducting rounds and maintaining confidentiality of 
VIP clients. 
• Performed pre- and post operative assessments in every unit including maintaining patency of Jackson Pratt/Hemovacs; 
intervened, and reported signs of complications. 
• Suctioned ventilator-dependent clients performing tracheotomy care and maintaining client airways and passages. 
• Performed neurovascular assessments, caring for clients with casts, pins, and in tractions. 
• Administered blood, blood products, catheters, IV therapy, and other protocols observing for adverse reactions.

Registered Nurse

Staten Island Hospital
Staten Island, NY

February 1990 to August 1994

Registered nurse for medical surgical and oncology duties with temporary placement in emergency room, ventilator unit, 
neurological unit, and pediatrics. Bereavement committee team member collaborating with clients around grief and loss. 
Key contributions: 
• Developed care plans with other health care team members, providing direct client care including diagnosis, evaluation, 
documentation, and discharge management care. 
• Maintained standard of practice regarding nursing procedures, medication storage service, and resident unit safety and security. 
• Observed communication guidelines as recommended by faculty through direct bedside observation and interaction, 
conferences with staff members, and conferences with family members. 
• Performed data entry of client information maintaining confidentiality policies of nursing profession.


Bachelor's in Health Administration

St. Joseph's College -
Brooklyn, NY


Associates in Applied Science in Nursing

College of Staten Island -
Staten Island, NY



{BCLS}Basic Cardiac Life Support Certification

December 2012 to December 2014

Additional Information

• Nebulizer Apparatus • Solcotrans / CPM Machines 
• Blood Pressure Machine • Tube Feeding Pumps 
• IV Pump Technology • Communicating Skills - Verbal / Written 
• Assessment Skills in Clinical Needs • Pulse Oximetry Meter 
• Glucose Machine Operator • Adhere to High Ethical Standards / Professional Integrity