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As a trusted systems integrator for more than 50 years, General Dynamics Information Technology provides information technology (IT), systems engineering, professional services and simulation and training to customers in the defense, federal civilian government, health, homeland security, intelligence, state and local government and commercial sectors. With approximately 24,000 professionals worldwide, the company delivers IT enterprise solutions, manages large-scale, mission-critical IT programs and provides mission support services. General Dynamics Information Technology is an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer.

Responsible for the design and development of voice, video, radio-frequency, and/or data communications networks.

1. Analyzes voice, video, radio-frequency, and/or data communications networks, including planning, designing, evaluating, selecting, and upgrading operating systems and protocol suites and configuring communication media with concentrators, bridges, and other devices.

2. Plans network layouts and configures systems to user environments.

3. Analyzes network topologies and traffic and capacity requirements.

4. Supports the acquisition of hardware and software as well as subcontractor services as needed.

5. May provide technical support and troubleshooting to users.

6. May perform network administration duties.

7. Provides guidance and work leadership to less-experienced network personnel and may have supervisory responsibilities.

8. May serve as technical team or task leader.

9. Maintains current knowledge of relevant technology as assigned.

10. Participates in special projects as required.

Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related technical discipline, or the equivalent combination of education, technical certifications or training, or work experience.

8-10 years of directly related experience in network analysis and design.

  • Coordinates and makes available environment documentation (i.e., network configuration, and inventory of hardware/software to be supported)
  • Manages all network routing and tables
  • Manages all network tables that have not been specifically identified
  • Manages actual node, system, or network usage data
  • Isolates service, system, and terminal or network faults.
  • Captures, propose, and recommends requirements and policies for Data Network Services
  • Supports Network Services strategies and requirements
  • Recommends Data Network requirements based on industry best practices
  • Develops procedures and a logical design/architecture plan to meet Network requirements, priorities, budget, growth, and performance
  • Engineers, installs, operates, maintains, replaces, and manages the Data Network equipment
  • Manages and maintains the circuits for all customer facilities
  • Manages and monitors connectivity between all communication services locations
  • Maintain the communication service lines and circuits to meet the SLR availability targets
  • Provides Network diagrams and keep Network diagrams up to date
  • Develops, updates, documents, and maintains a Standards and Procedures Manual for all Network Services functions
  • Maintains a seamless relationship with third-party vendor(s) (TPVs), and acts as the conduit for information passed from them to the customer
  • Coordinates with communications services providers
  • Serves as the focal point with regard to TPVs for in-scope Data Network needs
  • Assists the customer with preparation of Data Network SCRs and RFPs, as appropriate
  • Manages and performs firmware/software upgrades for all Data Network Equipment, software, and devices
  • Identifies, tests, and resolves compatibility issues between firmware/software versions
  • Consults the customer on functional and technical requirements for new Data Network projects
  • Implements new Network projects as approved by the customer
  • Coordinates Service delivery with Service Desks, as well as other support groups within each of the other Service Areas, in coordination with the customer and all appropriate third parties, as necessary
  • Contributes to the knowledge management activities of the customer by communicating problem solutions to the Service Desk
  • Proactively provides the Service Desk with system outage information
  • Maintains a continuous improvement program that improves delivery for all services defined under Network Services
  • Identifies possible product and enhancement opportunities for improved performance and potential cost savings
  • Provides reporting on testing results
  • Collects data related to network health, and share this data with the customer
  • Reports performance against service-level requirements
  • Maintains and provides audit information including access, general logs, and application logs in accordance with the customer's security policies
  • Complies with USMint security policies
  • Manages SLRs and coordinates daily operation with third-party voice Contractors (including carriers, and hardware and software maintenance providers)
  • Meets with the customer prior to any disruption of existing service for the purpose of jointly establishing a cutover schedule for all parts of any new system
  • Performs Maintenance Management including break/fix activities
  • Performs root cause analysis on systemic issues, recommending solutions or elevating unresolved issues to the appropriate support personnel
  • Communicates with appropriate personnel to ensure a smooth promotion of approved hardware and software into production, in accordance with customer procedures
  • Maintains and provides Management Dashboard and audit information for Service-Level Objectives and Service-Level Requirements in a near-real-time, web-accessible, and query-able format
  • Designs WAN & LAN solutions that meet customer functional requirements
  • Generates logical WAN & LAN definitions and other WAN & LAN elements
  • Provides WAN & LAN connectivity contained in the service environment
  • Manages circuit provision for new WAN & LAN connections
  • Provides recommendations for optimizing WAN & LAN services and circuits
  • Manages WAN & LAN connectivity and performance
  • Monitors Manageable Network Devices
  • Conduct proactive monitoring of WAN & LAN circuits for peak utilization, average utilization, latency per Class-of-Service level, error levels, or any other performance parameters as well as protocol/application breakdown, top conversations, and top talkers
  • Maintains all WAN & LAN hardware and software
  • Maintains WAN & LAN diagrams and documentation
  • Responds, using approved processes, to alerts generated by Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and other monitored services to prevent, detect, and mitigate potential security breaches or violations (a security-related event is any occurrence of security violations, malware infections, or compromise or theft of data or equipment, which may include after-hours response on rare occasions)
  • Provides the customer with real-time access to all monitoring systems including production-event and firewall logs, including full packet-capture capabilities
  • Provides the customer with root cause analysis of all service disruptions
  • Routinely monitors all monitoring systems, including event and firewall logs, as part of continuous monitoring and event investigation
  • Provides strategy for managing installing, configuring, maintaining, and monitoring sensors across the enterprise for the IDS
  • Manges VLANs
  • Provide all cabling infrastructure support (From the router to the switch (or hub), From the switch to the infrastructure wiring with patch panels, where applicable, From the wiring infrastructure to a clearly labeled wall jack)
  • Adheres to cable management schemes as documented in customer procedures manuals
  • Maintains infrastructure telecommunication closets that handle data equipment in a neat (cable management) and clearly marked (labeled) environment
  • Determine and communicate to the customer power requirements, including necessary battery backup units, and assist with the planning and implementation of such equipment
  • Designs Wireless connectivity (lightweight wireless protocol, 802.11A/B,G) solutions that will meet customer's functional, technical, and security requirements
  • Implements Wireless connections and circuits
  • Manages Wireless connectivity and performance, to include Network Admission Control (NAC)
  • Monitoris all Manageable Network Devices
  • Monitors Wireless coverage for peak utilization, average utilization, latency per Class-of-Service level, and error levels
  • Maintains Wireless and Mobile LAN Hardware and Software
  • Identifies and proposes IP address management requirements, including transition plan, activities, and requirements for IPV6
  • Approves IP address management requirements, including transition plan, activities, and requirements for IPV6
  • Performs IP address management and planning, according to the customer's requirements
  • Manages DHCP service for hardware in every Service Area
  • Manages DNS service for hardware in every Service Area
  • Maintains logs
  • Manages SNMP tools
  • Provisions and supports a DNS/DHCP tool
  • Manages RAS Services (including: Remote LAN access, Web portal/reverse proxy, Dial-in carriers management, etc)
  • Supports the customer's remote-access infrastructure
  • Manages, troubleshoots, and helps repair and maintain the customer remote-access and connectivity operations
  • Defines electronic data-extract information formatting and interface required for automated RAS reporting
  • Provides data from various RAS devices to the customer in electronic format
  • Provides real-time access to all production-event log data
  • Routinely monitors all monitoring systems, including event logs, as part of continuous monitoring and event investigation
  • Performs day-to-day Network operations and administration activities
  • Manages sNetwork Services Assets in accordance with the customer's policies and procedures (including security oversight and Change Management policies
  • Coordinates Network administration activities through defined Change Management processes
  • Manages end-user accounts, as needed, for access and maintaining Network resources (e.g., logon end-user ID and password maintenance)
  • Develops and document network administration and provisioning requirements and policies
  • Develops and document procedures for administration that meet requirements and adhere to defined policies and procedures
  • Manages all network devices in accordance with the customer's policies (including security oversight and change management policies)
  • Ensures that network administration activities are coordinated through defined change management processes
  • Ensures that new circuits, devices, and software provisioned are included in Configuration Management documentation
  • Designs, maintains, documents configurations as indicated in the SOP
  • Configures WAN/LAN (hardware, software) prior to installation
  • Coordinates audit activity with external auditors and ITD security staffs
  • Maintains all network equipment/devices at current security and operating system patch levels upon thorough testing and validation
  • Coordinates inventory management of network circuits from public carriers
  • Implements tools for Monitoring Network Devices and traffic
  • Supports business and technical requirements and policies for Network Monitoring and Incident and Problem Resolution, in full support of Trusted Internet Connection mandates
  • Develops and documents Network Monitoring and Incident and Problem Resolution Procedures, including escalation thresholds, that meet requirements and adhere to defined policies
  • Provides the customer view-only access to Network Monitoring tools, or full access as requested/required
  • Implements measures for proactive analysis of Network reports to limit Network outages and optimize the customer's bandwidth utilization
  • Monitors current Network utilization and provide information to the customer for use in determining future capacity requirements
  • Monitors, operates, and performs problem determination and resolution, alert, and repair for enterprise Network and attached ping-able IP Network Devices
  • Manages Incident and Problem determination/identification, alert, and repair for Networks 24/7/365
  • Performs remote analysis diagnostics and troubleshooting at customer sites 24/7/365
  • Manages service requests and dispatch process, as directed by the customer
  • Dispatches on-site support personnel and/or Contractors as appropriate
  • Manages Data Network performance or availability issues resulting from a fault or impairment in the network, link, element, or device
  • Provide reporting on Network performance
  • Responds to real-time alerts in accordance with the Procedures Manual and in accordance with Service Levels
  • Takes corrective action to fix the root cause 24/7/365, including the dispatch of TPV Contractors
  • Provides reconfiguration tools to speed up changes that must be incorporated into the network
  • Installs and maintains tools to measure response time and availability; provide the customer data
  • Provides and implements tools for monitoring network devices and traffic
  • Implements measures for proactive monitoring and self-healing capabilities to limit network outages
  • Coordinates resolution of circuit problems with third parties, including public carriers, ISP, and Department affiliates using the network
  • Provides real-time access to all event-log data
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