Need help/lessons setting up a domain server with Ubuntu 12.04
United States

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Need help setting up a FQDN on a Hewlett Packard server using Ubuntu 12.04, LAMP. We also need help/lessons in setting back-up configuration, help with MyAdminPHP, PHP, and MySQL. We hope you could come to the physical site where we have the private server but with root privileges actual set up of it could take place by allowing you remote access. After three(3) domains are set up on the server we are looking forward to also using the following thee freeware programs which we may also need help with the instillation of:

If you can help us now, we can possibly provide you with more work later on these sites. Please provide good references that one of us can contact and if you can any websites that you have been involved in. This should be an easy set up for anyone who knows what they are doing and is professional and honest.

Thank you for viewing our post.