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JOB TITLE: SCCM Senior Systems Architect


POSITION SUMMARY: Provides SCCM FIELD TECHNICAL ENGINEERING SUPPORT SERVICES. Provides technical engineering Level 2 & Level 3 and Systems Architect support services, in the Field, relating to Systems Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) systems, including Windows Server 2008 Enterprise operating system, Structured Query Language (SQL) 2008, SCCM Software Update Point (SUP) and Windows Software Update Service (WSUS), as part of the ESE Client Services SCCM field-based support services team. Provides support to and work with SCCM administrators and associated IT staff from all VA Regions (1-7) as well as VA Office of Information Field Offices (OIFOs), Field Program Offices (FPO), Office of Inspector General (OIG), and VA Central Office (VACO.) Services shall include technical support of servers, workstations, and laptops related to SCCM, SQL, and their respective operating systems (currently Windows Server 2008 Enterprise, Windows XP SP3, Windows 7). All work shall be tied to VA Service Desk Remedy tickets opened via the VA Service Desk system (see Appendix a). Remedy software will be provided after award and will also be also installed on GFE hardware by the VA. The Contract staff shall be expected to complete a computer based training course regarding the use of the VA Remedy ticket system. Access to the system will then be provided to Contract staff. Contract staff will be considered part of the CAMT team and will be listed that way within the Remedy system.

PRINCIPLE DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Support work shall include: Remediation Within each SCCM site, the Contractor shall provide remediation of issues that affect SCCM operations: a) Identify all computers targeted for SCCM agent installation but not reported as clients in the SCCM database. Success Criteria: Achieve 99% successfully installed SCCM agent installation to targeted computers. b) Identify all computers running “legacy” Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 agents that have not yet been upgraded to SCCM; remove the legacy agent and replace with the current SCCM agent. Success Criteria: 100% of the targeted computers have the SMS 2003 agent removed and replaced with the SCCM agent. c) Identify all computers that share the same SMS Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) and replace the duplicate GUIDs with new, unique entries. Success Criteria: 100% of the target group of computers has no duplicate GUIDs. Please note that this problem can re-occur based on operations at the sites. d) Identify computers that are not “healthy” (Please refer to Table 1, Criteria Defining Healthy SCCM Clients, for the operational definition of “healthy” client), and remediate the cause(s) of the problem(s). Success Criteria: each identified computer is deemed healthy. Remediation should take no more than one (1) week for successful resolution of the issues. For instance, 100 computers are identified as being unhealthy at a particular site. A ticket is opened for this issue at this site, encompassing the 100 computers. Successful completion is 100% remediation of these 100 identified computers, within one week of ticket creation. Please note: there may be other circumstances or contributing issues that will affect client performance. e) Identify all SCCM clients that should be excluded from being identified as SCCM clients, uninstall the SCCM agent, and take action to prevent re-installation on these machines, as described in the VA SCCM Deployment Guide (to be supplied by VA). These computers are usually medical devices and can be identified by the local SCCM site administrators. Success Criteria: each identified computer has been excluded from having an SCCM agent installed and running. Remediation should take no more than one (1) week for successful completion, per computer. f) For each SCCM site, identify and provide root cause analysis (RCA) of any issues that contribute to degradation of SCCM functionality. Identify SCCM or SQL server-related issues. Each issue shall be tied to a Remedy ticket. Success Criteria: full solution to the issues within no more than three (3) days. g) Identify and remediate any SCCM client-related problems that may arise on an on-going basis. Success Criteria: remediation and ticket closure takes no more than three (3) weeks for each instance. h) Monitor all SCCM site Distribution Points (DPs) and Branch Distribution Points (BDPs) on a daily basis, for identification and remediation of issues. Once issues have been identified, each occurrence shall be attached to a Remedy ticket. Success Criteria: 100% resolution of all tickets, each ticket closed within three (3) days of identification and ticket creation.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting Provide technical expertise and consultation to SCCM administrators and associated IT staff in maintenance and troubleshooting of SCCM server and client systems Work shall be on-going, as needed. a) Using Microsoft System Center Operations Manager and other tools, monitor, identify and troubleshoot SCCM site server problems on a daily basis. Each identified problem is an individual issue, associated with a Remedy ticket. Success Criteria: problem has been resolved within three (3) days of identification and ticket creation. b) Identify and troubleshoot patching problems where SCCM Software Update Point (SUP) is used. • For the normal patching window of fourteen (14) days from authorized release, the problem shall be resolved within seven (7) days of identification of problem and creation of a Remedy ticket. • For the 5-day window of a VA NSOC data-call, the problem shall be resolved successfully within three (3) days of identification of problem and creation of a Remedy ticket. c) Identify and troubleshoot problems with patch compliance levels for non-Microsoft software and non-Windows using SCCM software distribution. The problem shall be solved successfully within seven (7) days of identification of the problem and creation of a Remedy ticket. d) Identify and troubleshoot issues with remote installations. Each identified problem is an individual issue associated with a separate Remedy ticket. Success Criteria: problem has been resolved within ten (10) work-days of identification and ticket creation. e) Create ad hoc, custom SQL and SQL Reporting Service (SRS) web-based reports on an on-going basis for VA Executive Management, Regional, VISN, and Site Management. The Contractor shall create regular recurrent reports as specified by VA. Successful completion is achieved by written acceptance of reports by VA, via email.

The design of SCCM infrastructure tasks: a) design of an updated hierarchy in architecture solution to accommodate up to 450,000 clients, including hardware needed and, b) improvement in all Microsoft and non-Microsoft patching delivery. Monitor all sites and work to improve patching to see him clients can reduce the number of patch problems that occur. Improvement work includes identifying problems interfering with SCCM patching on clients, troubleshooting these problems trying solutions to overcome the problems.

Development of reports and scorecard tasks: a) Design and develop custom SCCM dashboards, scorecards, and other complex reports for use by the VA. b) Design of ad hoc reports shall be generated as needed c) Provide a weekly report detailing each of the field technical support services provided during the reporting period (Sunday – Saturday). Resolution level III support problems tasks: a) Resolved Level -3 support problems to include troubleshooting of reported Level-3 SCCM and related support problems, to resolution, living escalation of level III issues that cannot be resolved to, to the highest service level.

DELIVERABLES: a) Remediation of issues affecting SCCM operations, represented by closed Remedy tickets. In the past, the average duration of a Remedy ticket has been 17.7 work days. Duration of all Remedy tickets for this work shall be no more than 10 work-days, unless the VA causes delays or referral to Tier 4 vendor support causes delays. b) SQL web-based reports specified by VA and accepted by VA via an e-mail message. c) Weekly Field Technical Support Report detailing the support services provided by date and including person or persons supported, geographic location and Remedy ticket number.


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