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The SYNAPSE System Administrator is responsible for the operational administration and network management of all PACS servers and workstations. This includes the following functions and activities:

• Daily system monitoring;

• Storage media management;

• User management;

• Network management;

• Quality control and performance monitoring;

• Study monitoring and patient information management;

• Training for new and ongoing users;

• Trouble-shooting and problem solving;

• Security, including development and monitoring of policies and procedures;

• Providing proactive technical administration, planning, coordination, documentation, and management reporting for the SYNAPSE system.

The System Administrator coordinates activities related to the SYNAPSE PACS System with the organization’s Information Systems Department and the Radiology Department.


Responsibilities of the SYNAPSE PACS System Administration are described below for each major functional area or activity.

(1). Daily System Monitoring :

• Daily monitoring of scheduled jobs, using monitoring tools;

• Daily monitoring of scheduled backup/archival software (HSM/OTG);

• Daily monitoring of HSM/OTG storage level and assuring that storage levels of all Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) partitions and Library are controlled appropriately;

• Daily monitoring of NT Server Event Log and resolution of unknown errors as appropriate;

• Monitoring of NT Server Hardware, including monitoring RAID;

• Notifying the Vendor of any problems and working collaboratively to solve those problems.

(2). Storage Media Management:

• Primary Backup Tape Management, including purchasing new tapes, labeling tapes, changing tapes/tape rotation scheme, storing tapes in secure place;

• Backup Tape Management, including purchasing new tapes, labeling tapes, changing tapes according to tape rotation scheme, storing tapes in secure place;

• Media Replacement Unit (MRU) Tape Management, including purchasing new tapes, labeling tapes, changing tapes according to HSM software guidelines, storing tapes in secure place;

• Primary Storage Tape Management, including purchasing new tapes, labeling tapes, and adding new tapes when necessary.

(3). User Management:

• Adding/Changing/Deleting Users on NT Server, including putting new users into appropriate user groups, granting appropriate permissions, changing users profiles, deleting users; and maintaining appropriate documentation for all NT user management functions.

• Adding/Changing/Deleting users on PACS, including adding new users to PACS database, putting new users into appropriate user groups, granting appropriate SYNAPSE database privileges, changing user profiles, deleting users; and maintaining appropriate documentation for all PACS users management functions.

(4). Network Management:

• Name Resolution, including IP address management, DHCP Server WINS and/or DNS server management;

• Hub, Router, Fire Wall, including network hub/switch, router, fire wall setting, etc.;

• Wiring, including new wiring, maintaining, changing, etc.;

• Domain Management, including PDC, BDC, etc.;

• Network Troubling-shooting and Problem-solving, including factors related to network connection, data transfer performance, etc.

(5). Quality Control and Performance Monitoring:

• Participating in Vendor training for Quality Control/Quality Assurance procedures;

• Developing and implementing Quality Control program to assure effective functioning and maintenance of SYNAPSE PACS System, consistent with QC procedures throughout the organization;

• Participating in and developing information for the organization’s performance indicators/quality assurance programs, including providing information to Radiology Management, Information Systems, and others as required.

(6). Study Monitoring and Patient Information Management:

• Monitoring unmatched studies;

• Correcting studies using drag-drop operation, when images are in the wrong study, when study belongs in the wrong patient; when patient merge, study re-allocation, or image re-allocation is required;

• Correcting study using Patient Management Tool, when patient information is wrong; and for creating new patients, changing patient information;

• Notifying Vendor Service that correcting study using Database Tool is necessary, when database

miss-matches occur and cannot be corrected; or when changing database information, using Database

Tool, is necessary.

(7). Training:

• Providing User Training, including planning and coordinating training (personnel, site, equipment, materials) with Vendor training personnel, upon System purchase and during software upgrades;

• Training additional new users and providing refresher training for all users as needed;

• Participating in System Administrator and QC training provided by Vendor; remaining current in new versions and techniques.

(8). System Configuration Changes and Modifications:

• Notifying and coordinating installations with Vendor personnel when adding new devices (purchased workstations, servers, archives, etc. supplied by Vendor), moving or removing Vendor supplied hardware, adding new purchased workstation licenses, database license, DICOM license, RIS interface license, etc;

• Install and setup workstation hardware supplied by the organization, including physicians’ PCs to be able to use SYNAPSE Diagnostic/Review/Desktop workstation license;

• Notifying, planning, and coordinating installation with Vendor personnel to add modality connections, including interfaces to new modalities;

• Notifying and coordinating with Vendor personnel when moves/changes to modalities’ DICOM

storage locations are required;

• Planning and coordinating software upgrades with Vendor personnel;

• Installing and maintaining other information software (e.g., MS office, e-mail, etc.) to workstations;

• Tracking and notifying Vendor personnel when modality software upgrades, RIS/HIS system software upgrades, or other related information system software upgrades are required.

(9.) Trouble-shooting and Problem Solving:

• Analyzing and notifying Vendor personnel when hardware problems associated with Vendor supplied hardware require Vendor personnel involvement and resolution;

• Analyzing and solving hardware problems related to hardware supplied by the organization;

• Analyzing and working with Vendor personnel to resolve SYNAPSE software problems, e.g., images cannot be sent or viewed, backup or HSM does not work correctly, etc.;

• Restoring data from backup;

• Analyzing and working with Vendor personnel to resolve software communication problems, including modality communication problems, RIS communication problems, etc.

(10.) Technical Documentation and Management Reporting:

• Developing and implementing policies and procedures, in cooperation with Information Systems, to assure that system monitoring and effective backup procedures are followed;

• Developing and maintaining materials and records (attendance, etc.) for user training;

• Developing and providing regular management reports to Radiology Administration and Information


Position Requirements
Graduate of accredited Radiologic
Technology Certification; Understanding and experience with electronic health
records (EHRs); Two years’ experience managing and implementing a Radiology
PACS system; One year’s experience with Radiology Information Systems (RIS);
Direct experience with DoD EHRs (Composite Health Care System [CHCS] and AHLTA); Experience with Fuji Synapse System highly desired.

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