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Assistant Bakery Market Manager

Assistant Bakery Market Manager

North Huntingdon, PA


Work Experience

Assistant Bakery Market Manager

Panera Bread
Pittsburgh, PA

July 2007 to December 2010

shift 3, Overnight) 
* Was promoted to BTS (Baker Training Specialist) - Manager, from a lead baker position. 
* Assisted BMM (Bakery Market Manager) in working with other bakers, in 7 cafes. 
* Was a certified baker throughout company, and able to work in ANY café. 
* Trained new bakers in panning up product for bake, as well as baking the products for day of purchase. 
* Trained existing and new bakers on up and coming "new" celebration products. 
* Built and assembled weekly schedule for 7 cafes. ( 7 separate schedules for a total of 22 bakers) 
* Work more than 60 hours a week, and filled in when needed: bakers call-off, short staffed, large bakes, medical issues, vacations, and holidays. 
* Handled problems and find solutions to any questions the bakers may have about yearly products and seasonal, as well as co-worker issues, etc. 
* Also acted out the following: hiring, working extra days, disbursement of product specs, scheduling, FDF reports, and Weekly Cafe reports. 
* Consistently met with my directors to follow-up on any changes or additions. 
* Gave new and existing bakers calibrations, performance updates, and certifications.

Store Manager

B&B Beverage
Plum, PA

January 2006 to July 2007

* In control of accounts, monthly bills, purchases, sales, marketing, inventory, merchandise, and decisions. 
* Providing consumers with the best service knowledgeable, consistently attainting fluidity in the store, and creating a clean organized environment. 
* Train and guide new employees on policies, and to always have a positive additude. 
* Finding new and inventive ways to help the business grow.

Sales Associate

Pat's Hallmark
White Oak, PA

2004 to 2005

* Helped with consumer's needs and problems. 
* Waited on the everyday customer. 
* Put up displays to sell products 
* Worked whenever I was needed: including holidays.

Soup and Sauce Chef

Pat's Hallmark
Greensburg, PA

July 2004 to November 2004

* Made soups and sauces on a daily basis 
* Worked long hours, and all holidays, including overtime



Westmorland Community College
Youngwood, PA

2006 to Present

Culinary Arts Program

Culinary Institute of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA

2004 to 2005


General Manager, Retail Manager, Baker, and Educated in business and culinary and pastry arts. Currently going to school for International Business.

Additional Information

Will Relocate anywhere!