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Provides support services, under the supervision of the appropriate professional staff, that assists the client or family in the achievement of physical and emotional comfort according to physicians’ orders.

State Specific-DESCRIPTION
  • Wisconsin State Specific:
HFS 133.02 Definition
“Home health aide services” means personal care services which will facilitate the patient’s self-care at home and are necessary to prevent or postpone institutionalization, but do not require performance by a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse.


Meets federal/state requirements for this position.
2. Home Health Aide (HHA) competence will conform with requirements in the Medicare Conditions of Participation found in 42CFR 484.36. Must be able to successfully pass the competency program of the agency.
3. Upon hire, HHAs will have received at least 75-hours of training, the content of which addresses all subjects listed at 484.36(a)
4. Minimum of two (2) years full-time direct, patient care experience within the last five (5) years, in an institution or agency setting.
5. Able to work independently with minimal direct supervision.
6. Able to work as a team member.
7. Current CPR certification
8. High school graduate or equivalent.
9. Current state certification as a nurse assistant preferred.
10. Must be familiar with general use and functions of the computer, such as, user names and password concepts; internet; e-mail; navigation of computer desktop, including starting programs, using files, and windows, effectively use navigation buttons and tool bars; ability to self-manage online HR services and online training programs .


  • California State Specific:
Certified Home Health Aide: Must be California Certified Home Health Aid by
California Department of Health Services to meet eligibility requirements for employment with a Home Health Agency , Licensing and Certification Program; Aid Technician Certification Section. A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) may become certified as a Certified Home Health Aide with an additional twenty (20) hours of theory and twenty (20) hours of clinical education.

  • Colorado State Specific:
3.14 “Nurse aide” means a nurse aide certified by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies or a nurse aide who has completed the requisite training and is within four (4) months of achieving certification.

  • Delaware State Specific:
“Home Health Aide” means a non-licensed person who provides personal care services, companion services, homemaker services and who may perform tasks delegated by a licensed nurse as permitted by 24 Del.C. Ch. 19. A home health aide (A) has at least one year of practical experience in a Department licensed or approved hospital, nursing home, or homecare setting; or (B) has satisfactorily completed an appropriate home care course which includes the training requirements contained within these regulations; or (C) is a student nurse pursuing a degree in nursing who has completed the clinical practicum portion of their training.

5.8.5 Aides who experience a break in service for greater than two (2) calendar years will be expected to repeat the seventy-five (75) hour training requirement.

  • Indiana State Specific:
410 IAC 17-14-1 (2010)

(1) The home health aide shall:
(A) have successfully completed a competency evaluation program that addresses each of the subjects listed in subsection (h) of this rule (410 IAC 17-14); and
(B) be entered on and be in good standing on the state aide registry.

  • Idaho State Specific:
IDAPA (2009)
03. Home Health Aide.
A home health aide must have completed the supplemental skills checklist approved by the Idaho State Board of Nursing and must be included on the Idaho State Board of Nursing's Home Health Aide Registry.

  • Kansas State Specific:
Must be Kansas Certified Home Health Aid by Kansas Department of Health and Environment – 90 Grace period if they have applied for certification and are in a HHA Training program.

  • Maine State Specific:
Qualifications for Home Health Care Paraprofessional Personnel

6.A.1. Paraprofessional personnel for the purpose of these regulations, are home health aides and/or certified nursing assistants who are listed on the Maine Registry of Certified Nursing Assistants. The Home Health Care Services Provider must have proof that the home health aide and/or certified nursing assistant is on the Registry prior to hiring.

6.C. Paraprofessional Staff Hiring

Effective January 1, 2005
6.C.1. Prior to hiring a certified nursing assistant or home health aide, the
home health agency must
a. Obtain criminal history information; and
b. Verify with the Maine Registry of Certified Nursing Assistants that the individual is listed on the Registry.

  • Nevada State Specific:
NAC 449.788 Services to patients.

Services must be supplied only by qualified personnel and under the supervision of a physician licensed to practice in this State. Qualifications include licensure, registration, certification or their equivalent, as required by state or federal law, for …(c) The home health aide must hold a certificate as a nursing assistant issued by the State Board of Nursing.

  • New Hampshire State Specific:
N.H. Admin. Rules, He-W 553.01 (2010)
(d) "Home health aide" means a nursing assistant, licensed in accordance with RSA 326-B .

  • New Jersey State Specific:

N.J.A.C. 8:42-1.2 (2010)
§ 8:42-1.2 Definitions
"Homemaker-home health aide" means a person who has completed a training program approved by the New Jersey Board of Nursing and who is so certified by that Board.

  • New York State Specific:

§ 3613. [Eff Sept 25, 2009] Home care services workers
1. As used in this section, the following terms shall have the following meanings:
(a) "Home care services entity" means a home care services agency or other entity
providing home care services subject to this article or exempt under section thirty-six hundred nineteen of this article.
(b) "Home care services worker" or "worker" means any person engaged in or applying to become engaged in providing home health aide services, as defined in subdivision four of section three thousand six hundred two of this article or "personal care services", as defined in subdivision five of section three thousand six hundred two of this article.
(c) "Home care services worker registry" or "registry" means the home care services worker registry established by this section.
(d) "State-approved education or training program" or "program" means a program that provides education or training for persons to meet any requirement established by the department for providing home health aide services or personal care services, which program is approved by the department or the state education department.

3. The registry shall include, but not be limited to, the following information concerning each person who has successfully completed a state-approved education or training program that is listed in the registry:
(a) Full name, including pre-marital name and any other names currently or previously used;
(b) Current home address;
(c) Gender;
(d) Date of birth;
(e) Name of each state-approved education or training program successfully completed, the name of the entity providing the program, and the date on which the program was completed;

5. (c) A home care services worker employed by a home care services entity shall only be required to provide for the registry that information specified in paragraphs (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e) of subdivision three of this section, and, to the best of their knowledge and recollection, paragraph (f) of subdivision three of this section.
(d) The registry shall be updated at least monthly. Any person or entity required or choosing to provide information to the registry shall promptly submit updated information whenever such information changes.

  • North Carolina State Specific:
10A N.C.A.C. 13J.0901 (2010)

(b) If the client's plan of care requires the in-home aide to provide extensive assistance as defined in Rule .0901(9) of this Subchapter the in-home aide shall be listed on the Nurse Aide Registry pursuant to G.S. 131E-255. However, if the client's plan of care requires the in-home aide to provide only limited assistance as defined in Rule .0901(18) of this Subchapter the in-home aide is not required to be listed on the Nurse Aide Registry.

  • Oklahoma State Specific:
No employer or contractor, except as otherwise provided by this subsection, shall employ or contract with any individual as a home health aide for more than four (4) months, on a full-time, temporary, per diem or other basis, unless such individual is a licensed health professional or unless such individual has satisfied the requirements for certification and placement on the home health aide registry maintained by the State Department of Health; and
2. a. Any person in the employment of a home care agency as a home health aide on June 30, 1992, with continuous employment through June 30, 1993, shall be granted home health aide certification by the Department on July 1, 1993. The home care agency shall maintain responsibility for assurance of specific competencies of the home health aide and shall only assign the home health aide to tasks for which the aide has been determined to be competent.
b. Any home health aide employed between the dates of July 1, 1992, and June 30, 1993, shall be eligible for certification by passing a competency evaluation and testing as required by the Department.
c. Any home health aide employed on and after July 1, 1996, shall complete any specified training, competency evaluation and testing required by the Department.

  • Oregon State Specific:
Or. Admin. R. 333-027-0005 (2010)

(9) Home Health Aide" means a person certified as such by the Oregon State Board of Nursing who assists licensed nursing personnel in providing home health services.

(b) A Home Health Aide must have the following qualifications:
(A) Oregon Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certification and inclusion on the Oregon State Board of Nursing Nurse Aide Registry.

  • Pennsylvania State Specific:
(a) Selection of aides. Home health aides shall be selected on the basis of such factors
as a sympathetic attitude towards the care of the sick, ability to carry out directions,
maturity and ability to deal effectively with the demands of the job. Aides shall be
carefully trained in methods of assisting patients to achieve maximum self-reliance,
principles of nutrition and meal preparation, the aging process and emotional problems of illness, procedures for maintaining a clean, healthful and pleasant environment, changes in patient’s condition that should be reported, work of the agency and the health team, ethics, confidentiality and record keeping. They shall be closely supervised to assure their competence in providing care. -§601.35. Home health aide services. (116766) No 152 Jul. 87

  • Rhode Island State Specific:
CHAPTER 23-17.9 Registration of Nursing Assistants

1.14 "Home health aide" means "nursing assistant" (see section 1.21 herein).

1.21 "Nursing assistant" means a nurse's aide, or home health aide, who is a paraprofessional, registered, pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 23-17.9 of the Rhode Island General laws, as amended, and who is trained to give personal care and related health care and assistance based on his/her level of preparation to individuals who are sick, disabled, dependent or infirm, and who are residents of or receive services from health care facilities licensed pursuant to Chapter 23-17 of the Rhode Island General Laws, as amended, or who are receiving services from agencies licensed pursuant to Chapter 23-17.7 of the Rhode Island General Laws, as amended.

  • Utah State Specific:
R432-700-10 Personnel
(3) Each employee shall be licensed, certified or registered as required by the Utah Department of Commerce, Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing
R432 - 700-22. Certified Nursing Aide.
(14) Certified Nursing Aides shall be at least 18 years old.
(15) Certified Nursing Aides shall have received a certificate of completion for the employment position:
(a) The curriculum or the comparable challenge exam shall be offered under the direction of the Utah Board of Education;
(b) If the employee does not have a certificate of completion for the position at the time of employment, completion of the course of study or challenge exam shall occur within six months of the date of hire.

  • Virginia State Specific:
Home attendants shall be able to speak, read and write English and shall meet one of the following qualifications: 1. Have satisfactorily completed a nursing education program preparing for registered nurse licensure or practical nurse licensure; 2. Have satisfactorily completed a nurse aide education program approved by the Virginia Board of Nursing; 3. Have certification as a nurse aide issued by the Virginia Board of Nursing; 4. Be successfully enrolled in a nursing education program preparing for registered nurse or practical nurse licensure and have currently completed at least one nursing course that includes clinical experience involving direct client care; 5. Have satisfactorily passed a competency evaluation program that meets the criteria of 42 CFR 484.36 (b). Home attendants of personal care services need only be evaluated on the tasks in 42 CFR 484.36 (b) as those tasks relate to the personal care services to be provided; Virginia Department of Health Office of Licensure and Certification Regulations for the Licensure of Home Care organizations 28

  • Washington State Specific:
Beginning January 1, 2011, state law will require certain long-term care workers to get a home care aide certification from the Department of Health.

Effective January 1, 2011 Home Health Aides must be certified at time of hire with the exception of:

  • Home Health Aides currently employed by a Medicare Certified Home Health Agency are exempt from the certification requirement. The Washington Department of Heath may require Home Health Aides hired prior to January 1, 2011, to provide proof of employment, such as:
1. A letter or similar documentation from the employer that hired the Home Health Aide (long-term care worker) on or before January 1, 2011.
2. Documentation should include the first and last day of employment, the job title, a job description, and proof of completing the training requirements as required by the (Federal COP 42 CFR, Part 483.35).
3. Home Health Aides (long-term care workers) employed on or before January 1, 2011, but has not completed the required basic training requirements of the (Federal COP 42 CFR, Part 483.35) as of January 1, 2011, must complete the training within one hundred twenty (120) days of the date of hire to qualify for this exemption.
  • Exemption expires if the Home Health Aide (long-term worker) has not provided care for over three years). Please see the definition of “long- term worker” below.
Existing Home Health Aides may voluntarily choose to become certified. They must:

1. Successfully complete the home care aide certification examination; and
2. Complete four clock hours of required AIDs education as mandated by the Washington Department on AIDS.
3. Submit application and fee directly to examination contractor.

4. Submit to Department of Health:
  • A completed application for certifications on the correct forms provided by the Department of Health; and
  • Proof the home health aide qualifies for exemption as listed above as proof of employment; and
  • The required fee
5. Submit to a state and federal background check.

The definition of a “Long-term care worker” is as follows:
(7) "Long-term care worker" means all persons who are long-term care workers for the elderly or persons with disabilities, including, but not limited to, individual providers of home care services; direct care employees of home care agencies ; providers of home care services to persons with developmental disabilities under Title 71A RCW; all direct care workers in state-licensed boarding homes, assisted living facilities, and adult family homes; respite [ 2 ] OTS-2795.5 care providers; community residential service providers; and any other direct care worker providing home or community-based services to the elderly or persons with functional disabilities or developmental disabilities.

"Long-term care worker" does not include :
(a) Persons employed by the following facilities or agencies: Nursing homes subject to chapter 18.51 RCW; hospitals or other acute care settings; residential habilitation centers under chapter
71A.20 RCW; facilities certified under 42 CFR, Part 483; hospice agencies subject to chapter 70.127 RCW ; adult day care centers; and adult day health care centers; or (b) Persons who are not paid by the state or by a private agency or facility licensed by the state to provide personal care services.

  • Washington D.C. Specific:
Health aide – a Home Health Aide or Personal Care Aide, qualified and authorized to perform home health aide services or personal care services in accordance with Title 29 of the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations, Chapters 50 and 51

3200.1 Effective October 1, 1990, no nursing facility in the District of Columbia that participates in the D.C. Medicaid Program or in Medicare shall use any individual working in the facility as a nurse aide for more than four (4) months, on a full-time, temporary, per diem, or other basis, unless that individual is competent to provide nursing and nursing related services, and has completed the District's approved training and competency evaluation program, or the District's approved competency evaluation program.

3200.2 An individual employed as a nurse aide in a nursing facility prior to the effective date of this rule shall qualify as a credentialed nurse aide if he or she has successfully completed the District's competency evaluation program only.

  • Wisconsin State Specific:
HFS 133.02 Definition
“Home health aide” means an individual whose name is on the registry and who is eligible for employment in a home health agency, and who is employed by or under contract to a home health agency to provide home health aide services under supervision of a registered nurse.

  • Wyoming State Specific:
(p) “Home Health Aide.” A nursing assistant certified by the Wyoming Board of Nursing who has received sixteen (16) hours of additional training on home health issues, approved by the Wyoming Board of Nursing.

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