PR Specialist/Copywriter-Innovative Tech Company
HRO360 - West Conshohocken, PA

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You have more than four years of public relations, journalism and copywriting experience, and you know the power of social media, especially for business and technology.

You get the facts straight, write leads with an eye-catching hook, and can pump out copy.

If you know how to create buzz and excitement, and you are looking for a boost in your public relations career, Ciright might be the place for you to put your skills and experience to use in a high-energy environment with strong possibilities for professional growth.


You will be creating using the media palette of releases, website, blogs and social media while working at the center of where many technological milestones continue to germinate. You will have the opportunity to bring attention to breakthroughs that can address business, government, and global challenges while working alongside professionals who are passionate about solutions thought impossible just a few years ago.

You will work collaboratively with a creative director, data analyst and marketing managers to write copy for blogs, keep websites up to date, and develop and facilitate an active slate of workshops, symposiums and special events.

Speed, flexibility and persistence are essentials. The ability to multitask and learn on the fly will complement your savvy sense of what reporters, analysts, blogger and allied businesses need and want to know. Your commitment to meet deadlines, and the integrity to pitch stories to editors and promptly make call-backs will be vital to your success.

You must be motivated, creative and passionate about our visions and goals at Ciright.

  • The ability to build relationships with the media and respond with call-back requests in a timely and informative manner
  • Work with Marketing team to conceive, design, write and produce presentations, press releases, articles, reports, blogs, etc.
  • Write reports on media coverage data
  • Use of proactive initiatives with calls and emails, and the ability to speak persuasively to news and industry outlets
  • Coordination abilities to identify ideal locations and arrange for lectures, symposiums, public appearances and workshops to increase awareness and understanding of the Company and its offerings
  • The ability to cultivate meaningful traffic on website is considered a major indicator of success in this position
  • Exceptional communicator-oral and written communications
  • Action-orientation and driven for results
  • Intellectual horsepower
  • Business acumen
  • Creativity, the ability to come up with a lot of new and unique ideas; and can demonstrate originality
  • Perseverance, pursues everything with energy and drive, and a need to accomplishing a goals
  • 4+ years of experience as a public relations copy writer or specialist, technology or construction field experience is desirable and a plus

The people of Ciright are passionate, forward-thinking professionals and thought leaders. They are committed to changing the business landscape and society at-large, using cutting-edge tools to disrupt current business models. It is in their DNA to identify ways in which they can collaborate with their partners to lead the way to provide solutions to world problems.

Cirights West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania work environment is impressive, open and designed to support a creative and busy team working 24/7. On-site amenities include a gym, laundry facilities, gourmet kitchen and others conveniences.

This position in addition to offering a competitive salary includes stock options, an exceptional benefits package, flexible hours, 401k plan, and the opportunity to learn from thought leaders in technology and industry pioneers. The organization offers a wealth of future opportunities based on performance.

An unparalleled opportunity lies before you with a company with a proven track record if you accept both the challenges and rewards that go with the level of dedication demanded by this role, send your resume to: