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We're seeking a developer for the Advanced Authoring Format ### please only apply if you can start immediately ### and if you are experienced with XML and AAF Task: A tool for the Linux command line has to be developed that converts input files in XML format into the Advanced Authoring Format (AAF) suitable for Avid Media Composer. The tool must be written in the language C++ and run under Gentoo Linux 12.x (Architecture: x86, 32-bit). To build it the use of the following environment is mandatory: - make - gcc - AAF-SDK ( ) - Expat OpenSource XML-Parser A make file has to be provided. Also the program has to be developed in such a way that the core conversion functionality is covered by dedicated classes lying in their own source files to ease its reusability.

The source code has to be thoroughly documented in english. input analysis: The input files created by the client in XML format include multi-camera clip sequences with timeline information for cuts, fadings, markers and keys. Video and audio data itself are not included. You can import these files into Final Cut Pro from Apple.

The DTD for the format is available from Apple. The input file is read in the tool and convert into an internal structure that is suitable to feed the AAF SDK (see documentation /). Output generation and Test: From the internal structure an output file in the AAF format is to be generated. The use of the AAF SDK in this step is mandatory.

The client provides multiple test files with the relevant data types. These have to be read by the tool and converted. The output file must be loadable into Avid Media Composer 6.0 and 6.5. The information contained herein (multicamera clip sequence, timeline, fadings, cuts, keys and markers) must appear in Media Composer and be editable.

The program must support at least 9,999 cuts, fadings, keys and markers. Source: Excerpts have to be provided shortly after the project started for review (eg class specification). The source code and the Makefile are finally to be passed to the client. The passed package must be structured so that all files are located in one directory - possibly with subdirectories.

By typing "make" on the command line the full built must be initiated given that gcc, make, LibExpat and libAAF are installed. The rights to the source code go on to the customer. Milestones: Due to the short deadline we require daily source and/or running tool snapshots beginning 24 hours after project start. The first we need to receive no later than 36 hours after project start is a first draft of the C++ translation class header.

An alpha version must be completed until 03/15/2013 Latest deadline for the completed tool is 03/25/2013 Bugfixing has to be done after that until 04/01/2013 Hints: A sample XML input file for the tool is attached. We can provide more samples on demand. A guide to AAF can be downloaded from /dev_zone/library/aafguide.pdf A demo of the Avid Media Composer 6.5 can be downloaded from /EN/support/downloads/media-composer-trial There is a another conversion tool to AAF available at sourceforge - see /projects/edl2aaf/ We will provide access to a running Gentoo Linux system for development and test and also a vmware of this for local development purposes. A simple basic C++ project file structure with Makefile and XML parsing stuff is provided as a start base for further development.

!ATTENTION! We found that the AAF SDK does not build on current 32-Bit Ubuntu and OpenSUSE distributions. It builds on Gentoo Linux, though. However - the test suite is not running through completely.

I currently cannot judge if this would make the whole project impossible... Desired Skills: AAF C++ Expat XML STL