mortgage broker
American Prudential Capital - Boise, ID

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Many of our sales reps are making a very realistic 6-7 figure residual income. (Not MLM or network marketing) We are a 20+ year old Christian owned company looking for honest professionals to help us find companies in need of working capital (not loans). Your job, after being fully trained (free training) is to present our program with integrity. Once you establish an account you will get paid over and over again every time they use our services.

Many of our accounts use millions of our dollars monthly. This is why you can earn so much and why the longer you are with us the more your residual income grows. In this economy there are tons of companies looking for working capital but how do you find them? Here are a few examples...

A business owner goes into their bank for help in funding for their business. The bank for a variety of reasons can not accommodate their customer´s needs. When the bank can´t give their customer the money that they requested that is where our service comes in. Your job would be to establish a working relationship for us with a loan officer at the bank, so that they will refer those customers that they can not service to you.

We can fund MANY clients that banks won´t touch. The banks love us and their customers love us. It is a win-win since the bank earns money off of their referral to us and the customer gets the funds they need without taking out a loan or giving up equity. As another example, there are many companies that work on 30, 60 or 90 day financing.

They then collect from their customers at the end of that period for the goods that they had rendered. We can give that company their money upfront at a small percentage and then collect from their customers at the arranged 30, 60, or 90 day period. This saves them the hassle of collections as well as gives them the capital they need to keep running their business. Your job would entail finding companies with any of the types of needs listed below: Business start-ups which can´t yet qualify for traditional financing, rapid growth companies, companies needing capital that don´t want to create debt, companies needing capital that don´t want to create debt, companies needing capital that don´t want to give up equity, emerging companies with limited capital, companies with questionable earnings trends, companies with payroll tax problems, companies with cyclical or seasonal growth spikes that are in need of alternative funding.

Since we fully train you, finding eager clients is as simple as following the many methods we will teach you in training and then just going to work. There is no investment on your part other than working diligently. Just so we understand each other up-front... We are not a multi-level marketing or networking company.

We pay commissions only and we are not looking for anyone who would be satisfied with a salary or a salary plus commission. Simply put...The highest earners always want a straight commission since it affords them the highest earning potential. That is the ONLY type of person we seek. These types of applicants have done very well with us: Financial sales, mortgage broker, business banker, Business broker, commercial loan officer, factoring sales broker, B2B sales For more information please apply online.

You can expect 6 figure income six figure income high paying sales job