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Darryl Anthony

Florissant, MO


Work Experience

Customer Assistant Specialist

J.P. Morgan Chase
Saint Louis County, MO

HOMEOWNERSHIP, J.P. Morgan Chase, St. Louis, MO 
☑ Accomplished CAS/Advisor managing and monitoring the customer experience from start to finish such as: Manages customer request concerning modification at all stages of the process by acting as liaison with all necessary parties (e.g. Subject Matter Experts); Respond to customers inquiries regarding mortgage defaults and loss mitigation options; Reviews and perfects all documents provided by customer ensuring complete and accurate. Serve as the primary contact for customers and approved third parties by keeping customer apprised throughout the modification by maintaining a close communication with internal partners; and Communicates modification decisions as received from Underwriting/QA. If modification is declined, I explain the reason for denial and discuss other options with the customer. 
REAL ESTATE, Self Employed, St. Louis, MO 
☑ Successful real estate Owner/Broker with an extensive real estate background such as: maintaining knowledge of real estate law, fair housing laws, and types of available mortgages, financing options and government programs; Monitor fulfillment of purchase contract terms to ensure that they are handled in a timely manner; Generated lists of properties for sale, their locations and description, and available financing options, using the MLS systems; Compare a property with similar properties that have recently sold, in order to determine its competitive market price; Act as an intermediary in negotiations between buyers and sellers over property prices and settlement details, and during the closing of sales and Appraise property values, assess income potential when relevant. 
MORTGAGES, Countywide Mortgage, St. Louis, MO 
☑ Qualified Account Executive with experience managing mortgage loans such as: Review loan agreements to ensure that they are complete and accurate according to policy; Approved loans within specified limits and refer loan application outside those limits to upper management for approval; Analyze applicants financial status, credit, and property evaluations to determine feasibility of granting loans; Handled customer complaints and take appropriate action to resolve them; and Work with clients to indentify their financial goals and to find ways of reaching those goals.


St. Louis -
St. Louis, MO

Additional Information

☑ Real Estate Sales/Marketing and Advertising/Prospecting 
☑ Residential Real Estate Appraisal/Value Estimator/Income Assessor 
☑ Due Diligence 
☑ Excellent Customer Service/Organization Skills 
☑ Document Perfection 
☑ Contract Negotiation