Able Body/Ordinary Seaman
Kirby Corporation - Seattle, WA

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AB/Ordinary Seaman

Job Function

The AB/Ordinary Seaman is responsible to the watch officer for the loading, discharging and maintenance of the vessel in accordance with regulatory and labor agreement requirements. Duties include, but are not limited to, handling lines and cables during docking and undocking, making ready for sea, and communicating instructions during all activities via radio. AB/Ordinary Seaman learns maintenance, loading and discharging, handling ropes and lines, and standing watches on the bridge as well as how to handle fire fighting and lifesaving equipment.

Job Duties

Basic Functions

Performs basic labor functions as directed by the Mate, and performs any other duties as assigned.

Physical Requirements, Demands and Working Conditions

Type of Task Frequency Exposure/Condition

Walking with and/or carrying tools, hoses, supplies, stores and lines while crossing pipes, ledges, sills, catwalks and/or climbing ladders. Several times daily 100 lbs. minimum

Distances in excess of 100 feet

Walking over catwalks, hatchways, over uneven surfaces. Climbing ladders, stairwells. Daily Slippery surfaces

Lifting from floor Several times daily 0 - 100 lbs.

Lifting heavy bulky objects Several times daily 0 - 100 lbs.

Lifting heavy weights > 100 lbs. Several times daily 100+ lbs.

Lifting repeatedly/high repetitions Several times daily 0 - 100 lbs.

Lifting above shoulder height Several times daily 0 - 100 lbs.

Type of Task Frequency Exposure/Condition

Lifting from floor to above shoulder height Several times daily 0 - 100 lbs.

Bending, stretching, twisting, reaching out Daily 0 - 100 lbs.

Pushing, pulling loads/cables/lines/ropes over 150 feet Daily High force required

7 - 21 lbs. per foot.

Catching/throwing heavy wire, ropes and lines > 50 ft. in length Several times daily High force required.

7 - 21 lbs. per foot

Carrying objects/weights for distances up to 1100’ Several times daily 0 - 100 lbs.

Slippery surfaces/All weather conditions

Balancing on beams while carrying load. Daily Various weights

Ladder climbing - 3’ to 75’ with heavy load Daily 0 - 20 lbs. Ascending and descending.

Stair climbing - 3’ to 75’ with heavy load Daily 0 - 20 lbs. Ascending and descending.

Cleaning machines and equipment Daily Environmental and chemical

Works at heights up to 40 feet above levels Daily Agility, balance.

Ascending and descending

Climbing walls, masts, bulkheads various levels Daily Slippery surfaces

All weather conditions

Turn valves - small diameter, large diameter while reaching Daily High force required.

Tightening nuts/bolts and hammering (singlely and simultaneously with other hand) Daily High force required.

Works at heights up to 50 ft. above levels Daily Ability, balance. Ascending and descending

Enter/exit hatches, stairways. Daily Agility, balance.

Wearing required PPE while performing any task above. (ie respirators, goggles, etc..) Daily Environmental and chemical.

Proper use and fit of respirator or self-contained breathing apparatus. As needed

(Emergencies) Exposure to chemicals toxins.

Temperature extremes Daily Environmental. Temperatures up to 130 degrees F.

Vision adequate for minimum or very dim light. Daily Environmental and night time work.

Hear verbal commands/both ears/> 10 ft. distance/noise levels. Daily Noise >85 dB TWA

Ear protection required

Type of Task Frequency Exposure/Condition

Dust, fumes, vapors, gases, particulates, dirt, oil and grease Daily Environmental and chemical.

Confined workspace and cramped areas Daily Environmental and chemical

Communication skills Daily Writing, reading, calculation/estimation skills and verbal presentation.

Additional Responsibilities and Requirements

A. Learning and training

Learns to steer the vessel, stand lookout watches, interpret points of the compass in detecting other vessels and determining their movements, calling of the watch, fire rounds and fire watches.

Learns to maintain deck structures, gears and fittings.

Learns to operate deck machinery, including ground tackle, and learns to use various hand tools to maintain the vessel, such as needle guns, scrapers, sanders, paint brushes and paint rollers.

Learns to handle lines and cables; to secure and maintain them.

Learns to clean tanks and to maintain and secure associated equipment such as pumps and hoses.

Learns to perform anchor watches, including fire rounds, ground tackle inspections and calling off the watch.

Learns to perform gangway watches, including fire rounds, visitor logs, and visitor and package inspections as directed by the Master, and to handle lines.

B. Safety

Participate in safety meetings.

Follows safety policies and procedures as outlined in the Operations Manual.

Wears safety equipment such as eye protection, hearing protection, gloves, safety clothing, steel toe boots, respirators and foul weather gear.

Participates in emergency and abandon ship operations and uses associated equipment such as fire extinguishers.

Secures the vessel during inclement weather.

Completes accident reports describing the incident.

C. Inspecting, record-keeping and verifying

Keeps own overtime records.

General Qualifications

Must possess United Stated Coast Guard merchant mariner’s document with the endorsement of AB/Ordinary Seaman.

Ability to read in English - reads tool manuals or booklets, memos, United States Coast Guard requirements, written instructions, material safety data sheets.

Ability to write in English - writes accident reports, fills out checklists, takes U. S. Coast Guard exams and writes reports required by the company.

Ability to maintain “stable personality” during extended stays away from family and friends and in trying situations.

Ability to communicate in English with others.

Ability to work in stressful situations such as storms, high rivers and seas, long voyages, unfamiliar surroundings and extremes of heat and cold.

Ability to follow oral and written instructions in English.

Ability to use basic math - counting, addition, subtraction, for example to gauge, use a tape measure, tell time, make a certain number of turns on valves, use quantities of epoxy paint mixes.

Ability to use mechanical comprehension and aptitude in working with tackle and understanding mechanical advantage - amount of line needed and line lost in blocks.

Has basic knowledge of good seamanship and watch standing.

Knowledge and willingness to follow company rules, safety rules and environmental policies.

Mechanical comprehension and understanding in order to learn and grasp job knowledge -.

Ordinary Seaman expected to move to Able Bodied Seaman position in 18 months.

Understands and uses proper shipboard terminology in communication.

Works 28 days on and 14 days off; stands two 6 hour watches per day, or one 12 hour watch, or additional hours as required for docking/undocking, stores, vessel safety, and necessary maintenance.

Foreign articles may be signed for 6 months duration.

Live in small quarters, sometimes with shared toilet facilities.

Must be drug and alcohol free while on company property or during course and scope of company business.

We are proud to be an EEO/AA employer M/F/D/V. We maintain a drug-free workplace and perform pre-employment substance abuse testing.

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