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Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer at VISA INC, FosterCity (CA)

Foster City, CA


• Around 6 years of experience in Development, Production Support/Implementation coordinator. 
• Working as production support Engineer for Risk Prediction Applications catering to fraud management in the electronic payment industry for 3 years. 
• Have a rich experience on support and problem resolution of several real time applications. 
• Proficient in UNIX Shell Scripts, awk, sed and utilities like sudo, syncsort, implementation of software security technologies etc. 
• Good understanding of the UNIX system V architecture and proficient in usage of UNIX commands. 
• Proficient in C language on various flavors of UNIX (LINUX, AIX, and Solaris) and Windows […] platforms. 
• Basic understanding of PL/SQL and RDBMS. 
• Worked as a developer for Reconciliation of Finacle (Core banking Solution from Infosys Technologies) from version 7x to 10x. 
• More than 2 years of experience in Implementation of Finacle across banks in India and 24*7 support model post implementation. 
• Good understanding of financial domain catering to banking industry. 
• Proficient in working with BMC Remedy software for tracking incidents, changes and service requests. 
• Good understanding of SCM/PMT/Build Tools and utilities for developers and testers in a parallel development environment. 
• Experienced with Client Interaction, Requirements Specification, Team Leading, Reporting to Management and Follow ups. 
• Self-starter, dynamic team player with excellent troubleshooting and problem solving skills.

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer

VISA INC, FosterCity (CA)

September 2008 to Present

with RS Software (India) Ltd, currently deployed at VISA INC, FosterCity (CA)

Implementation consultant

Nurture Software Solutions Pvt Ltd
Bangalore, Karnataka

June 2007 to July 2008


Software Engineer

Modus Information Systems Pvt Ltd
Bangalore, Karnataka

January 2006 to May 2007

Project Experiences (Described in chronological order) 
IFD's (Issuer's Fraud Detection) Linux Migration, Visa Inc 
IFD is the offline scoring engine of advanced authorization workstation. The application is of paramount importance considering the fact that it sends Alerts/Notification to end users of VRM (Visa Risk Manager), a web-based application that enables members to monitor and control card holder's activity at real time. IFD environment so far was hosted on Solaris servers, but due to a rise in volume of transactions; the existing environment/hardware was not capable enough to handle the inbound traffic so as to have an uninterrupted run time. Thus the migration of OFD to Linux server was proposed which required us to port the entire IFD application to its new Linux environment. 
Technologies: C, Shell Scripts, Informix database, IBM MQ Series 
Duration: 6 Months 
• Identifying the necessary changes for a smooth cut-over. 
• Configuring all the instances of IFD on Linux servers. 
• Configuring database to support the changes 
• Changing binaries/scripts on all other application which had an impact on IFD. 
• Performing Integration testing with VRM, REDI applications and VIP QA for profile data. 
• Functional validation of each and every module of IFD 
Advanced Authorization Data Validation, Visa Inc 
VIP (Visa Interchange Platform) processes the authorization request for transactions in VISA. Meanwhile the scoring engine in VIP also scores every transaction on real time basis to generate a score for the transaction, which is a very critical attribute of a transaction. A copy of the transaction is also fed to the Risk systems which support critical end-user applications like VRM, LM. The efficiency and accuracy of all the downstream application is thus directly dependent on the integrity of the data-received. A single transaction has many fields (attributes) and one or many of them undergoes normalization/conversion in their downstream transfers across application. The scope of the Project was to identify the match-rates of each of the fields in a transaction in VIP to the same transaction in a downstream application. 
Technologies: C, Shell Scripts, awk, sed, DB2 
Duration: 6 Months 
• Going through the VIP tech specification to identify the common field between VIP and Risk App's. 
• Identifying the type of normalization's (if required for any field). 
• Documenting the matching logic and the project plan. 
• Setting up the environment in an Unix server. 
• Developing all the matching/reporting tools and utilities keeping the normalization intact. 
Direct ARE (Account Range Entitlement) Processing, Visa Inc 
IFD (Issuer Fraud Detection) is one of the critical Risk Prediction Applications which is responsible for feeding VIP (VISA Interchange platform) history used for online scoring and also provides data to VRM (Visa Risk Manager). The Account Range Entitlement parameters for any subscribed organization earlier were set through the IFD GUI application which was being filled up by different user community within the organization. Risk Prediction was also getting feed for all Visa Account Range BID mapping file on a daily basis from the VIS group. The Visa account range information was used in the VRM application which was a downstream for IFD. The Account Range data updated at VRM and IFD had some discrepancies as the sources were different and to avoid this problem it was decided that the Account Range information will be received from VRM and would be updated in the IFD database parameter tables. It was also decided to make the IFD GUI read only. 
Technologies: C, Shell Scripts, Informix database, IBM MQ Series, awk 
Duration: 2 Months 
• Setting up the environment in UNIX. 
• Changing binaries/scripts on all such application which had an impact owing to this change. 
• Extended data validation on the incoming feed. 
• Documenting the changes and coordinating with other groups 
AABRP ( Advanced Authorization Business Resumption Process ), Visa Inc 
The fraud detection applications (for the electronic transactions through VISA network) are being fed with real time data from MVS. The scope of the project was to bifurcate the incoming feed to two sites .The processing will continue in parallel at both the sites but only one of the two sites will be effectively active while the other site will continue to run as the hot-backup of the primary site. Each of the sites will be characterized by two application servers, two databases and a MQ server. All the deliverables at any point in time are to be delivered from the active node. The most important aspect was a flow co-ordination across both the systems so as to have an uninterrupted run time in case of any exigencies in either of any. 
Technologies: UNIX, Shell Programming, C, PL/SQL, IBM MQ Series, JAVA 
• Pre-Production environment build out. 
• Data-base migration 
• Configuring the MQ channels for the new site. 
• Trouble shooting issues at different stages of the implementation. 
• Automating manual task's with the aid of script. 
• Account history build out's. 
AA Global DATA Pull (Advanced Authorization global data pull), Visa Inc 
Historical transaction data is of paramount importance in fraud detection. It helps us in identifying the transaction patterns over a period of time based on which robust fraud detecting logic could be developed. This project involved upgrading the existing historical data archive with a new one with a longer data retention period. The risk involved was not to loose the uniformity of the data. 
Technologies: C, Shell Scripting, Unix 
• Formulation of logic to extract data out of a huge data-repository in a specified format. 
• Configuring the environment so as to be handled by an interactive user menu. 
• Automating manual tasks such as file transfers / validations / Report Logging etc. 
Finacle Implementation At UCO Bank, HP (India) 
UCO bank is one of the most renowned public sector banks in India with over 2000 branches all over the country. The project was targeted at implementation of CBS (Core Banking Systems) in the primary data center and gradually migrating all the branches under it. 
In the pre-Implementation segment of the project we were required to carry out the detailed system study. Installations of Finacle along with Finacle services. Customization of the system as suggested by the bank. This was followed by the application level support and getting the bankers acquainted with the concepts of banking, Loans and Advances, Interest Calculation, Inward-Outward Clearing, Centralized day-end/day-begin operations. 
The Post-Implementation segment required us to provide production support to the bank where in we were required to ensure the sanity of the database / Finacle services. Patch installation and up gradation of the system with new releases. 
Technologies: Shell Scripting, C, Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, Finacle scripting. 
• Integration of Finacle services (It basically binds the database, application and the web severs) 
• Trouble shooting the issues with menus and reports. 
• Automation of year-end financial reports. 
• Communicating with the bankers on knowledge transfer sessions. 
Implementation of SCM (Software Configuration Management), Infosys Technologies Ltd 
Finacle being a extensively multi-user environment where development is always in pace across various module area's the need for a menu driven CVS interface was much felt, that can take care of a) Enable parallel development activity (Branching of CVS) b) Maintenance of history of the changes that a source have undergone across different module areas c) Refraining developers to run over the changes done by somebody else. 
SCM (Software Configuration Management) is what we came upon as a solution for the requirements above. It is a completely menu driven utility where a user can go ahead with a check out or a check in without going into any complex CVS details, apart from this the tool SCM also have the options of authorizing a check-in, releasing a new source, reconciling a source from one module area to another, 
withdrawing an authorization for check-in, special permission for critical sources. 
Technologies: C, Shell Scripting, Python Scripting, JAVA, UNIX, Oracle 9i, sudo 
• Development of a majority of the modules for this project. 
• Performance of the necessary unit testing. 
• Post-implementation support of the tools. 
Reconciliation of Finacle( Core Banking Solution from Infosys) from version 7x to 10x, Infosys Technologies Ltd 
This project involved fixing of bugs in Finacle that were reported in version 7x onto a higher version (10x) the steps to be involved for the same were as follows. 
1. Simulation of the bug in development environment. 
2. Fix to be provided for the higher version(10x) keeping in view the architectural changes Finacle have 
3. Once the fix is provided, it was required to be tested (White Box Testing) in the same environment where simulated earlier 
4. Once the sanity testing is through the fix is tested by the testers (Black Box Testing). 
Technologies: C, JAVA, Shell Scripts, Finacle Scripting, UNIX, Oracle 9i 
• Responsible for simulation of the bugs in development environment which required a clearunderstanding of the banking involved. 
• Implementing and reconfiguring the patches so that the architectural changes are taken care of. 
• Performing unit testing after the fix is provided.


Bachelors in Electrical Engineering

Gauhati University

August 2004


UNIX (Solaris, IBM-AIX), Shell Scripting, C, Awk, Sed, PL/SQL, Clear Case