Drive Teen Girls To Dance Lessons
Tomball, TX

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Looking for a woman or young girl to help me drive my two daughters from school in Tomball or from home in Cypress, to their dance, and cheer practice in Tomball and then bring them back home to Cypress (about 20 miles) on Monday -from 6 to 9 p.m. -, Tuesday -from 6 to 8 p.m. - and Thursday -from 6 to 8 p.m. - My daughters have to like you to keep the job longer, if they would not like you for some reason, I would have to quit it, but they are really nice and sweet girls, off course the reason the girls would not like you would be if you smoke in the car, if you say curse words, or if you talk about depressive stuff like Goth things. The girls are 12 and 14, and they are picky. Your job would be to come and get the girls from me, I mean either from my job, from school, or from home and take them to their dance lessons, wait there and watch them, bring them water, make sure they have everything they need, talk to them, be nice, even bring them food, or stop and buy food where they want to eat. You need to have your own car with insurance, and pay for your own gas. The job is easy. I'm willing to pay between 8 and 12 dollars per hour. I would also need you some other days, such as Wednesday and Friday to take care of my other two kids who are two lovely boys, ages 2 and 4, and I need a person who I can trust to watch them so that me and my husband can go to the movies or dinner. Also, some errands may be needed on Saturdays or Sundays, but not sure yet.
I am a mother who is 38 years old, I am a teacher in Tomball ISD, my husband is American and I am Mexican. I need to find a woman or girl that is nice, kind, and has good manners because you would be a role model for my daughters too. Christian or Catholic would be best. If you think you are atheist, please don't take the job, I do not want those ideas in my daughters' heads. We are a very kind and positive and affectionate family.