Residential Clinical Therapist
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Nature of Work

This is very responsible clinical therapy work assisting with the diagnosis, clinical applications and treatment provisions of juveniles and adolescents residing in a residential treatment and assessment facility. Activities associated with the job include monitoring the behaviors of residents to determine an appropriate behavioral management plan, evaluating residents following physical holding restraints and providing individual, group and family therapy sessions. Additional activities include assisting with on-call Clinical Director responsibilities, completing required reports and documentation in a timely manner, training staff in clinical and/or treatment issues and consulting staff on a regular basis on issues regarding treatment planning and resident supervision. Incumbents are also responsible for supervising and directing the activities of the educational staff for the center. Job related duties require incumbents to be appropriately licensed or certified with a minimum of a Master’s Degree in Psychology or Social Work, licensure (LPC, LCSW, LPE, SPE, etc.) and a minimum of three years pertinent work experience since receiving the degree. Incumbents must be licensed to supervise clinical programs and meet all requirements to provide supervision and services under licensing requirements for their particular profession. Job duties also require strong organizational, interpersonal and decision making skills for successful performance. Job performance in evaluated by the Clinical Director through review of knowledge and expertise in clinical and therapeutic applications, ability to effectively interact and provide appropriate clinical interventions and applications to residents, level of support provided for facility operations, ability to effectively supervise and direct the activities of educational staff members, and interpersonal, organizational and decision making skills.

Illustrative Examples of Work

-Monitors the behavior of residents to determine the appropriate behavioral management plan.
-Evaluates clients during and/or soon after any interventions requiring a physical holding restraint.
-Provides individual, group and family therapy sessions.
-Ensures proper staffing ratios and student supervision is maintained at all times and notifies supervisory staff of issues and/or concerns when necessary.
-Maintains the safety and security of students, staff and faculty members at all times including appropriate protocols for visitors, identification of hazards, emotional and physical concerns and safe transportation of clients.
-Ensures effective cooperation with associated agencies and personnel.
-Maintains good stewardship of financial and program/company items.
-Supports and facilitates appropriate communication and relationships with students, family members, key stakeholders and support groups.
-Assists with providing on-call Clinical Director responsibilities.
-Completes required reports and supporting documentation in a timely and thorough manner.
-Trains facility staff on clinical and/or treatment issues and concerns.
-Consults with staff members on a regular basis to coordinate treatment planning and supervision.
-Supervises and directs the activities of educational staff members including Residential Services Specialists, Special Education Teachers and Education Coordinators.
-Makes themselves available to meet with families to assist with therapeutic activities, monitor family interactions and determine the viability of placing the resident back into the family home setting at the time of discharge.
-Monitors the progress of residents toward identified treatment goals and objectives through frequent contacts and visits as well as compiling monthly progress reports on each resident.
-Develops and implements processes for clinical review on all youth residing in the facility at three and six month intervals to determine continued need for residential services and conducts clinical reviews on a monthly basis for all youth in residential placement after six months.
-Reviews referrals with designated staff to determine appropriate point of entry into the organizations’ service delivery system, i.e. therapeutic foster care with intensive wrap around supports, level III residential, etc.
-Provides training to facility staff on mental health diagnoses as it relates to treatment and intervention.
-Conducts weekly group therapy sessions on issues pertaining to anger management, life skills learning, chemical dependency, nature of addiction, etc.
-Conducts individual therapy sessions with residents as necessary to work toward established goals and objectives.
-Works with treatment teams to coordinate behavior management techniques, medical interventions, establish treatment goals and objectives, etc.
-Conducts family therapy sessions for residents and their families in accordance with identified needs and treatment plans.
-Interacts with Case Managers and Juvenile Court personnel to coordinate treatment plans and objectives.
-Performs related duties as required.

Necessary Requirements of Work

Graduation from an accredited college or university with a minimum of a Masters Degree in Psychology or Social Work; a minimum of three years pertinent work experience since receiving the advanced degree; thorough knowledge of family systems theory and application, social ecological theory and application, behavioral therapies theory and application, cognitive behavioral theory and application and social skills assessment and intervention; strong decision making, interpersonal and organizational skills; considerable knowledge of the laws and regulations governing the delivery of services to adolescents in state protective custody and/or involved in the juvenile justice system; current licensure in the State of Tennessee; or any equivalent combination of education or experience to provide the following knowledge, abilities and skills:

-Thorough knowledge of family systems theory and application.
-Thorough knowledge of social ecological theory and application.
-Thorough knowledge of behavioral therapies theory and application.
-Thorough knowledge of cognitive-behavioral therapy theory, treatment methods and applications.
-Thorough knowledge of effective and pragmatic family therapies theory and application.
-Thorough knowledge of child development research and its application in treatment protocols.
-Thorough knowledge of social skills assessment and appropriate intervention techniques.
-Thorough knowledge of psychotropic medications utilized for the treatment of behavioral, physiological and emotional disorders.
-Thorough knowledge of Diagnostic Criteria, development of addiction, approaches to family therapy intervention work and twelve step recovery group treatment methods.
-Knowledge of effective supervisory techniques and practices including the selection, evaluation, motivation and discipline and/or discharge of staff.
-Ability to maintain professional communications in verbal, non-verbal, written and electronic forms.
-Ability to effectively support and facilitate relationships with students, family members, key stakeholders and support groups.
-Ability to provide effective clinical training to staff and ensure clinical competency in all clinical areas relating to the development of Life Plans for youth.
-Ability to develop and implement effective processes for the clinical review of all youth residing in the treatment facility.
-Ability to conduct effective and pragmatic family and individual therapy sessions including the use of structural, strategic and functional approaches and cognitive behavior techniques and methods.
-Ability to utilize behavioral therapy targeting school behavior and academic performance.
-Ability to develop and implement effective interventions within and/or between systems in the child’s natural ecology that affect and/or influence the behavior of the child (i.e. family, peer, school, and neighborhood).
-Ability to effectively monitor the quality of services provided by facility staff in a timely and thorough manner.
-Ability to effectively supervise and direct the activities of educational staff involved with the teaching and education of residents.
-Ability to prioritize and organize personal time and activities and meet all established deadlines, reporting requirements and workload demands.
-Ability in consistently interact in an appropriate and professional manner when interacting with children, care givers, service providers, facility staff, family members, etc.
-Ability to effectively address and diffuse difficult situations with clients, care providers, service providers, etc.
-Ability to consistently make timely and appropriate decisions in response to situations encountered on the job.
-Skill in developing and creating effective solutions in response to difficult and/or problematic situations encountered with residents, care givers, service providers, therapists, etc.

Necessary Special Requirements

-Possession of a valid Drivers License and possession of the minimum amount of vehicle liability insurance required by state law.
-Current licensure in the State of Tennessee.
-Possession of current Professional Malpractice Insurance.
-Current certification in First Aid and CPR.
-Certification in proper restraint procedures, universal precautions and other training required by state regulations.

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