PSC Management Analyst (Kabul)
U.S. Department of State - OIG - Washington, VA

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The U.S. Department of State, Office of Inspector General, has several openings for Management Analysts at the GS-14 equivalent salary level. These positions are located in the Middle East Regional Office (MERO). The incumbent of this position will be assigned to an extended duration TDY assignment to Kabul, Afghanistan and other shorter duration TDY assignments to other post conflict countries in the region. This organization, within the OIG, has responsibility for planning, conducting, supervising, and coordinating performance and contract evaluations in overseas posts including those in Jordan, Pakistan, Lebanon, and Iraq.


Under the general supervision of the MERO Director or designated supervisor or Lead Auditor, the incumbent is responsible for carrying outindividual audits that comprise the comprehensive evaluation program of the American Embassy located in Kabul, Afghanistan and, when needed, at other post conflict posts. The incumbent personally performs work on and in connection with a comprehensive evaluation or special inquiry.

The focus of the incumbent in these activities is to evaluate the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of program and management operations, to identify instances of fraud, waste, and mismanagement, and to determine compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and policies dealing with a variety of management and program areas. In doing so, the incumbent performs the following duties:

  • planning, organizing and coordinating evaluations and special inquiries which includes developing the scope, objectives, and methods to be used in the work;
-- assist the project manager in the conduct of major segments of specific assignments while providing technical assistance to team members in conducting the work;

-- interpreting and applying the appropriate administrative laws, regulations, policies, and precedents pertinent to specific situation;

-- review, edit, and draft assignment specific segments of reports and provide assistance in preparing the final draft report.

NOTE: Time-In-Grade Requirements: Federal applicants must have served 52 weeks at the next lower grade to satisfy time-in-grade restrictions contained in 5CFR 300, Subpart F.


Applicants must meet all the required qualification requirements by the closing date of this announcement.

Applicants must have at least one year of specialized experience equivalent to the GS-13 level in the Federal Service which provided the applicant with the particular knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully perform the duties of the position. Qualifying specialized experience must demonstrate the following:

-- Expert knowledge of a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methods.

-- Professional knowledge of evaluation and analysis methodology, interview techniques, administrative law, organizational and management theory, and Inspector General functions.

-- Skills necessary to develop and prepare clear, accurate, concise, logical, and coherent reports and analyses.

-- Expertise in effective communications, both oral and written.

There is no substitution of education for specialized experience for the GS-14 position.

You must be a U.S. citizen to qualify for this position.

After appointment, you will be subject to random testing for illegal drug use.

In order to qualify for this position, you must obtain and maintain a Top Secret security clearance and a worldwide medical clearance.

This position requires travel to the Middle East and crisis/post conflict areas.


You will be evaluated on the quality and extent of your experience, education, and training relevant to the duties of this position. The review of your on-line application package is, generally, a three-step process. You will first be evaluated to determine if you meet the basic eligibility requirements. A further review is conducted to determine if your background and/or education meets the qualification requirements described above. Your answers to the job specific self-assessment questions and your resume are used to evaluate your knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies for this position.

If you are found to have rated yourself higher in the self-assessment than is supported by the information in your resume, a score will manually be determined that reflects your documented experience. This may result in a lowered score, which may also eliminate you from the best-qualified listing.


You will earn annual vacation and sick leave. You will be paid for Federal holidays that fall within your regularly scheduled tour of duty. Contractors assigned to Kabul will be eligible for additional incentives, allowances and compensation which include: 1) Foreign Post Differential (35% of base salary); 2) Danger Pay (35% of base salary); 3) Holiday Pay; 4) Night Differential; 5) Sunday Differential (25% of base salary); 6) Overseas living accommodations.


You must submit all required information, including responses to the mandatory questionnaire, by the closing date. If materials are not received, your application will be evaluated solely on the information available and you may not receive full consideration or may not be considered eligible.


STEP 1 On a separate sheet of paper, answer the mandatory screening questions. These questions will be used to evaluate your qualifications for this job. Review your resume to make certain that it supports your responses to self-assessment questions.

STEP 2: Fax your DETAILED resume and assessment question responses to (703) 284-1966 or mail your application package (resume, question responses) to U.S. Department of State, Office of Inspector General, 1700 N. Moore Street, Ste 840, Arlington, VA 22209, ATTN: Dianna Wolridge by COB Friday, February 11, 2011 , attention: PSC-11-0002. At the top of your resume, you must include the following information: Announcement Number (PSC-11-0002); Full Name; Home Address; Home/Cell telephone number; e-mail address; and last 4-digits of your Social Security number (XXX-XX-1234).You have until 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on the closing date of this announcement to submit your complete application package.


1. Are you a U.S. citizen?

___ Yes

___ No

2 . From the following list, identify those certifications or designations related to financial management that you have obtained.

___ Certified Public Accountant

___ Certified Government Financial Manager

___ Certified Internal Auditor

___ Certified Fraud Examiner

___ Certified Management Auditor

___ Other relevant certifications

___ Membership in a financial or accounting professional association

___ None of the above

3. Do you have experience researching laws and regulations to develop policy?

___ I have independently researched laws and regulations for research and/or work projects.

___ I have investigated laws and regulations for research and/or work projects as part of a team.

___ I have investigated laws and regulations for research and/or work projects with close supervision.

___ I have education or training in this area.

___ I have no education or experience related to policy analysis.

4. Do you have experience interpreting laws and regulations for work projects?

___ I have independently interpreted laws and regulations for work projects

___ I have interpreted laws and regulations for research and/or work projects as part of a team.

___ I have interpreted laws and regulations for research and/or work projects with close supervision.

___ I have education or training in this area.

___ I have no education or experience in this area.

5. Select from the following list all instances that indicate your experience conducting policy research.

___ Published in peer reviewed journal.

___ Created working papers or research reports.

___ Completed a dissertation.

___ Completed a master's thesis.

___ Presented paper(s) at professional conferences

___ Written policy position papers/briefs.

___ None of the above.

6. Do you have experience working in conjunction with government agencies or other organizations on research or analysis projects?

___ I have experience developing content (e.g., survey content).

___ I have experience deriving new estimates from existing data sources.

___ I have experience performing joint analyses with other agencies.

___ I have no experience working in conjunction with other agencies.

7. I am proficient in my use of the following (select all that apply).

___ Word processing applications

___ Spreadsheet applications

___ Data base applications

___ Presentation applications

___ Email and calendar applications

___ Accounting applications

___ Other

___ None of the above

8. Evaluate your knowledge of auditing and evaluation standards, procedures, and practices for planning and conducting audits and evaluations involving a variety of programs, functions, and systems.

___ I have no education, training, or experience in performing this task.

___ I have education or training in performing this task, but have not performed it on the job.

___ I have performed this task on the job, with close supervision.

___ I have performed this task as a regular part of the job, independently and usually without review.

___ I have supervised others in performing this task.

9. Which of the following best describes your experience providing expert advice in specialized accounting and/or financial management problems?

___ I have no experience in performing this task.

___ I performed this task occasionally.

___ I performed this task with the guidance of a senior employee or supervisor.

___ I performed this task independently and without the guidance of a senior employee or supervisor.

___ I performed this task independently and I am often consulted by others to assist them.

10. Which of the following best reflects your highest level of experience using qualitative or quantitative methods to analyze, assess, and improve program effectiveness?

___ I have education in qualitative and quantitative analytical methods, but have not performed this task.

___ I have experience using qualitative and quantitative methods and develop recommendations.

___ I have experience independently conducting program analyses and make recommendations.

___ I have experience conducting analyses, developing recommendations and providing direction to others.

___ None of the above.

11. Which response BEST describes your highest accomplishment in professional writing?

___ I have written undergraduate papers.

___ I have written graduate papers.

___ I have been a co-author on internal work documents in a professional setting.

___ I have been a co-author on work documents in a professional setting that were published externally.

___ I have been a sole author on work documents in a professional setting that were published externally.

___ None of the above.

12. Select one description that best represents your highest level of experience in interacting with various groups and individuals.

___ Experience that involves working with external managers to resolve shared problems.

___ Experience that involves working with internal managers to resolve internal issues and problems.

___ Experience that involves educating, advising, or participating in meetings to address issues.

___ Experience that involves explaining agency policy and regulations, using negotiating techniques.

???___ None of the above apply.

13. Please select from the list below situations in which you have interpreted administrative laws, policies, regulations, and precedents.

___ Inspection

___ Program reviews/evaluations

___ Audits

___ Qualitative analysis

___ Adjudicating administrative actions or processes

___ None of the above