Dev Ops & Automation Engineers
Wistia - Cambridge, MA

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Every minute, people watch over 36 hours of video hosted by Wistia. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes to make this happen. What started 7 years ago as a meager Rails app on a single shared hosting box is now multiple services running across hundreds of machines. We’ve come a long way, and we’ve done it with very limited resources. We’re proud that our engineering team is just five people. But we are growing faster than ever and need help scaling. With a few more really talented teammates, we can push the product to a new level. We are looking for a teammate to join us in person at our office here in Cambridge, MA.

Here are the big problems we’re working on:
  • Quickly and reliably encoding vast amounts of video (last year we encoded 37 years of video).
  • Processing and storing video analytics data at scale (we served 1.3 billion videos last year).
  • Ensuring our video embeds are the most resilient and fastest loading embeds on the planet.
  • Automatically provisioning and managing our infrastructure (currently hundreds of servers).
  • Operating our services across multiple datacenters and continents.
  • Instrumenting and measuring all our systems.

Our business is built almost entirely on open source tools. Here’s what we like:
  • Nginx, HAProxy, Varnish
  • Ruby, RSpec
  • Rails, Sinatra, EventMachine
  • FFmpeg, mplayer, mediainfo, imagemagick
  • Chef, Capistrano
  • MySQL, Redis, memcache
  • God
  • SVN
  • Ubuntu, Gentoo
One of these items is a joke ;)

We pride ourselves on being flexible, but there are some things we’re pretty stubborn about:
  • Do it right. We focus on the long term. We love to be productive, but deadlines are the first thing to be sacrificed in the name of quality!
  • Think for yourself. Nothing’s worse than dogma — whether it’s around programming languages, data stores or development methodologies. We do what’s right for us, no matter how much Hacker News might hate it.
  • Simplicity over everything. If you're smart enough to write 100s of lines of clever spaghetti code, you should be smart enough to realize that someone will probably break it later. It can be hard to make things simple and elegant, but it’s worth the effort.
  • Great teams are better than the all star players. No matter how great someone's ideas, they'll be improved through collaboration.
  • Have fun. We believe that in order to produce exceptional work, you have to love what you do.

If you do these things, you'll probably like working here:
  • You care deeply about user experience.
  • You have exceedingly high standards.
  • You're self-directed and enjoy the risks and rewards of having lots of autonomy.
  • You really love coming up with creative solutions to hard problems.
  • You actively seek feedback on your work and always want to improve.
  • You're excited to be part of an extremely productive and thoughtful company that’s growing at a fast pace.

Since you've made it this far, here's why we think you should join us:
  • We have big scalability challenges to solve. They aren't hypothetical; they affect real, paying customers.
  • You will have lots of autonomy and influence. The most common way that something gets done at Wistia is as follows: someone has an idea, they share it with a few coworkers, they collaboratively refine what it should be, and they go build it. People are their own project managers, and this works because everybody on the team understands our business and what's important to us and to our customers.
  • You'll have a ton of fun at work. Ping pong tables and Friday beers are great, but that’s not what what makes for a fun work environment. What’s really fun is working with a group of highly motivated, upbeat people who thrive on working together to build something amazing.
  • We are profitable, growing and have raised only seed money, so we have the luxury of always being able to do what best serves the long-term value of the company. We don't have the typical small-business pressures of having to figure out how we'll make money, nor do we have hard lines for how much we have to grow in any period of time to continue operating.
  • We pay well, and provide excellent health and dental benefits. We're easy to get to — just a short walk from the Central Square Red Line stop in Cambridge, MA.
  • We have lots of bulleted lists in our job postings.

If we sound fun and interesting to you, please apply with some links (e.g. Github, Twitter) or attachments (e.g. non-public code, technical writings) that will help us understand your background.

Thanks for reading!

--Brendan, Max, Robby, Mary & James