Seeking Help With 3 1/2 Year Old Diagnosed With ASD
Chandler, AZ

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Our son will be 4 years old in June and has mild autism and also has some feeding issues. He is currently eating oatmeal and pureed foods. Through therapy he is currently able to take a spoonful of food given to him and feed himself. He started preschool this year as well. He has ABA therapy (which is basically aggressive behavioral therapy). We will teach you all about it if you do not know. Because of this therapy, he has a large vocabulary. His biggest issues are that he gets frustrated very easily and tantrums. He is also a really lovable kid who loves games and being outdoors. He will do great if we continue his therapy aggressively.
Our son has services through the state including habitation and respite care. If you are interested in this job, we will refer you to the agency that we work through. You would be employed through them but work in our home. The pay is based on experience with kids and your education. Starting employment with the company is pretty straight forward. It takes a little extra work than just taking a babysitting job, however, it is a great educational opportunity and a lot of fun. If this sounds like something you are interested in, please contact us. - 2 years ago - save job