Supply Chain Director
TalkingRain/Sparkling ICE - Issaquah, WA

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This position is responsible for the supply chain and the optimization of material flow; holding inventory securely in multiple locations and the delivery of accurate and timely orders to all customers. This position works closely with all departments manufacturing, purchasing, sales and marketing to create timely, cost effective import/export supply chains for inventory management, forecasting and customer satisfaction. This role is also responsible for handling all details of national and international transportation through multiple modes and management of complex documentation and varying customs regulations. Develops distributions strategies, negotiates pricing strategies and handles all logistics vendor relationships as well all Preston and corporate planning.


1. Responsible for contract negotiation in reference to transportation and warehousing.
2. Identifies the most efficient and cost effective freight conditions for incoming/outgoing raw materials/finished goods.
3. Develops logistics strategies and processes for entering new markets, nationally and globally and manages all carrier performance.
4. Ensures compliance with US and international laws related to all transportation activity.
5. Evaluates trade-offs between transportation costs, inventory costs and service levels.
6. Ensures security of all shipments.
7. Based on our product line, analyze, propose and recommend new equipment that will support the development/manufacturing of new products at our facility.
8. Assist in planning capital projects and help ensure time lines and budgets are met.

Supply Chain and inventory management
9. Ensure accurate receipt and storage of all raw materials.
10. Documentation of raw material receiving and transfers into production as well as, documentation of all finish goods received into warehousing from production at all locations.

11. Ensure effective Preventive and Corrective Maintenance is provided to all equipment timely.
12. Ensure accurate inventory counts of physical locations vs. NAVISION (accounting system) for accurate product availability.
13. Based on our product line, analyze, propose and recommend new strategies that will support the development/manufacturing of new products.

Customer Service:
14. Responsible for the receipt of all orders from various customers, the documentation of those transactions and the trouble shooting of any issues related to the accurate and timely delivery of those orders.
15. Determines ship from location and ensures FIFO is being used through all locations to ship fresh product.
16. Establishes strong relationships with the Sales team to ensure processes are followed and customer satisfaction is achieved.
17. Through CSRs ensure that the Store Locator information is up-dated monthly or as new accounts are added. Coordinate all web up-dating with the Marketing communications specialist and ensure all information is current through Sales Representatives.

Safety and Regulatory for Preston Warehouse
1. Enforces company Safety Policies, Safety committee program and support the Human Resources department to maintain a healthy work environment.
2. Supports Human resources department in the creation of a work environment where employees are treated fairly with respect and dignity. Create a work culture that promotes open direct communication with employees.
3. Demonstrate company commitment to safety by allocating necessary resources to this function and pursuing nationally recognizable safety programs and standards.
4. Responsible for the development and implementation of policies regarding equipment safety and ensuring that Managers and their direct reports are continually trained in plant/equipment safety and safety guidelines.
5. Ensure that Safety Risk Management assessments are conducted and that methods to eliminate or minimize safety hazards are implemented.
6. Perform formal and informal Safety walk-through with Managers at least monthly
7. Continuously look for methods to improve work conditions as they relate to ergonomics, air quality, work environment and employment satisfaction.
8. Ensure company complies with all regulatory standards and policies as they apply to Warehousing.
9. Ensure facilities meet all federal, state and local laws.
10. Develop annual budget in conjunction with VP of Operations, monitor and maintain all department spending within or better than budget.
11. Ensure monthly analysis of variances for all budget line items are performed. Correlate analysis to variable budget based on cases produced and product mix. Create action plans for cost control, cost avoidance and cost reduction as needed.
12. Educate direct reports on basic principles of logistics and distribution management as it relates to the budget and financial costs.
13. Develop, maintain and improve meaningful KPI’s and ensure all direct reports meet or exceed goals.
14. Continuously monitor Sales demand vs. Inventory capacity and proactively take appropriate steps to meet Sales needs.
15. Ensure appropriate standard operating procedures (SOPs) are in place to guarantee operational consistency and the utilization of “Best practices”.
16. Continuously search for methods to improve efficiency and efficient labor utilization using.
17. Continuously search for methods to reduce or eliminate scrap and shrink

Leadership and Mentoring:
18. Develop/Maintain and improve departmental Vision, Mission and Values to support company overall strategy.
19. Establish goals and objectives identify priorities, provide the necessary tools and resources, empower Managers and Supervisors targeting the needs and talents of each individual and recognize accomplishments timely.
20. Develop short and long range strategies for the department.
21. Continuously, in conjunction and through direct reports, assess training needs and create, implement and improve comprehensive training plans for department employees.
22. Develop and maintain a succession plan.
23. Create a collaborative work environment that encourages participation and debate.
24. Drive the pursuit of excellence by consistently and fairly holding all team members accountable.
25. Represent Talking Rain with a high level of integrity and professionalism.
26. Encourage and promote a positive, productive atmosphere in which co-workers benefit from your knowledge, skill and demeanor.

1. Responsible for leadership development of direct reports.
2. Seek to improve process, develop best practices, and insure quality.
3. Support major sales accounts when needed.
4. Maintain a safe and sanitary environment.
5. Serve on committees and assigned task force.
6. Inform direct and indirect supervision of any critical matters immediately.
7. Seek to improve process, develop best practices, and insure quality.
8. Perform other duties as assigned.
Reports To: President
Supervises: (1) Logistics Director (1) Supply Chain Manager (1) Customer Service Supervisor
1. Demonstrated leadership ability, team management, and interpersonal skills.
2. Excellent analytical and abstract reasoning skills, plus excellent organizational skills.
3. Excellent communication skills.

1. Knowledge of national/international commerce and customs regulations.
2. Strong negotiations skills
3. Bachelor Business Admin - Supply Chain Certification Preferred.
4. Master Degree in Business Administration preferred.
5. At least seven (7) years of experience in an automated production environment fulfilling a Management role.