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Software Engineer

Software Engineer - Jeppesen

Santa Clara, CA


• Extensive experience in developing client-server, standalone, distributed, and embedded software applications using C++, JAVA, and C on Windows, UNIX, and Real-Time O/S. 
• Worked across all phases of software development lifecycle including requirements analysis, design, development, testing, and integration. 
• Developed software using OOA/OOD, UML, Design Patterns, C++, JAVA, C, CORBA, Threads, Socket API, Shared Memory, Mutex, Semaphore, and Signals. 
• Wrote and maintained software documentation such as requirements specification, design, verification plans, test procedures and test environments. 
• Knowledge of XML, POSIX, and networking protocols such as TCP/IP, UDP, RPC, NFS. 
• Communication domain familiarity with Command and Control, Waveforms (AEHF, EHF), MILSTAR/SATCOM, Base Stations, Ground and Airborne terminals, and Mission Planning. 
• Hold a security clearance. It is current and last used on Feb. 22, 2011.

Work Experience

Software Engineer

San Jose, CA

June 2011 to Present

JetPlan Engine 
Involved with development and enhancements effort of Flight Planning software, which produces operational detail such as the route, altitudes, and speed to fly, fuel required, and etc.

Software Engineer

Northrop Grumman
El Segundo, CA

March 2009 to February 2011

Multi-Function Advanced Data Link (MADL) is JSF in-house communication TDL that links individual aircrafts within flight group for interchange of mission critical data. 
• Responsible for detailed design, implementation, and validation of Track protocol for F-35. 
• Wrote test drivers, test plans, JADE test scripts, and executed unit and integration tests. 
• Analyzed software requirements and provided estimates for their development effort.

Embedded Software Engineer

Huntington Beach, CA

January 2004 to March 2009

Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) 
JTRS provides the next generation of software-defined radios capable of networked voice, video, and data communication. The radios provide both interoperability with currently deployed radios, by operating with many legacy waveforms, and the ability to incorporate new waveforms. 
• Enhanced and modified Core Framework's SCA compliance validation tool, JTAP. 
• Created translation program to facilitate communication between PC client and embedded server applications, where client and server is using a different transport protocol. 
Family of Advanced Beyond Line-of- Sight Terminals (FAB-T) 
The FAB-T program establishes a network centric, SCA compliant, family of terminals to link war fighters to different satellites, and enable planned incremental capability for robust, secure, global strategic and tactical communications between ground, air and space platforms. 
• Implemented logical interfaces for MPSS (Mission Planning Sub-system), HSP (High Speed Printer), and ICS (Intercom Set) of AEHF Waveform software. 
• Developed software to simulate Antenna Controller Unit and AEHF Satellite Mission Planning Sub-system. 
• Created an adapter to perform data translation between CORBA and non-CORBA components. 
• Executed test procedures and integrated software components into a fully functional software system.

Embedded Software Engineer

Scaled Composites
Mojave, CA

July 2002 to January 2004

The SpaceShipOne, winner of $10 million Ansari X-Prize, was the first privately funded human space flight program that reached 100 kilometers in altitude twice in a two-week period. 
• Wrote mapping software to draw runways, waypoints, and restricted airspace to Flight Director Display (FDD). 
• Implemented ActiveX application to plot real-time telemetry data to strip charts, displaying flight altitude, cabin pressure, rudder, and stabilizer positions. 
• Created a GUI application to simulate Aileron, Elevon, Rudder, Stabilizer, Cabin Pressure, Yaw, and RCS Pitch and Roll faults in flight simulator. 
• Developed an application that re-creates the flight by playing the earlier recorded flight data.

Software Engineer

Rockwell Collins
Richardson, TX

October 1997 to November 2001

Wideband-Wireless Network Engine (WNE) 
The WNE software implements a wireless sub-networking protocol designed to satisfy the needs for high data rate, multimedia, ad-hoc mobile networking in highly dynamic operating environments. 
• Enhanced network traffic generator software to report network statistic like jitter, dropped packets, out of sequence packets and received packets. 
• Modified WNE embedded test driver software to generate packets with random bit patterns and calculate their checksum. 
• Developed an interface that connects subnet and WNE modem CORBA interfaces. 
SCOPE Command Communication System / BRS Core Avionics Group 
The SCOPE Command is a highly automated HF communication system that links Air Force command and control (C2) functions with globally deployed strategic and tactical airborne platforms. 
• Implemented software to route and deliver messages to Scope Command System tasks running either on local or remote host. 
• Developed a messaging protocol that allows standby server to takeover primary server, in case of node or network failure. 
• Wrote test drivers to test VME cards (Discrete and Analog) for CORE Avionics Test Station (CATS), using National Instruments VXI libraries.

Software Engineer

Richardson, TX

August 1995 to October 1997

Truck Fleet Management System 
The fleet management software provided voice and data communications, combined with GPS vehicle location technology, for the trucking and service vehicle industries. 
• Developed Communication Manager for truck fleet management software system. 
• Created UI (User Interface) for truck fleet dispatchers to manage and track loads, send and receive text messages, place voice calls, and receive vehicle location reports. 
• Ported the Communication Manager and UI applications to HP-UX, AIX, and Solaris.

Software Developer

IBM and General Dynamics

January 1990 to August 1995

Previous experience includes applications development and product support for AIX O/S in area of networking with IBM and General Dynamics.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

New Jersey Institute of Technology
Newark, NJ

Additional Information

Languages: C++, Java, C, Visual C++, FORTRAN, ActiveX, Socket, Pthreads, HTML, PL/SQL 
Protocols: TCP/IP, NIS, NFS, UDP, X.25 
Frameworks: CORBA (ORBexpress), SCA 
Tools: NetBeans, Visual Studio (up to 2010), Rhapsody, Rational Rose, Green Hills MULTI, JADE, VectorCast, DOORS, Perforce, Clear Case, PVCS, WINCVS, Subversion 
O/S: Windows (XP, 2000, NT), UNIX (Solaris, AIX, HP/UX, Linux, SCO), Integrity, LynxOs