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Responsible for conducting research in the funded laboratory of Dr. Animesh Dhar. The basic focus of this lab will be on investigating the development of novel compounds for different cancers. The study will integrate cellular and animal models with molecular and biochemical approaches to selectively target epigenetic and cancer stem cells

Required Qualifications

Qualified candidates must have PhD, MD, DVM (or equiv) in Molecular/Cell Biology/Physiology or other related disciplines; interest in cancer research; excellent verbal and written English skills; self-motivated, team worker, and current U.S. work authorization. Applicants must have cell culture experience and exemplary recording/analytical skills.

Preferred Qualifications

Interested candidates should have a Ph.D. in Molecular/Cell Biology/Physiology or other related disciplines. Must have knowledge of hazards of laboratory activities and related safety practices, skill in setting up, care and use of laboratory equipment, and ability to develop and assist with development of new and improved methodology.

Instructions for applying

Please complete an electronic application and click the "Apply for this Posting" button at the top of the page.

Duty (1) Description

Conduct research in cancer biology and using cell biological, biochemical, and/or molecular techniques to determine mechanisms of action of epigenetic markers, such as histone deacytylation and methylation and cancer stem cells using novel drug developed in the laboratory for different cancers.

Duty (1) Essential or Marginal


Duty (2) Description

Perform studies utilizing transfection, gene/protein expression through qPCR, microarrays, immunoblots and gel electrophoresis, cell culture, animal models, flow cytometry, HPLC, immunohistochemistry, ChIP assay. Learn/develop methods required to perform independent, peer-reviewed research.

Duty (2) Essential or Marginal


Duty (3) Description

Attend all orientation and training sessions designated by the University and Department, attend departmental seminars and attend regular lab meetings

Duty (3) Essential or Marginal


Duty (4) Description

The Postdoc will be expected to complete research projects under the guidance of the faculty mentor, record and interpret the results of their experiments in a laboratory notebook, prepare publication-quality manuscripts (including figures and tables) and publish in peer-reviewed literature. The applicant will also read literature articles and assimilate the information into his/her project design/interpretation.

Duty (4) Essential or Marginal


Duty (5) Description

Interact on a regular basis with their faculty mentor and members of the laboratory to discuss experimental design and interpretation of results, and publish their results in abstracts, manuscripts, posters. The applicant should also interact with intramural and extramural faculty/scientists who are parts of (mentor-approved) collaborative efforts.

Duty (5) Essential or Marginal


Duty (6) Description

The Postdoc will present their own research at department seminars and at scientific meetings.

Duty (6) Essential or Marginal


Duty (7) Description

Interact with KU Cancer Center donors

Duty (7) Essential or Marginal


Duty (8) Description

Participate, with mentor's approval, in departmental teaching.

Duty (8) Essential or Marginal


Duty (9) Description

Submit fellowship applications, as eligible, to secure research funding for his/her project (or to defray costs associated with their fellowship training incurred by the mentor).

Duty (9) Essential or Marginal


Duty (10) Description

Other duties as assigned.

Duty (10) Essential or Marginal


Mental/Cognitive Requirements:
Comprehend and use basic language, either written or spoken, to communicate information and ideas


Comprehend and use technical or professional language, either written or spoken, to communicate complex ideas


Perform numerical operations using basic counting, adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing


Perform Complex quantitative calculations or reasoning using algebra, geometry, statistics, or abstract symbols


Problem Solving
Formulate and apply appropriate course of action for routine or familiar situations


Use logic to define problem, collect information, establish facts, draw valid conclusions, interpret information and deal with abstract variables for unique or unfamiliar situations


Other Mental/Cognitive Requirements (please describe)

Physical Activities
Repetitive Motion - Repeating movements of arms, hands, wrists

Frequently (2.5 to 5.5 hours/day)

Talk - Express or exchange ideas verbally

Frequently (2.5 to 5.5 hours/day)

Hear - Perceive sound by ear

Frequently (2.5 to 5.5 hours/day)

See - Obtain impressions through the eye

Constantly (5.5+ hours/day)

Level of physical activity


Physical Requirements
Kneel- Bend legs at knee, come to rest on knees

Crouch/Squat - Bend body down and forward, bending legs and spine

Crawl - Move on hands, knees and feet

Climb - Ascend/descend ladders, stairs, ramps



Walk - Move about on foot

Average distance per shift

Stoop - Bend downward and forward at waist

Lift - Raise or lower 10 lbs. from one level to another

Lift - Raise or lower 25 lbs. from one level to another

Carry - Transport an object

Push - Press with steady force, thrust objects forward, downward, outward

Pull - Drag or tug objects

Turn/twist - Move a body part in circular motion

Bend - Bend downward and forward by bending the spine at waist

Balance - Exceeding ordinary body equilibrium

Reach - Extend hands and arms in any direction

Handle - Seize, hold, turn with hands

Ability to distinguish color

Other Physical Activity (please describe)

Average amount of time for other physical activity

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