Budget Officer
Department of the Air Force - Boise, ID

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Budget Officer

Boise, Idaho

Appointment Type:

PD #: D1678000








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  • Candidates must possess and maintain a Secret Security Clearance*
  • PCS is not authorized*
This is an Excepted Service position that requires membership in the Idaho Air National Guard as a condition of employment. Selectee will be required to wear the military uniform. Acceptance of an Excepted Service position constitutes concurrence with these requirements as a condition of employment. Loss of military membership will result in immediate loss of your full-time military technician position.

In accordance with the Labor Management Agreement, Article 18, Promotions:

Area of Consideration

The area of consideration for all Idaho National Guard bargaining unit positions will be as follows:


Bargaining unit members


All other individuals

This does not preclude management from selecting either Section (1) or Section (2) applications


Section (1) applicants have been considered.

Current technicians of the Idaho Air National Guard within the 124 CPTF.

Application materials must be received by

Tuesday, January 08, 2013


Failure to provide complete information may result in your not receiving consideration for this position.

Please refer to the Qualifications and Evaluations section to understand the requirements.


Military requirement: Officer


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The primary purpose of this position is to provide management oversight and guidance for both budget formulation and budget execution according to the Resource Management System (RMS).

The incumbent is recognized as the top technical authority regarding fiscal and budgetary policy, law, and regulatory guidelines for all organizations serviced by the Wing Budget Office. The incumbent fosters an environment conducive to teamwork among resource managers and decision-makers in meeting the objectives and goals of the Resource Management System.

This incumbent accomplishes budget functions in support of state and federal Air National Guard operations, training, and readiness missions, and the contingency operations of its total force and joint service partners.



Operates the Resource Management System, a network of commanders, resource advisors, cost center managers, and technical advisors aligned to the Wing/GSU organizational structure and oriented towards the management of appropriated funds and workdays for the accomplishment of unit missions.

Provides resource managers with necessary guidance, information, knowledge, and training to accomplish mission goals and objectives.

Designs presentation materials for, chairs, conducts, and documents the quarterly meetings of the Financial Working Group (FWG).

Designs materials for, briefs, and documents the quarterly Financial Management Board (FMB).

Designs, develops, conducts, and documents resource management training for all personnel responsible for the management and expenditure of appropriated funds and workdays.

Training includes initial review or continuation training of resource management processes, procedures, and requirements.

Maintains the training records for all resource managers.

Ensures that continuity documentation maintained by organizational resource managers is complete, up-to-date, and relevant.


Serves as the principal author for local resource management policy development and publication.

Interprets guidelines issued by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Congress, the Department of Defense (DoD), the United States Air Forces and Joint Services, the National Guard Bureau (NGB), and NGB/FMA and issues supplementary authoritative budget guidance.

Ensures compatibility with financial goals and objectives issued by higher authority.

Reviews, consolidates, approves, modifies, or disapproves budgetary data and reports submitted for consistency with goals, objectives, reasonableness, and accuracy.

Presents budgetary briefings with supporting statistical data to senior leadership who use the data to defend budget and manpower requirements and as a basis for making military decisions.

Presents the command’s financial position and defends budget requirements to visitors and budget examiners.

Develops data required for examining various options or scenarios related to budgetary issues that may adversely affect the organization.

Develops and presents data in professional and readily usable form via electronic or hardcopy presentation.


Serves as the principal budgetary advisor to senior leadership and top management personnel in maintaining balance, efficiency, and economy of operations to accomplish programmed objectives.

Exercises technical authority and discretion in distributing appropriated funds and workdays, approving or disapproving expenditures, validating or invalidating unfunded requirements submissions, and determining the required degree of funds control measures based on interpretations of fiscal law, the ANG Financial Guidance, generally accepted accounting principles, and locally developed resource management policy.

Exercises judgment and provides advice to commanders and resource advisors to ensure efficient, economical, and balanced use of funds.

Provides executive direction based on program review and analyses of budgetary operations.

Participates with senior leadership in policy development and program planning for Air National Guard, USAF, and Joint activities, including the recommendation of reprogramming actions to ensure the adequacy of funds for such missions and a balance between aviation and support activities.


Oversees budget formulation, validation, compilation, and submission, requiring the frequent contact with commanders, resource advisors, higher headquarters (ANG/FMA), and field counterparts.

Develops, prepares, presents, justifies, and defends analyses and summaries of budget performance at FWG and FMB meetings, staff meetings, impromptu meetings with senior leadership, related conferences, and during compliance or readiness inspections.

Issues the annual financial plan “call” to commanders and resource advisors ensuring timely notification, clear and concise instructions, and achievable “suspenses” for all required actions.

Validates, edits, consolidates, and submits baseline information, programmatic changes, unfunded requirements, and external worksheets to ANG/FMA before specified due dates.

To facilitate strategic decision-making, considers not just current-year execution of funds, but also historical costs up to five years, multi-year procurement funds and military construction funds.

Prepares and disseminates budget information and guidance for the military personnel, operation and maintenance (to include minor construction), investment equipment, and military construction appropriations.

Reviews all subordinate budget requests submitted by organization managers for compliance with the financial plan “call,” ANG/FMA guidelines, reasonableness, accuracy, valid assumptions, and consistency with past performance.

Drafts the annual financial plan commander’s statement, identifying the wing’s critical unfunded requirements and programmatic changes for the succeeding fiscal year.


Reviews initial funding (programmed or received) and devises and carries out apportionment to base organizations ensuring financial continuity between fiscal years.

Issues “call” for annual spend plans to commanders and resource advisors, ensuring timely notifications, clear and concise instructions, and “suspenses” for all required actions.

Reviews, validates, approves, and/or adjusts unit spend plans ensuring provision for “baseline” organizational expenses.

Reviews and apportions initial programmed or received funding for “model-driven” programs and other commodities and ensures unit program managers, resource advisors, and commanders are notified of related distributions.

Promptly reviews, validates, adjusts, and finalizes unit rephasing and reprogramming requests.

Ensures notification to the originator after such actions thereby preventing interruption or delay to primary mission operations.

Reviews, analyzes, and projects quarterly requirements for all programs and takes action as necessary to ensure the adequacy of all quarterly allotments as defined on the current funding document issued by ANG/FMA.

Reviews 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarter spend plans and allocates residual funding ensuring financial continuity between fiscal quarters.

Reviews and allocates incremental funding or workday amounts according to line items on related ANG/FMA funding documents ensuring timely notification to affected unit commanders and resource advisors and preventing delay to related mission operations.


Follows up on approved distributions by ensuring the prompt and accurate loading of fund targets to the accounting and supply systems, and by notifying the affected unit’s resource advisor.

Ensures the summary fund targets in the accounting records match the annual and quarterly amounts on ANG/FMA funding documents.

Ensures quarterly material targets in the accounting records match related targets in the Standard Base Supply System (SBSS).

Reviews financial documents initiated by organizations via automated or “off-line” financial systems, verifies appropriation data, and ensures expenses are compatible with unit apportionments and spend plans prior to the certification of fund availability.

Reviews organizational execution of discretionary funds for unusual balances, notifies affected commanders and resource advisors, and recommends corrective action.

Reviews and analyzes obligation rates and submits consolidated schedules of obligations and expenditures for the Comptroller’s and Wing Staff’s review on a periodic basis.

Compares actual obligations and expenditures against planned budgets and determines the reasons for deviations outside acceptable ranges.

Reports unusual findings to the Comptroller and recommends actions to improve the overall operation of the budget function.

Prepares written reports regarding findings and recommends required corrective actions.


Monitors the execution of the overall annual operating budget.

Reviews, analyzes, illustrates, and reports the differences between annual funding and actual expenditures for model-driven programs and discretionary funds on a continuous basis.

Identifies fund shortages and imbalances and takes action as necessary.

Investigates organizational efficiency and performance, assuring compliance with prescribed procedures and functions.

Furnishes advice and assistance to commanders and resource advisors in problem areas and attempts on-the-spot corrections, recommending improvements when warranted.

Continually furnishes advice and assistance by telephone or correspondence to commanders and resource advisors and directs corrective actions or provides alternative solutions to budgetary problems.

Serves as a primary technical expert on the treatment of budgetary data on forms, schedules, requests, and reports for use by the commanded organization or for use by organizational commanders and resource advisors.


Issues “Call” for unfunded requirements that meet ANG/FMA Budget Execution Review (BER) criteria ensuring timely notification, clear and concise instructions, and achievable “suspenses” for all required financial actions.

Ensures all unfunded requirements are captured, and any other shortfalls not previously identified, and submits prioritized list to ANG/FMA before specified due dates.

Reviews and analyzes operations to determine causes of variances from budgets, time-phased schedules, and cost limitations.

Oversees the unfunded requirements rating process to gain the required recommendations and approvals during FWG and FMB meetings.

Holds separate budget meetings with commanders and resource advisors, outside the FWG/FMB, to review budget execution, reprogram funds or identify requirements for revocation, request for supplemental funding needed, and determine the optimal use of resources.

Develops strategies for solving funding problems including using alternative methods, sources and timing of funding or deferring or canceling requirements when supplemental funding cannot be secured.

Submits “out-of-cycle” requests to ANG/FMA for unfunded requirements when a shortfall develops, often accompanied by unique circumstances to support amounts requested.


Performs special studies and selective reviews of budgetary programs and procedures (e.g., conversions or mission changes/additions).

Analyzes, evaluates, and identifies the areas and types of incremental funding and workdays required, initiates corrective or improvement actions where needed, and reports overall cost to ANG/FMA.

Briefs the related funds availability for conversion or mission addition/change activity, staff requirements, historical trends, and straw man budget recommendations, including suggested decrements and/or alternate methods of funding at wing staff and impromptu meetings, and recommends major reprogramming actions when necessary.

Briefs the senior leadership, key management, and program managers regarding the effects of conversion and mission changes on current and future operating budgets and the those effects on current or future missions and operations.

As necessary, defends the leadership’s position and budget requirements when visiting ANG/XP, ANG/FMA, other higher headquarters agencies, and outside audit personnel.


Performs other duties as assigned.

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Analyze problems to identify significant factors, gather pertinent data, and recognize solutions;

Plan and organize work; and

Communicate effectively orally and in writing.

Such experience may have been gained in administrative, professional, technical, investigative, or other responsible work. Experience in substantive and relevant secretarial, clerical, or other responsible work may be qualifying as long as it provided evidence of the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA's) necessary to perform the duties of the position to be filled. Experience of a general clerical nature (typing, filing, routine procedural processing, maintaining records, or other nonspecialized tasks) is not creditable. Trades or crafts experience appropriate to the position to be filled may be creditable for some positions.

A degree with an emphasis on accounting.

(Proof of degree must be submitted in application package)

Within your application package, you must explain how you gained the specialized experience required for this position.

Applicants applying at the GS 12 level must have 36 months experience.

Successful completion of a full 4-year course of study in

any field

leading to a bachelor's degree, in an accredited college or university, meets the GS-5 level requirements for many positions covered by this standard. Others have individual occupational requirements that specify that applicants must, in general, (1) have specific course work that meets the requirements for a major in a

particular field(s)

, or (2) have at least 24 semester hours of course work in the field(s) identified. Course work in fields closely related to those specified may be accepted if it clearly provides applicants with the background of knowledge and skills necessary for successful job performance. One year of full-time undergraduate study is defined as 30 semester hours or 45 quarter hours.

(Proof of education must be submitted with application package)

Idaho National Guard Mission Statement:
The incredible versatility of the National Guard enables its troops to respond to domestic emergencies, combat missions, counter drug efforts, reconstruction missions and more—all with equal speed, strength and efficiency.

Whether the call is coming from the Governor of the State of Idaho or directly from the President of the United States, Guard Soldiers and Airman are always ready and always there.

Selectee will be required to participate in the Direct Deposit Funds Transfer Program.

This is a dual-status position and membership in the Idaho Air National Guard is required. By submitting this application you are affirming to the validity of the information you have provided.

All male applicants born after 31 December 1959 will be required to furnish a statement of Selective Service registration status prior to appointment. (5 U.S.C. 3328)

Acceptance of any military technician position over 179 days will cause termination of entitlement and eligibility for all bonuses and student loan repayments effective the date of employment. This does not affect the Montgomery GI Bill eligibility. Payments of Selected Reserve reenlistment bonuses authorized in section 308b of title 37, United States Code, to Military Technicians (Dual Status) who become eligible for reenlistment while serving on active duty in Iraq, Afghanistan or Kuwait in support of Operation Enduring Freedom or Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation New Dawn (in theater) are excluded from repayment.

Acceptance of any military technician position may affect your incentive bonus. Check with your incentives manager to see if this applies to the incentive you received.

Applicants who feel they have reinstatement/restoration/re-promotion rights to this grade and position should contact the Human Resources Office.

The Idaho National Guard is an Equal Opportunity employer. Selection for this position will be made without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, physical handicap or age which does not interfere with job accomplishment or National Guard membership. Veteran's Preference does not apply to any National Guard position.

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To apply for this position, you must provide a complete Application Package, which includes all of the documents in the required documents section.

The complete application package must be submitted by 11:59 PM (MST) on

Tuesday, January 08, 2013


We are currently not accepting on-line applications. Please use the following information to submit your application:

  • By Mail or Hand Deliver to:
Idaho National Guard

Human Resource Office/Staffing

4794 Gen Manning Ave, Bldg 442

Boise, Idaho 83705-8112

  • Email or Fax requires prior approval from the HR Staffing Specialist for each application submitted.
Important information regarding completion and submission of your Application Package:

  • Applicants must type or print in legible dark ink, sign and date each application package.
Failure to provide complete information may result in your not receiving consideration for this position.


Current Resume or OF 612

  • Personnel Records Review (RIP) (available at the MPF)
  • DD Form 214s (if applicable) (Current technicians disregard)
  • Current medical forms
1. Physical Profile Serial Report (AF Form 422)

2. Duty Limiting Conditions Report (if applicable) (AF Form 469)


Transcript (If using education to substitute for experience, you must submit a transcript)

  • Job related certificates and licenses (Optional) - current only.
  • SF 181E, Ethnicity and Race Identification (Optional) (For Historical purposes only)
Leann M. Reid

Phone: (208)422-3342


Agency Information:
Idaho National Guard


ATTN Staffing Specialist

4794 Farman St Bldg 442




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