Systems Administrator III - Linux, Windows and Mac
Vanderbilt University - Nashville, TN

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Computer Systems Administrator III
      Education Required: Bachelor's

      Required time in field previous to employment: 3-5 Year(s)

      Key Skills include Linux and Windows System Admin; Mac Support and VMware.

      Job Summary

      Possesses first-rate ability to implement and manage the systems, network and infrastructure components of a scientific and administrative computing environment supported by the Center for Integrative & Cognitive Neuroscience (CICN, ) and the Vanderbilt Vision Research Center (VVRC, ). Although this position is housed in the Department of Psychology, its scope is campus-wide, enterprise level and mission-critical.

      At the enterprise level, provides support services for system administration, networking, enterprise-level and system-level storage management, performance tuning, monitoring and capacity planning. Builds necessary infrastructure to support the scientific computing environment. Enforces policies and procedures for maintaining the security and integrity of the system and ensures the system meets availability and disaster recovery requirements. Demonstrates functional competence, supports and trains research laboratory members.

      At the end-user level, provides support for mission critical desktop computing of CICN, VVRC and Department of Psychology staff as well as desktop computing in a variety of complex research environments. The position is housed in the Department of Psychology but supports faculty and laboratories in the College of Arts and Science, Law School, Peabody College, School of Engineering, and School of Medicine. Primary duties include the application of systems analysis techniques and procedures, including consulting with users, to determine hardware, software or system functional specifications; the design, development, documentation, analysis, creation, testing or modification of computer systems or programs, including prototypes, based on and related to laboratory researcher or system design specifications; and the design, documentation, testing, creation or modification of computer systems and programs interfaced with a variety of complex electronic apparatus used in neuroscience research.

      Key Functions and Expected Performances

      1. Plan, specify, coordinate, arrange for connectivity and administer network servers and devices with emphasis on system integrity.

      1a. Will be responsible for Linux and Windows enterprise servers maintained by CICN and VVRC. This requires specific knowledge and expertise with Fedora and Ubuntu Linux distributions, Samba, Netatalk (Apple File Sharing Protocol aka AFP), SSH/SCP/SFTP, NFS, the XFS and ext2/3/4 file systems for handling large storage arrays, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP), Postgresql, and authentication of Linux servers against Active Directory.

      1b. Support enterprise level virtualization with VMWare, Virtual Box, and Parallels.

      1c. Support SATA/SAS-based storage arrays with fiber channel interconnects.

      1d. Provide support for Linux, Windows and Apple servers in faculty laboratories

      1e. Plan and execute recurring system maintenance tasks, including the application of operating system/applications patches/upgrades and conducting system security audits.

      1f. Monitor and analyze system performance and capacity data identifying potential problems before they occur.

      1g. Assist providing local and remote backup and recovery processes.

      1h. Manage physical resource requirements, e.g., server room and surplus equipment, ensuring research needs are met.

      1i. Plan and coordinate technology changes with other departments.

      1j. Install and configure third-party software, third-party tools as required by the researchers.

      1k. Document system/environment configurations and procedures.

      1l. Perform hardware replacement maintenance as necessary.

      1m. Programmatically automate recurring tasks.

      2. Monitor networked systems performance to ensure efficient performance and appropriate system security.

      2a. Troubleshoot and resolve the most challenging software, hardware, and network client-server problems for mission-critical administrative computing by the Department of Psychology, CICN and VVRC staff.

      2b. Troubleshoot and resolve the most challenging software, hardware, and network client-server problems for research computing, typically in coordination with laboratory research personnel.

      3. Design, implement, and administer client-server solutions such as databases and other academic and administrative software served over the network.

      3a. Support Department of Psychology, CICN and VVRC administrative staff storage needs utilizing Windows based desktops with Windows server. Provide access to secure shares to enable office staff efficient sharing of documents, databases, and spreadsheets.

      3b. Make available and support large-scale storage resources for data collection and analysis for CICN and VVRC research laboratories. Also, provide guidance when purchasing research systems for data collection and analysis.

      4. Provide education and guidance to laboratory technical staff, postdoctoral researchers and graduate students in the support of research computing solutions.

      4a. Supervise the installation and upgrades of server and client software in research laboratories, as well as administrative and faculty offices.

      4b. Set up and configure network servers, desktop systems and peripherals, connections to the campus network and other networks as appropriate.

      4c. Troubleshoot and resolve software, hardware, and network problems for laboratory personnel.

      4d. Upgrade desktop software and hardware, including peripherals.

      4e. Provision of desktop, peripheral and server hardware repair via third party vendors.

      5. Provide formal and informal training to users on server-side operations and software as well as desktop operations and software.

      5a. Provide Department of Psychology, CICN and VVRC administrative staff primary support for the latest Office suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, Access) and occasional support for older versions of Office and WordPerfect. Support Adobe Acrobat and associated products along with scanning and printing. Assist with the setup and configuration of web-based back office applications (e.g, COEUS, e-Dog, e-Pac, e-Procurement, Business Objects, WALDO, PeopleSoft, Oracle student database, Vanderbilt listserve, Exempt time off program, Electronic time sheets, and Dropbox) and assist with VPN access for users working remotely.

      5b. Provide assistance to research laboratory personnel in connecting to large scale storage servers. Troubleshoot issues with Matlab, SPSS, and other software necessary for research. Support Adobe and Microsoft products necessary in the creation of scientific presentations and publications.

      6. Act as liaison with other campus computing organizations in facilitating the correction of network and software problems on an as-needed or assigned basis. Effectively communicate issues and resolutions to all levels of the organization.

      6a. Act as liaison with ITS in facilitating the joint determination of enterprise level IT solutions.

      6b. Act as liaison with ACCRE in facilitating the joint determination of enterprise level solutions for data storage with support of file transfers and remote access.

      6c. Act as liaison with VUIIS in facilitating the transfer of files from the VUIIS servers for local data analyses. Provide assistance to the VUIIS systems administrator with special projects that will benefit both VUIIS and the VVRC/CICN research groups.

      6d. Act as a liaison with IT support staff in the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for those researchers with appointments.

      7. Maintain appropriate certifications and/or technical knowledge and skills appropriate to the scientific computing environment.

      8. Keep abreast of changes in hardware and software to knowledgeably advise research faculty, staff and trainees and to maintain and improve the computing infrastructure.

      8a. Maintain knowledge of current and anticipated developments in Apple, Windows and Linux environments and applicable data storage capabilities

      8b. Maintain knowledge of current and anticipated developments in wired and wireless network technologies.

      Basic Qualifications

      Job requires Bachelor's and 5 years of experience or the equivalent.

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