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Author and elite ghostwriter M. Rutledge McCall was born and raised in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. His worldwide clientele includes people named in Newsweek and Forbes magazines' Most Powerful People lists, and he has worked with authors whose books have appeared on the best-selling lists of the New York Times, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, the Wall Street Journal, and  
He has been featured on TV shows including "NBC Today," BBC News, PBS, CNN News, KNBC News "Nightside Cover Story," PBS/KCET's "Life And Times: Thinkers, Shakers and Newsmakers," "Larry King Live," ABC News 9 Australia, as well as several radio programs. His screen adaptation of his critically-acclaimed first book, "Slipping Into Darkness: A True Story From The American Ghetto," was optioned for film by David O. Sacks, Co-Founder and former Chief Operating Officer of PayPal. 
McCall has written, ghostwritten, and developmentally edited more than 100 books. His high-profile clients include major book publishing companies, university presidents, celebrities, professional athletes, members of the armed forces and law enforcement, business owners, CEOs, tech entrepreneurs, Ph.Ds, investors, MDs, and others. He writes in fiction and narrative nonfiction genres that include drama, sports, true crime, medical mystery, supernatural thriller, history, business, the economy, sociology, theology, self-improvement, biography/autobiography, money management, and more. 
He also writes and doctors movie and TV scripts, does film-to-book and book-to-screen adaptations, and is a former television project development partner of producer Morris Ruskin, CEO of Shoreline Entertainment. 
Earlier in his career, McCall was a senior executive in literary career management and consulting, as well as a managing senior editor in the book publishing business. Prior to that, he worked in the one-hour drama writers departments for most of the American TV networks and in production management for all of the major U.S. film companies, on some of the highest-grossing movies and top Nielsen-rated one-hour drama television shows. 
Every other year, McCall sets aside time to write one book, gratis, for a client who cannot afford his fee but who has an important story to tell the world.  
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(1) ELITE GHOSTWRITER. (2) CREATIVE PROJECT DEVELOPMENT: Writing, Ghostwriting, and Substantive Developmental Editing of Narrative Nonfiction & Fiction Books. Doctoring Film & TV Scripts. Adaptations of books to film scripts, and screenplays to books. (3) BOOK PUBLISHING CONSULTATION. (4) FILM & TELEVISION CONTENT DEVELOPMENT. (5) MEMBER, Authors Guild, New York. (6) CONTACT:

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" riveting as it is raw..." - Publishers Weekly  
"Like Hunter S. Thompson, McCall immerses himself totally in the milieu...brilliantly portrays a life and place most Americans can only imagine. More than just an observer, McCall's on-the-scene perspective is stunning... From beginning to end, a riveting account." - Brett Peruzzi, Ebooks Reviews  
"Powerful...engrossing...meaningful and relevant. McCall's poetic prose has a 'Fight Club' quality... with suspenseful vignettes building toward anarchy... Unique and illuminating. Think 'Donny Brasco'-meets-'Fight Club'-meets-'Traffic'." - Don Morgan, Phoenix Pictures; "6TH MAN"; "A THIN RED LINE"  
"McCall...truly an amazing writer." - Susan Solomon, Industry Entertainment; "CSI: Crime Scene Investigators"/CBS  
"Rich and detailed...visual and in your face. I really love this book." - Billy Finkelstein, Emmy Award-Winning Writer; "Law and Order"; "Brooklyn South"; "NYPD Blue"; "L.A. Law"; "Murder One"  
"This is a great story. It'll make a great movie." - David Sacks (Co-Founder of PayPal), Producer, Room 9 Ent.; "THANK YOU FOR SMOKING"  
"This book is kick a*s--I loved it." - W. Peter Iliff, Writer; "PATRIOT GAMES"; "POINT BREAK"  
"An amazing story. Good book." - F. Gary Gray, Director; "THE NEGOTIATOR"; "THE ITALIAN JOB"; "THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS"  
"McCall's experience, his writing, the whole thing--excellent, amazing." - Stacy Peralta, Director; "RIDING GIANTS"; "DOG TOWN AND Z BOYS"  
"An immense and breathtaking research...McCall is a legend." - Neheda Barakat, Award-Winning Documentary Producer, TV Bureau Chief/Executive Producer; ABC-TV Australia  
"Gritty...a true triumph... McCall pries up the corner beneath the polite media us a good look at the dark subconscious of our society." - George Geiger, Writer-Producer; "Profiler"; "Miami Vice"; "Hunter"  
"Poignant...a powerfully important work with implications for every major city the world over." - Carol Wightman, Senior Producer; BBC Scotland  
"...a great book...powerful." - Frank Yablans, Writer-Studio Chief; "NORTH DALLAS 40"; "MOMMY DEAREST"  
"...gripping and dark...subtle and engaging..." - Andrea McCall, V.P.; DreamWorks SKG  
"Wow, what a ride—one we can all learn from...a gruesome reality..." - Julia Rogers, Reporter; KABC News, Los Angeles  
"An astounding book...I really loved it." - Marla Ginsburg, Producer, Vertikal Ent.; "La Femme Nikita"; "Highlander"  
"Awesome...simply incredible. McCall is one of the best writers in America today. Definitely Pulitzer material." - Cindy Bond, President, Providence Ent.; "OMEGA CODE"; "EXTREME DAYS"  
"Riveting...disturbing...thought provoking...a monumental achievement. A must-read... rousing, inspirational, exciting won't be able to put down or forget." - Charles Holland, J.D., Writer-Producer; "J.A.G."; "Murder One"; "Soul Food"; "Profiler"  
"So intense that there were times I had to walk away from it...most realistic..." - Scribesworld Reviews  
"...'dirty realism' [takes] the readers to gritty places and slices of life... described unflinchingly... with a rich but clean writing style. ...unanticipated personal descent into darkness. ...any reader would be amazed at what [McCall was] able to accomplish without getting killed... took some guts and naïveté..." - Dr. Wilbur J. Scott, Professor; US Air Force Academy, Dept. of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership  
"...[McCall's] story is the 'APOCALYPSE NOW' of the American inner city ghetto." - Jonathan Krauss, Illusion Entertainment; "JFK"  
"Highly recommended...a masterful piece of work by ANY this book, and mark its lessons well." - Karen Bernardo;  
"This is great stuff...McCall can [flat-out] write." - Steve Feke, Writer-Producer; "Profiler"; "Beastmaster"; "Sins of the City"  
"A great read and a thrilling ride! ...a tale of dogged human aspiration, invention and the capacity to believe in the impossible. ...This book is a testament to what people can achieve if their will never falters." - Rachel Boynton, Emmy and Tribeca Film Festival-nominated, Edward R. Murrow Award-winning Director; "Our Brand is Crisis"; "P.O.V."; "Big Men"  
"Enthralling and inspiring. This is a page-turner with substance!" - Charles Holland, J.D., Writer-Producer; "J.A.G."/CBS; "Murder One"/ABC; "Soul Food"/Showtime; "Profiler"/NBC  
"A movie-ready letter... Accessible for all readers...a natural for the big screen." - Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)  
"McCall's writing is sick. He's a nice guy, too." - Stephen Belafonte, Producer; "NEVER DIE ALONE"; "BAD LIEUTENANT: Port of Call New Orleans"; "MUTANT CHRONICLES"  
"...a book that argues in favor of drawing upon your deepest self to confront life's toughest battles. A primer in both how to instill - as well as how to access - excellence, this book should be read by everyone." - Marion Roach Smith, Author; NPR Commentator; former Staff, New York Times  
"An incredible account. Well done!" - Tom Morton, "The Tom Morton Show"; BBC U.K.  
"...a unique story. the reader a front-seat row into two worlds that are otherwise rare to the majority of us. ...executed with that surgical precision ...a visceral and extraordinary account ...done calmly, meticulously and precisely." - Neheda Barakat, Award-Winning Documentary Producer, TV Bureau Chief/Executive Producer, Journalist; BBC; ABC-TV/Australia; U.N.; U.S. Dept. of State  
"...reminds us that our capacity to do good as individuals is matched only by our ability to do evil as a group...McCall is masterful!" - Orlando Jones; "TIME MACHINE"; "DOUBLE TAKE"; "THE REPLACEMENTS"; "MAGNOLIA"  
"...will fascinate its readers event that very few people experience and even fewer survive. ...frightening. ...unique insight will both enjoy and appreciate..." - Professor Joseph D. Zuckerman, M.D.; Author, Chief Surgeon, Surgery Dept. Chairman  
"...terrifying... gripping tale..." - Martha MacCallum, Anchor; "The Story"/Fox News  
" incredible insight into understanding what it means to be human. McCall is a sharp writer capable of mind blowing ideas that are accessible to the public at large." - Jackson Raine; "Beastmaster"/Tribune TV Network  
"....a tragic tale, primal...compelling, which McCall brings to us with raw, intoxicating energy. A fearless hegira into a place and consciousness so foreign it's difficult to believe it exists in America. A book for the brave." - Dr. Alexander Martin, Ph.D.; Psychotherapist  
"...the most intense book for revealing the extreme..." - Dr. Eric Goldfeder, Ph.D;  
"McCall has an unusual ability... His perspective, insight and experience are priceless... I look forward to many more years of our friendship and partnership..." - Dr. Kenneth C. Ulmer, Ph.D., President, King's University, L.A.  
"I couldn’t put [it] down, completing it in an evening. will be impressed by the courage, resiliency and insight of a truly remarkable person." - Professor Alexander R. Vaccaro, MD, PhD, MBA; President, Rothman Institute  
"McCall's not common... He has helped shape this material into something that I believe will greatly help the next generation of leaders." - Dr. Phil Pringle, Ph.D., Chancellor, C3 College, Sydney, Australia  
"McCall is a true talent and the ultimate professional. ...I highly recommend McCall; he's the best." - Bryan Donahue, Motivational Speaker/Author  
"In the world of ghostwriting, he is one of the best writers and project managers. If he has availability in his schedule, you better hire McCall for your project today.'ll have an outstanding, professionally-written book and it will have been an easy and enjoyable process." - Leah Nicholson, Production Manager;, Traverse City, MI  
A Few Endorsements of Books Substantively Edited by McCall:  
"...a book that defines the true meaning of intelligence and then uses that gift to respond to the most urgent questions people are asking today. ...You'll not want to put this book down." - Dr. Lloyd John Ogilvie, Chaplain, U.S. Senate  
"This book is a winner. ...practical and inspirational. ...Genius of an idea." - Dr. Frank Damazio, Best-selling Author  
"...for people wanting wisdom in a world of conflicting messages." - John C. Maxwell, Best-selling Author  
"...a great work of literature and art." - David Yonggi Cho, Ph.D., Best-selling Author  
"I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to be a world changer." - Author Matthew Barnett, The Dream Center, Los Angeles  
"...confronts the toughest issues facing society today—issues that most ignore, many deny, and only a few even acknowledge. ...prepare to be confronted, challenged and even changed." - Author Kenneth C. Ulmer, Ph.D., past-President, King's University, L.A.  
"Years of consistency and fruitfulness have penned these pages." - Kong Hee, Sr. Minister, City Harvest Church, Singapore  
"...aims at the heart of a leader, giving you both spiritual and practical insights that will radically change the way you lead." - Joyce Meyer, Best-selling Author