Middle/High School Substitute Teachers
San Francisco Unified School District - COE - San Francisco, CA

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• The substitute is responsible for the full schedule of the regular teacher. This includes the classroom day, study halls, yard duty and any special duties performed by the absent teacher.
• The substitute is expected to implement the lesson plans for the class to which they are assigned, correct classroom assignments and homework received, as time permits.
• Maintain normal classroom routines and discipline procedures. The responsible administrator should be contacted in case a serious discipline problem arises.
• Leave adequate notes regarding what was accomplished in class, a description of problems that may have occurred and resolutions to said problems, a lesson plan for the next day if applicable and any other information that may be required by an administrator.

In order to attend our interview event your application must be screened and complete. Our first event will be held the week of February 19th.
The deadline for applications to the substitute pool is Monday February 25, 2013.

Application for Employment
• Have a completed online application at: www.sfusd.edu/jobs , and receive confirmation of eligibility of your eligibility for employment.
• PREFERRED: Current California Teaching Credential, California Emergency 30-Day Substitute Teaching Permit, or Out-of-State Teaching Credential;
o NOTE: We are seeking subs in all areas but have particular needs for candidates with credentials or expertise in;
? Math and Science: Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics
? Special Education: Education Specialist Credential
? Bilingual Education: Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, Filipino, Japanese fluency.
• OR Bachelor’s Degree and have passed a “Basic Skills” examination. Click here for more information and or to register for an exam: http://www.ctc.ca.gov/credentials/leaflets/cl667.pdf
- You will be required to apply for a 30-Day Substitute Permit. If you do not already have one in process, please click for more information: http://www.ctc.ca.gov/credentials/how-to-apply.html
- If you have an expired 30-Day Substitute Permit and need to renew it please go to: http://www.ctc.ca.gov/credentials/online-services/default.html

Please note: If you have a permit, or credential application that is pending with the state of CA, please contact us at teach@sfusd.edu as we might be able to offer additional assistance.

• Be available for substitute assignments every day; but especially on Mondays and Fridays;
• Be willing to work at any and all SFUSD schools (all grade levels and subject areas)
• Substitute a minimum of 2 days per week (~36 days per year) in order to be part of the sub pool.

• SFUSD web site

• San Francisco Unified School District, Human Resources

• SFUSD Job Postings on EDJOIN

All application materials must be submitted via our online applicant system, SearchSoft (www.sfusd.edu/jobs). Please apply to one of the four substitute pools in SearchSoft.

Do not reply to the contact person for this posting. Direct all inquiries to SFUSD's Recruitment Team at teach@sfusd.edu.