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Graduate Student in Medical Genetics

Graduate Student in Medical Genetics

Indianapolis, IN


Work Experience

Graduate Student in Medical Genetics

Dr. Robert Harris, Biochemistry Dept, , Medical Science Bldg., IUPUI Campus
Indianapolis, IN

1971 to 1973

46202. Also, in Laboratory of Dr. Marion E. Hodes, Medical Genetics Department, IUPUI Campus, Indianapolis, IN 46202. Performed diversified biochemical procedures, microanalyses in basic biochemical research. At the same time I also took Medical Genetics Clinic, Biochemical Genetics, Presented data in Topics in Genetics, and also took Intermediary Biochemical Metabolism.

Clinical Pathology Laboratory Supervisor

Hospital Dispensary, Central State Hospital
Indianapolis, IN

1968 to 1971

46222. Paul D. Williams, M.D. (deceased 1985). Performed diversified clinical microanalyses; served on Infectious Disease Committee and prepared quarterly and annual reports, as well as writing procedures to follow for laboratory. Continued studies at IUPUI Medical Center. I gave a seminar on two sisters (patients) family pedigree of schizophrenia at Methodist Hospital. It was the 1st time pedigrees were put into clinical charts at CSH.

I960 to 1964. Chemist (Biochemistry) National Institutes of Health

I Left NIH to enter Indiana University Medical School, Indianapolis, IN
Bethesda, MD

MD. Supervised research laboratory for Dr. Sidney S. Chernick, 6703 Melville Place, Chevy Chase, MD 20815. I Participated in seminars and in writing research papers for publication, including medical arts and photographic layouts. I Instructed visiting foreign scientists on our chemical, microanalytic procedures and laboratory protocol. I created a procedure for distilling Ketones: I also devised a procedure for separating glucose from glycerol. I also took the Atomic Energy Course on radioactivity at NIH & calibrated our scintillation counter. I Left NIH to enter Indiana University Medical School, Indianapolis, IN. 
1958 to I960. Research Assistant, Biochemistry Department, Indiana University Medical Center, Indianapolis, IN 46202. Dr. James E. Ashmore, Chairman, Dept. of Pharmacology and Toxicology, IUPUI Medical Center. Performed diversified procedures and biochemical microanalyses in the investigation of Diabetes, in addition to supervising laboratory. (Dr. Ashmore died in 1977). Dr. Robert B. Forney (Deceased), Dept of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Medical Science Bldg., 635 Barnhill Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46202-5120, or Dr. David M. Gibson, Dept of Biochemistry, also Medical Science Bldg, ., IUPUI Medical Center. Dr. Ashmore had me attend and take exams in the Medical Students Biochemistry class. 
Levine, Alvin S.; Stricker, Frances; Uhl, Richard; and Ashmore, James. 
"Effect of Glucose Concentration on Respiration of Rous Sarcoma and of Chorioallantoic Membrane." Nature. Vol. 188, No. 4647, pp. 229-230. 
Ashmore, James; Stricker, Frances; Love, William C; and Kilsheimer, Grace. 
"Cortical Stimulation of Glycogen Synthesis in Fasted Rats." Endocrinology. Vol. 68, No. 4, pp. 599-606. April, 1961. 
Chernick, Sidney S.; Scow, Robert O.; Simon, Ernst; and Stricker, Frances A. 
"Effects of Mannoheptulose on Glucose Metabolism of Isolated Tissues." Proc. Soc.. Exp. Biol. and Med. Vol. 109, pp. 589-92. 1962. 
Scow, Robert O.; Stricker, Frances A.; Pick, Toby Y.; and Clary, Therese R. 
"Effect of ACTH on FFA Release and Diglyceride Content in Perfused Rat Adipose Tissue." Annals of The New York Academy of Sciences. Vol. 131, Art. 1, pp. 288-301.October 8, 1965


BS Marian College(University) 1958 Carried high hours each semester, including Liberal Arts. in Chemistry major; Biology Minor

Not-for Profit computer courses with many types of applications.Have computer since 2007.
Indianapolis, IN

2006 to 2011


Routine prep & use of lab reagents, biochemical analyses on tissues, cells, calculate results, organize lab, learn new analyses & procedures, many tests from sugar tests to calibrating scintillation counter

Military Service

Service Country: United States

Branch: None

Rank: none

I am in the process of cleaning my entire 900sq ft apartment for the New Year so I'll be able to work outside the house or telecomute. Have many important papers that need to be filed,  
Have at least 3 loads of wash to be done this coming week--of 16 Jan.2012.


Myself and 3 others were awarded best investigative series that appeared in the college paper The Butler Collegian. Awarded Highest Honors in Journalism at Graduation from Butler. Rank in graduating class was 9th. Top 10 % in class of 1976 from Butler Voted "Oue Special Person" Award, twice, when working PR at Indianapolis Free University Award for Perfect Attendance all 4 years at St, Agnes Academy, Indianapolis,IN High School Awarded Career Status (Federal) as Biochemist at the National Institutes of Health.Bethesda, MD Awarded document giving right to ordert and work with Radioactive elements after passing and finishing Atomic Energy course at NIH. Dr.Scow told me to calibrate our scintillation counter, and used tritium as the standard. I did and found it to be an enjoyable request.


12fh place in National 3-mile Long Distance Swim at Lake Shackamak one summer in 1957 .

swam 3 miles against clock with rope stretching a quarter mile and we kept going until we knew that the bell lap rang at the end of 2 1/2 miles 
Conditioning by swimming over a mile a day & entering all long distance races within city and state all year. And frequently in the summer we had to go against the clock for 2 miles. 
.Still work out swimming laps for fitness at Riviera Club


"Selling the Sizzle" by Fran Stricker (Including photos) appeared in August 1982 Indianapolis Star Magazine section.

March 1965

Effect of ACTH on perfused, pancreatectomized, rat adipose tissue and it's effect on increasing diglycerides. Please check resume on scientific publications. They appeared in "Nature", :Endocrinology", "Proc of Society of National Academy of Sciences", and "The National Academy of Sciences"

There are at least 4 scientific articles published in well-known, monthly scientific publications, and they should be on my resume, There are a number of papers for which I was thanked for technical assistance.They are not included in the published articles.

August 1982

Additional Information

I think I'm above average as a Medical Writer, with my large medical and scientific experience. I've won awards for writing and have had many profiles of interesting subjects published, including Indianapolis Star Magazine. My passions are writing and medicine, and always trying to learn new things, including new technology, which facilitates publication of desired reading,products, events, feedback from meetings and similar writing assignments. I work well writing assignments with desired focus. Also like the "go with," or "follow-type" journalism, and take pictures. 
Am also a Licensed Real Estate Broker. Selling from […] or later. Conferred with City population--families and single mothers and men just out of school or college on details involved in buying a house in a conference room with husband & wife, sometimes with their children present. This was done before we began to look at houses for which they had qualified. Am a very patient person and know what's important in selling a house, courses, and their wants and needs. I concentrated on their needs, which was the most important aspect of the selling process..Always showed them qualified products, demonstrated their need to be close to certain schools, for example,. and could tell if they really wanted the property. Then told them, "We need to fill out a purchase form then." And so it went. Sold homes from $33,000 to those in the […] and above. I was always delighted when I could get single mothers into a nice home. I always told my clients that their investment was really putting money in the bank by building equity in their house. Like it is investing in a College Degree.Sold Real Estate only when I was married because, as an independent contractor, I could set my own hours and make times for activities in which my spouse wanted me to join him. I continued to sell after my husband's death, but later called it quits, as the costs involved are very high. I did win a Pacemaker Award for quarterly production. I also paid cash for a year-and-a-half old car that I ended up driving for more than 10 years. That was from some of the savings accummulated in my separate savings account. 
I am also qualified to take the exam for the Real Estate Appraiser Licence, as I have taken and passed all of the required cources.