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Creative and Skilled Graphics Professional

Gaithersburg, MD


I am a creative, innovative, organized, detail-oriented professional, an excellent team member, and a mentor-style manager. I have performed as production, traffic, and staff manager for print for government proposals, publications, association book production, advertising and promotional graphics, bringing jobs successfully to deadline.  
I am seeking a regular full time position with a solid, steady team, so that I may gain and utilize in depth knowledge of my product to better present it.

Work Experience

Contract graphic designer, desktop publisher

The BOSS Group
Bethesda, MD

February 2009 to Present

As Contract graphic artist, desktop publisher for various clients I easily join existing teams to perform client's required tasks 
02/2009-Present | Nicklas/BOSS Group. Contract publishing professional doing graphic design, production, production management for following projects:  
— Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO), Rockville MD. Designer/Desktop Publisher. Design and produce annual meeting print publications and web elements; book covers/interiors, schedule grids, ads, posters, post cards, table tents, cd packaging, PowerPoint decks, and street banners. Adobe CS5, MSOffice. 03/07–04/30/2013 and 03/17–04/25/2014. 
— Charles E. Smith/VORNADO, Crystal City VA. Desktop Publisher/Designer. Design PowerPoint presentations for retail mall promotion. 08–09/2009, 02/2013, and 03/2014. 
— Department of Commerce/International Trade, Washington DC. Designer/Desktop Publisher. Redesign online marketing materials creation program handbook. Edit, write & edit text. Create palette and styles, format document. Format for 508 compatible Word and PDF. 8/2012. 
— American Institutes for Research (AIR) Frederick MD. Desktop publishing supervisor, desktop publisher. Production management, job assignment, schedules, quality assurance. Design, templates, package deliverables. Point of contact, maintain job log. Supervise 3 artists. Some 508a experience. Adobe CS5, MS Office. 05/2011–04/2012: 
— OMP, Washington DC. Desktop publisher, migrate QuarkXPress to InDesign, verify format, edit, PDF proofs. 11/2009. 
— Palladian Partners, Silver Spring MD. Graphic design, desktop publishing for health and education related brochures. 2–3/2009

Freelance and contract graphic and fine artist

Self/Honor Oak Studios
Gaithersburg, MD

January 2000 to Present

Current and past consulting and freelance projects:  
— 07/2014–Continuing | JCA SeniorTech Computer Training. Assistant coach for computer skills training for Seniors. Basic computer and internet usage skills through more advanced use of Word in the Windows 7 environment. 
— 10/2014–Current | William Mayhew, Storyteller, Beltsville MD. Business card update. 
— 09/2014–Current | B-A Courteous Driver, Cabin John MD. Illustration of icon for corporate ID. 
— 09/2014 | RWRMarketing, Huntington Beach CA. Illustration for Corporate ID, Saints Simon&Jude's Church. 
— 09/2013–03/2014 | Sandy Spring Museum, Sandy Spring MD. The Extreme Exhibit Makeover project. Graphic design and production management for 82 descriptive and image print panels for two different exhibit displays. Coordination with outside print vendors. MS Office, Adobe CS.  
— Continuing | Personal fine art and illustration work: Failte Notions, Celtic style painting on roofing slate (acrylics and mixed media), mixed media illustrations. For art shows and commissions. Mixed media (acrylic, pencil, ink). Photography.  
— 2004–Present | Maryland and Montgomery County Boards of Elections: Assistant Chief Poll Judge, other positions as needed. Organize and manage voting process and other tasks during Elections.  
— 10/2009–Present | Institute of Musical Traditions, Takoma Park MD. Social Media Publicity team member for music concert series.  
— Continuing | National Capital Lyme and Tick-Borne Disease Association, McLean VA. Display ad design, production, placement. Adobe Illustrator.  
— Continuing | International Committee for the Defense of the Breton Language, US Branch, Philadelphia PA. Display ad design, production, placement. Adobe Illustrator.  
— 07/2013–09/2013 | Winston Churchill High School Reunion, Potomac MD. Illustration of school mascot for identity package, art placed on program, posters, and attendee gifts (mug & tote). Adobe PhotoShop & Illustrator. 
— 06/2013 | DH Zbiegniewicz Family, Silver Spring MD. Commemorative Memorial program card.  
— 10/2012 | Capital Area Armored Combat League/US Historical Armed Combat Team, Laytonsville MD. Logo design for DC Area Battle of the Nations. Design and illustration; Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop.  
— 10/2012 | The Purer Way, Damascus MD. Logo design and illustration for holistic health practice. Adobe Illustrator.  
— 04/2012 | McIntire Sound, Street MD. Logo design, box emblem. Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop.  
— 02/2011–03/2011 | Dr. Sharon Gerstenzang. Design, editorial proofing, for book, “Celebrate Your Emotions”. MS Word. 
— 11/2006 | Hour Glass Creations, Greenbelt MD. Logo design. Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop.  
— 12/2003–12/2006 | KLGAI/Cognition Means Patents, Beltsville MD. Consultant: Graphic Designer, Technical illustrator, Desktop Publisher. Patent application documents, sales materials. Population, use of ACT! Database. SharePoint interaction. MS Word, PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop, VisioTechnical. 
— 04/2003–10/2003 | Dr. Pamela SAUER, Bethesda MD. Consulting Public Relations, Graphic Design, Office Management: Help revitalize medical practice through public relations and promotional activities, graphic design. Office Manager: Records management, appointments and reminder, filing. Doctor's assistant on in-home, in-hospital patient care visits.  
— 10/2002–01/2003 | Minuteman Press, Gaithersburg MD. Freelance Lead Artist. Art director, graphic artist, desktop publishing, production management, customer relations, job estimation, bindery, prepress, and traffic. QuarkXPress, CorelDraw, PhotoShop, Illustrator, Word, PowerPoint, Acrobat, proprietary estimation/tracking/billing program. 
— 02/1993–08/1996 | Oatlands Celtic Festival for International Heritage, Leesburg VA. Art Director, Designer, Coordinator, Talent Acquisition, Stage Scheduling-Management. Developed/produced: corporate visual identity, logo, signage. Established Interactive Dance Tent concept, schedules. Developed Breton Cultural Chair (built strong Breton presence, sponsorship, support through French government, cultural, business leaders, traditional Breton performers). Volunteer corps coordinator. Arts-Crafts committee.  
— 06/1986–12/1996 | Metropolitan DC–MD–VA Advertising Community. Freelance and Consulting Graphic Artist and Illustrator: Illustration, Design, Production in long-term relationships with Advertising firms throughout Metropolitan DC area: Abramson/Ehrlich-Manes; Adworks; Bozell; DDB Needham; Design Partners; Feldman; Goldberg/Marchesano; Hard Times Cafe; Hugh Moore; Ketchum; Mary Byrd; Outdoor Impressions; Rosenthal-Greene-Campbell; Sparkman-Bartholomew; Weitzman-Dym-Livingston. Traditional, early PC tasking for print.

Contract proposal specialist, lead desktop publisher, production manager for various clients

Bethesda, MD

February 2009 to December 2012

As Contract proposal specialist, desktop publisher for various clients I easily joined existing teams to perform client's required tasks 
— Primescape, Herndon VA. Graphic artist, production manager. Desktop publishing, production management. MS Office, Adobe PhotoShop. 12/2012-12/2012. 
— InfoZen, Rockville MD. Publications Manager, Desktop publisher, templates; print, bind burn deliverables. Production Manager. MS Suite 1997-2003/2007/2010. Adobe CS 5/Acrobat. SharePoint. 01/2011-03/2011. 
— DCS Corporation, Franconia VA. Lead Desktop Publisher. Desktop publishing for quick turnaround proposal. MS Office. 12/2010-12/2010. 
— Powertek, Rockville MD. Lead Desktop Publisher. Desktop publisher, templates, illustration; coordinate production: print, bind, burn final deliverables. MS Office 2007, Photoshop, PowerPoint, CentralDesktop file system. 09/2010-10/2010.

Contract lead desktop publisher.

The Creative Group
Washington, DC

November 2009 to September 2010

As Contract proposal specialist, desktop publisher ACS in Germantown MD, I easily joined the existing team to perform required tasks as lead desktop publisher, designer, and infographics Quality Assurance for proposals. Format, templates; Proof, print, bind, burn submission documents. MSOffice, Adobe CS, and Acrobat, Canon-Fiery system, SpringCM's Privia System.

Contract publications designer, production manager

Baltimore, MD

September 2009 to October 2009

As Contract publications designer and production manager for the LIBRARY of CONGRESS Office of Public Affairs Washington DC, I easily joined the existing team to perform required tasks of design, desktop publishing, traffic of internal information product, THE GAZETTE. Worked with elements from editor, continued the editorial process, made changes to update publication for current issue. Worked in InDesign and supportive programs. Traffic final document as greyscale postscript file to internal printer, and as compressed color pdf file to internal web master for posting. Photo research, selection, and file management. Archive files for future reference.

Contract proposal specialist, lead desktop publisher

Winning Proposals
Falls Church, VA

October 2007 to May 2009

As Contract proposal specialist, desktop publisher for various clients I easily joined existing teams to perform client's required tasks 
— ORACLE, Reston VA. Publication Production Coordinator, Lead Desktop Publisher. Desktop publishing, print production, delivery management. Work with remote proposal managers/services using intranet-based workspace, phone, email, instant-messaging systems to deliver product in fast-paced department. Print, bind, burn, submit deliverables. MS Office, Adobe Acrobat, Xerox Fiery system. 04/2009-05/2009. 
— Northrop Grumman/TASC, Chantilly VA and Annapolis Junction MD. Lead Desktop Publisher. Desktop Publishing Lead for proposals. Desktop publishing, templates, formatting long documents; troubleshoot printing; work with proposal managers, desktop publishers, tech writers, tech illustrators, and tech editors. Print, bind, burn, submit deliverables. MS Office. 02/2007-07/2008.

Contract graphic artist, art director

Earth Resources Technology
Laurel, MD

January 2008 to February 2008

As Contract publications designer for OCRM/NOS/NOAA Silver Spring MD, I easily joined the existing team to perform required tasks of design, production of web page elements, printed matter for the Estuarine Reserves Division, using existing or devising new templates; photo research and preparation, element extraction. Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator, MSWord.

Contract proposal specialist, art director, production manager, lead desktop publisher, infographics artist

Tower Technologies
Annapolis, MD

January 2006 to February 2008

As Contract proposal specialistfor various clients I easily joined existing teams to perform client's required tasks 
Contractor for following projects:  
— Tower Technologies, Annapolis MD. Art Director/Lead Desktop Publisher. Proposal, promotional print, web space design. MS Office, FrontPage. 01/2006-09/2008. 
— QWEST Communications, Arlington VA. Lead Desktop Publisher. Desktop Publisher, technical illustrator, production manager. Organize production management process. Design server-based document, version control system, devise file-naming scheme. MS Office, PhotoShop, Illustrator. 01/2006-02/2008. 
— DSD Laboratories, Inc., Fairfax VA. Lead Desktop Publisher. Desktop publisher, technical illustrator, art director, production manager for proposals and corporate publications. Editorial tasks. Production coordinator, produce deliverables. Organize graphic illustration, desktop publishing process, design server-based document version control system and file-naming scheme. Development lead for Company standard color palette, graphics, and publications standards manual, also development lead on team to produce Company-wide proposal production standards and templates instructional document. Development of trade show display, job bid process, and vendor exploration. 08/2006-12/2007. 
— Department of Commerce – Economic Development Administration, Washington DC. Graphic Artist, Designer. Develop 34-page, on-line application form with dynamic elements in Adobe Acrobat LiveCycle: flowing text fields, radio buttons, click boxes, live web links. Instruct employees in use of program features, designing/updating forms, troubleshooting. 02-03/2007. 
— Sumaria, Arlington VA. Proposal Production Manager/Lead Desktop Publisher. Produce four concurrent submissions; develop compliance matrix, document template. MS Office. 01/2007.

Contract technical illustrator, desktop publisher, graphic designer, art director

Baltimore, MD

March 2005 to September 2006

As Contract technical illustrator, desktop publisher, graphic designer, art director for various clients I easily joined existing teams to perform required tasks depending upon contract 
— American Association for the Advancement of Science, Washington DC. Art Director/Graphic Designer/Desktop Publisher. Migrate formats of Meeting publications from QuarkXPress to InDesign. Verify formats. 09/2006. 
— UCG, Rockville MD. Graphic Design/Desktop Publishing. Design, format, pre-flight, submit to press Meeting promotional, direct mail pieces. InDesign, PhotoShop, and PageMaker. 12/2005-01/2006. 
— City of Rockville MD. Art Director/Graphic Designer/Desktop Publisher. Design, pre-flight; submit to press promotional print pieces for City government services. InDesign, Illustrator, PhotoShop, PageMaker, MS Word. 06/2006. 
— Health and Human Services, Rockville MD. Production Manager. Managed workflow for graphics division within media arts group of agency, oversaw 3 locations, supervised 8 artists. Proprietary Management Information: Tracking Technical Services (MITTS) database. 09-10/2005. 
— Cueto-Reed, Gaithersburg MD. Graphic Design/Desktop Publisher. Design and production of publications, advertisements. QuarkXPress, Adobe CS: Illustrator, PhotoShop, Acrobat. MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel. 06-07/2005. 
— MetaMedia, Germantown MD. Technical Illustrator. Illustration of HVAC mechanics for CD-based training programs. Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop. 03-05/2005.

Contract Graphic Artist

EEI Communications
Alexandria, VA

March 1993 to August 2006

As Contract graphic designer, production artist for various clients I easily joined existing teams to perform required tasks depending upon contract 
— EEI, Alexandria VA. Mechanical paste-up. 07-08/2006 
— American Institute of Physics, College Park MD. Mechanical paste-up. 05/2006. 
— American Geophysical Union, Washington DC. Book Production and Management. Directed authors through book galley production; book mechanical paste-up, research, and editorial tasks. 03/1994-11/1996. 
— Gurra-Labarr-Coopersmith, Bethesda MD. Mechanical paste-up. 01/1996. 
— American Association for the Advancement of Science. Mechanical paste-up. 11/1993. 
— National Association of Education of Young Children. Mechanical paste-up. 03/1993.

Contract Proposal Specialist, information/technical illustrator

Alex Alternatives
Chantilly, VA

October 2000 to December 2005

As Contract information/technical illustrator, desktop publisher, graphic designer for various clients I easily joined existing teams to perform required tasks depending upon contract 
— Technical Illustrator. ManTech Chantilly VA. Illustration, vehicle parts for user's manual. Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop. 11/2005-12-2005. 
— Technical Illustrator, Lockheed Martin, Gaithersburg MD. Graphic design, desktop publishing, art direction for proposals, technical publications. Mounting, display, binding. Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop, CorelDraw, PowerPoint, MS Word, VisioTechnical. 08/2000-03/2003.


Reston VA
Contract Proposal Production Manager

October 2005 to November 2005

As Contract Proposal Production Manager I easily joined the existing team at BEARING POINT McLean VA to manage, schedule proposal production, staff, and work allocation for a short contract.

Contract Visual Information Specialist

Gaithersburg, MD

November 2003 to September 2004

As Contract Visual Information Specialist I easily joined the newly formed team in the graphics department of NETC/FEMA Emmitsburg MD, performing as art director, designer, illustrator, desktop publisher. Organized 3-person department, designed job tracking sheet, updated job request form. Designed, produced informational pieces: presentations, signage, logo designs, displays, other in-house educational pieces, DHS agency-wide compliant items. Designed file-naming scheme and server-based document control system for text and arts. Adobe CS, MSOffice, Xerox Fiery, Xerox Creo system, HP 2500, 5000 large-format printers, Gerber Signmaking system. Mounting, laminating, display.

Production Manager, Technical Illustrator

McLean, VA

January 2000 to July 2000

Staff Production Manager, Technical Illustrator. Supervised 8 artists and writers, tracked, organized files. Illustration of graphic elements for web-based educational preparatory tests using MS Office, Illustrator, PhotoShop. Editorial tasks.

Graphic Artist, Technical Illustrator, Desktop Publisher

Arlington, VA

December 1996 to January 2000

Staff Graphic Artist, Technical Illustrator, Desktop Publisher. Art direction, design, traditional-digital illustration, desktop publishing, copywriting, editing, production management, traffic for proposals, corporate marketing. Developed art designation, server-based filing system, templates. Print, bind, burn submission documents. MS Office, PhotoShop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, Acrobat.

Staff Art Director, Production Manager, Graphic Designer, Illustrator.

Bethesda, MD

August 1985 to May 1986

Design, layout, element specification, proof/quality control, paste-up, traffic, vendor relations. Supervision and scheduling of two production artists. Traditional, Macintosh.

Staff Assistant Manager, Display Advertising Art

Springfield, VA

November 1982 to August 1985

Design, layout, illustration for display advertisements, tabloid covers, special sections, promotional, meeting, display pieces. Supervised, trained layout artists. Worked with sales representatives, clients, and production department.

Staff Publications Art Director, Public Relations Associate

Washington, DC

May 1978 to August 1982

Publications Art Director, Public Relations Associate. Design, illustration, mechanical paste-up, copywriting, proofing, traffic, vendor relations, photography, promotional activities supporting Corporate, three concurrently active stages (Arena, Kreeger, Old Vat Room), and Living Stage (community outreach) with print graphic production of program books, daily display ads in multiple regional newspapers, brochures, mailers, duratrans, lobby displays, office forms, etc. Traditional materials.

Staff Illustrator, Layout Artist

SEARS, ROEBUCK, & COMPANY Regional Advertising
Bethesda, MD

August 1974 to May 1978

Product illustration, newspaper, magazine, mailers display advertisement layout. Art research, copywriting, proofing of deliverables. Traditional materials: pen & ink, flouro-wash, water colors, pencil


Certifications in Professional Skills Enhancement

Montgomery College, GWU, Training seminars -
Washington, DC

1982 to 2012

Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honors in Theatre Arts

Virginia Commonwealth University -
Richmond, VA

1970 to 1973

Matriculated in General Education

Montgomery College -
Rockville, MD

1968 to 1970


Graphic design, desktop publishing, traditional and digital illustration, display and framing, management, promotional copywriting, proofreading, bluelines, preflight, press checks