Jr. Software Asset Management Analyst
SoftwareONE - Waukesha, WI

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Summa r y
W o rki n g i n a team e nviro n ment, the Jr. S A M Analyst i s r e sp o nsib l e for managing new and current customer’s licenses. The SAM Analyst will ass i st cust o mers in und e rs t a n ding a n d c on trolling the i r software l i c en s ing entitlement, av oiding le g al pitfalls re l at e d to lice n sing by lever a ging ind u stry b e st pract i c e s wh i le exp a ndi n g Softwar e ON E ’s l i ce n s i n g o pport u nities a nd b uildi n g mor e - p rofita b le, long term relatio n shi p s with our c u stomers.

K e y Focus and Objecti v e for Rol e :
  • On-going support of customer’s entitlement (all publishers)
  • Import ing licenses and agreements into the entitlement database
  • Perform i ng an inventory of installed software
  • Perform i ng reconciliation analysis for different publishers
  • Mat c hing s of t ware with licen s e s
  • Creating customized reports and comparison for cost savings
  • Cr e ating recommendations how to license, reconcile, re-harvest licensing entitlement
  • Working with software publishers and customers to retrieve the correct licenses / agreement base
Meth o dical Comp e ten ce :
  • Strong Analytical ski l ls
  • Strong Methodical skills
  • Skills in b u si n ess pr o c es s analys i s
Functio n al /Techni c al Compet e nc e :
  • Lic e ns i ng kn o wle d ge and p rod u ct use ri g hts for Microsoft, Orac l e, Symantec, Adobe, e t c.
  • Software A s set Manag e m e nt kn o wle d ge and exper i e n c e
  • SAM Accredi t ation
  • Tec h nol o gy b as i c skil l s re g ardi n g syst e m platfor m s (Microsoft), client & s e rver environment
  • Providing tra i ning to key end u s e rs
Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Co n s ulti n g cust o mer’s entitlement
  • Dir e ct c u sto m er c o ntact; work i ng at c u s t omer l o cati o n
  • Selling SAM Analysis & Recommendations
  • Devel o pment of SAM Best Practices & Strategy for managing entitlement
  • Supporting SAM Proj e c ts, r o llout and tra n sfer of entitlement
  • Develo p ment functional c o nc e pts
  • Cr e ate d o c u mentation of operat i onal concepts, workflows.
  • Analyze cus t omer l i ce n s e contrac t s
  • Investigation and c l arification with the software p ubl i s h e rs
  • Internal a n d ex ternal w o rkshop, User tra i ning
Kn o w l e dge, Skills and Abilities Required:
  • Highly motivated and result oriented
  • Strong presentation, communication, organization, multitasking, and time management skills
  • Driven and independent work ethics
  • Solid Problem solving and consultative skills
  • Very good Microsoft Office knowledge

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