Externship Coordinator
Education Affiliates Inc. - West Palm Beach, FL

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Minimum Qualifications:
The Externship Coordinator must have at least three years of related work experience, preferably within the private school industry or the employment industry.
An appropriate college degree may be substituted for work experience. The Externship Coordinator must have excellent computer skills in word processing and data management.

External Description:
POSITION OBJECTIVE: The objective of the externship coordinator is to ensure that the externship process is a positive learning experience for students as well as a positive experience for the personnel at externship sites. Responsibilities include fulfilling the institution’s obligation to the students by constantly developing new externship sites so that a permanent graduate job placement may result from at least 40% of the externship placements.

1. Constantly develop new externship site agreements and maintain good relationships with existing externship sites by frequently visiting the sites and conducting surveys.
2. Conduct an orientation for students about to begin externship to cover details of the site assigned to each student and policies and procedures the students must follow while on the externship to include specific goals and objectives, timelines, attendance reporting, evaluation process, professional attitude, etc.
3. Ensure that all eligible students start the externship on time and end on time.
4. Verify that the site agreement contract is properly signed and that all its provisions are carried out by both parties.
5. Collect and review evaluation documents in regard to the student’s performance at the site.
6. Collect student timecards and provide weekly attendance on each externship student to the registrar in a timely fashion.
7. Follow up on students who are absent from the site by calling or contacting them by email.
8. Submit an externship weekly report to the DOE, program director, and school/corporate management.
9. Provide an alternative site in situations where the site does not conform to the guidelines and competencies set in the externship agreement or due to extenuating circumstances the student may be facing at the time. Prior approval from the DOE is needed to make this change.
10. Coordinate and communicate externship activities and concerns with the Director of Career Services in order to facilitate permanent placement of each student.
11. Ensure that both students and externship site personnel complete surveys regarding their level of satisfaction with the externship experience.
12. Assist the director of career services to achieve satisfactory placement results in each program (consistent with Education Affiliates guidelines and applicable regulatory agency standards) by ensuring that at least 40% of all externships result in a permanent job placement for the student.
13. Attend and significantly contribute to staff/faculty meetings within the school and externship coordinator meetings at the corporate level.
14. Monitor and maintain the institution’s computerized data system to ensure that externship information contained therein is accurate, entered in a timely fashion, and backed up to prevent the loss of crucial information.
15. Ensure that all externship activity is clearly documented in the graduate’s paper file and in the computer data base. 16. Follow all procedures and standards as defined by Education Affiliates Inc. 17. Be knowledgeable of and follow all state and accrediting commission compliance standards in a timely and complete manner.
18. Maintain and secure institutional procedural manuals and other documentation required by state, accrediting, and federal agencies.
19. Attend regular student services activities including: new student orientation, graduation ceremonies, holiday parties, and student education achievement award ceremonies.
20. Meet or exceed the externship bottom line requirements of the approved school budget.
21. Keep abreast of current employment trends, establish and maintain essential business community relationships, and constantly develop new externship sites in order to ensure the timely placement of graduates in the graduates’ related field of study.
22. Identify and develop new externship sites through phone calls, newspaper ads, personal contacts, Internet job sites, and written correspondence.
23. Maintain an active lead generation system to ensure sufficient externship site opportunities are available for students and graduates.
24. Critique and edit student and graduate resumes, cover letters, and other employment documentation. Also, advise students on workplace etiquette, dress, interviewing, and other related issues.
25. Activate and maintain relationships with all students currently on externship until the externship is successfully completed.
26. Assist in the development of program advisory committees for each program.
27. Coordinate the arrangement of open houses and job fairs and other events with the purpose of enhancing the schools exposure to local employers who may offer externship site opportunities.
28. Complete all other tasks as assigned by the director of education or program director.
The externship/clinical coordinator shall promote a positive and motivational working and learning environment.
The externship/clinical coordinator shall ensure that discrimination of any kind is not supported or nurtured and shall take action to support acceptance and tolerance.
The externship/clinical coordinator shall be readily accessible for meetings requested by students, staff, and faculty.
The externship/clinical coordinator shall assist the admission’s team by meeting prospective new students.
The externship/clinical coordinator shall be willing to support the institution’s purpose, goals, objectives, and agreements as a condition of employment.
The externship/clinical coordinator shall promote an atmosphere of trust and respect with personnel from other departments and shall understand the necessary interdependence with other departments in order to create the best overall school environment. The externship/clinical coordinator shall always speak supportively of corporate staff, school staff, faculty, students, and externship site personnel, refraining from any gossip, or negative or derogatory statements of any nature. The externship/clinical coordinator shall be interested in and knowledgeable of departmental details in all areas relating to the externship. The externship/clinical coordinator shall network effectively with other Education Affiliates externship/clinical coordinators and Education Affiliates corporate personnel in order to utilize materials and techniques that already exist within the EA corporation. The externship/clinical coordinator shall be active in the surrounding community, frequently meeting with graduate employers and visiting externship/clinical sites. The externship/clinical coordinator shall obey all laws and regulations of the surrounding community and will conduct himself/herself in such a way, within the community, as to reflect positively upon the school. The externship/clinical coordinator shall immediately ask for assistance from the director of education and program director if he/she is uncertain of the appropriate action to handle any issue within the school or on the externship site.