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Nature of Work

This is very responsible social work involving the coordination and delivery of services for foster children placed in a family setting. Incumbents are responsible for all aspects of service delivery including the recruitment and training of parents, placement and monitoring of children, preparation and entry of required records and documentation into the Compu-Care system, and ensuring that all homes are in compliance with applicable state regulations and licensure requirements. Incumbents are also expected to provide advice and assistance to other Resource Coordinators on their team as assigned. Periodically employees in the class must deal with crisis situations; therefore they must remain in an on-call status when not on official leave. Incumbents typically work from their home and have considerable independence in performing job related duties requiring initiative and self-discipline to ensure that all of the family’s and children’s needs are met. The position also requires strong organizational, decision making and interpersonal skills for successful performance. Job performance is evaluated by the Team Leader and/or Regional Director through review of submitted reports and documentation, ability to complete required documentation, reports and related information in a timely, thorough and accurate manner, organizational, interpersonal and decision making skills and effectiveness in working with the families and children in their caseload.

Illustrative Examples of Work

-Assists with reviewing referrals for the area and/or region to match foster children and families.
-Assists Resource Coordinators on their team and provides advice and assistance with difficult cases and/or situations when necessary.
-Assists with recruiting professional parents to meet the needs of foster children assigned to their region.
-Assists with training activities for prospective parents to meet state mandated training requirements.
-Maintains a caseload of seven to ten foster children depending upon the level of support needed for each child.
-Makes home visits with families and/or respite providers at least once each week to monitor the behavior of the children and responsiveness of the parents.
-Responds to calls for assistance and/or crisis situations to prevent further escalation of the situation and ensure the safety of the parents and children.
-Coordinates the activities of respite providers when needed by the parent and/or child.
-Schedules regular meetings (at least quarterly) of each child’s resource team and prepares reports providing pertinent information.
-Develops a treatment plan for each child at least annually and updates as necessary.
-Maintains comprehensive and detailed records of each child in their caseload to document observed behaviors and progress toward established objectives.
-Prepares and enters required data and supporting documentation into Compu-Care in a timely, thorough and accurate manner.
-Maintains documentation and other records required for state departmental audits.
-Coordinates and provides input regarding the activities of resource personnel including mentors, therapists, tutors, etc. to assist the child with established developmental objectives.
-Serves as a liaison between state department personnel and foster children and their families.
-Makes decisions regarding future placement of children who disrupt their current placement.
-Interacts with teachers and other school personnel to evaluate the behavior and needs of foster children in their caseload.
-Represents the foster child’s and/or professional parent’s interests in judicial hearings when necessary.
-Prepares incident reports when necessary and reports the incidents to the appropriate parties as necessary.
-Helps to facilitate the commitment of extremely distraught and/or violent children to the appropriate treatment facility for observation and/or care.
-Obtains the necessary documentation from families and other providers to ensure compliance with foster care licensure requirements.
-Submits all time sheets, mileage reports and expense summaries for resource personnel in a timely and accurate manner.
-Serves as an advocate for the foster children placed in their caseload.
-Provides counseling and support for families to ensure the quality of care, appropriate behavior management and proper environmental conditions.
-Assists with transporting children to care providers including doctors, dentists, therapists, etc. when necessary.
-Assists with budgeting the funds given to each foster child by determining allowances and setting up savings accounts.
-Performs related duties as required.

Necessary Requirements of Work

Graduation from an accredited four year college or university with a B.A. Degree in social services, child development, psychology, or closely related field; considerable knowledge of therapeutic foster care regulations; a minimum of two years experience working with special needs children; or an advanced degree in social work or a comparable human service field; and maintain a full caseload; ability to make consistent and objective decisions in a timely manner; strong organizational and interpersonal skills; or any equivalent combination of education and experience to provide the following knowledge, abilities and skills:

-Thorough knowledge of the state rules and regulations pertaining to therapeutic foster care programs including required documentation, frequency of contacts, etc.
-Thorough knowledge of state licensure and training requirements for foster parents.
-Thorough knowledge of child development, developmental disabilities, and family dynamics.
-Thorough knowledge of behavior management techniques and interventions utilized with children and young adults.
-Thorough knowledge of the resources available in the community to assist foster children with established developmental objectives and life plans.
-Thorough knowledge of legal documents and judicial proceedings pertaining to the placement and custody of foster children.
-Thorough knowledge of the Compu-Care software program including all required data entry and documentation requirements.
-Considerable knowledge of psychotropic medications used to treat behavioral disorders in juveniles and adolescents.
-Ability to maintain a caseload of seven to ten foster children and meet all state requirements for visitation and documentation.
-Ability to interact with foster children and families in a sensitive and objective manner.
-Ability to react to emergency and/or crisis situations in an appropriate manner and reduce the likelihood of further escalation or danger to the involved parties.
-Ability to develop realistic and appropriate goals and objectives for each foster child in their caseload.
-Ability to create and maintain detailed notes and observations of children’s progress toward established objectives.
-Ability to make consistent and sound decisions regarding the care and safety of foster children in their caseload.
-Ability to conduct training sessions for prospective and/or current foster parents.
-Ability to plan and organize personal activities to meet all deadlines, reporting requirements and workload demands.
-Ability to effectively supervise and direct the activities of support staff when necessary.
-Skill in providing appropriate and creative interventions and redirecting unwanted behaviors in children.
-Skill in reacting to emergency situations and providing appropriate responses to diffuse the situation.

Necessary Special Requirements

-Incumbents must have a Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP) or Qualified Developmental Disability Professional (QDDP) designation to sign off on clinical notes and observations.
-Possession of a valid Drivers License and minimum amount of vehicle liability insurance required by the state.
-Certification in proper restraint procedures, First Aide, CPR, universal precautions and other training required by state regulations.
-Possession of an IBM compatible computer with a Windows 98 or more current operating system, high speed internet access, an IE browser and updated virus protection is required for Compu-Care access.

Note: Within each region a Resource Coordinator may be assigned the coordination of IT duties and responsibilities including the research of inaccurate data, implementation and/or update of information systems, troubleshooting hardware issues, etc. and will serve as the main liaison for their region with the Director of Information Services.

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