Custodial Services Coordinator (Military Lease Agent Coordinator)
Military - Portland, OR

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The Oregon National Guard (ORNG) is constitutionally based in both the Federal and State Constitution and is commanded by The Adjutant General, who is appointed by the Governor. The purpose of the Oregon Military Department (OMD) is to assist and support The Adjutant General in executing his Constitutional duties as Commander of the ORNG. The Adjutant General is statutorily required to command, provide administration, and oversee construction and maintenance of facilities, training camps and areas, and air bases for the Oregon Army and Air National Guard in support of the Governor. The ORNG provides the Governor with a ready force to assist civilian authorities during civil unrest or natural disasters, or responds to the President during national emergencies.

Within this military environment, OMD employees work in a wide range of occupations including armed security, fire fighters, repair/refurbish Department of Defense equipment, support youth activities, operate and maintain over 50 facilities throughout the state, manage major construction projects, and provide expertise in environmental compliance as well as managing the agency’s budget and fiscal resources, providing human resource management and payroll activities for State employees, and soldiers and airmen called for State Active Duty.

Our positions mirror the wide variety of skills and knowledge needed to support the ORNG mission. If you are interested in an opportunity to work in a complex, fast-paced military environment, please consider applying for a position with the OMD.

Adjutant General Installations
This position is within the Oregon Military Department (OMD) Adjutant General Installations (AGI) Division. The Installations Division includes the Real Property Operations and Maintenance (RPOM) Branch, Construction Branch, Environmental Branch, and Support Branch. The Division is responsible for the operation, maintenance, repair, alteration, rental, and leasing of Oregon Army National Guard (ORARNG) facilities; design and construction of new facilities; acquisition and disposal of land and facilities; and environmental compliance. The Division also constructs, maintains, and operates joint facilities for other federal, state, and local agencies including the Navy, Marine Corps, State Police, Department of Transportation, Department of Corrections, universities, colleges, and other entities.

GENERAL INFORMATION This is a full-time, permanent position with the Oregon Military Department located in Portland.

This position is represented by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees’ (AFSCME) Union.

NOTE: This recruitment announcement will be used to establish a list of qualified candidates to fill the current vacancies and may be used to fill future vacancies as they occur.

Duties & Responsibilities:

The primary purpose of this position is to perform general cleaning inside and outside of OMD facilities, act as a liaison for customers, general public and private contractors and coordinates and monitors private custodial contractors and Military Lease Agents (MLA), insuring that buildings and property are properly cleaned and maintained.

Building Maintenance: Monitors building standards and cleanliness. Performs custodial duties including general cleaning, floor care, ground maintenance work and uses cleaning chemicals on a daily basis. Cleans walls and other surfaces. Cleans windows and mirrors. Cleans and sanitizes toilets, sinks, and showers. Fills dispensers. Dusts, sweeps, strips, mops, waxes and buffs floors. Vacuums and shampoos carpets. Picks up litter, shovels snow, sweeps steps, rakes leaves, cleans storm drains, mows, weed eats, cleans gutters and edges lawns. Collects and bundles recyclable items. Changes light bulbs. Clears clogged drains and toilets. Locks and unlocks buildings. Turns lights on and off. Makes rounds to ensure systems are functioning properly. Distributes and collects keys to building. Prepares applicable reports and keeps a variety of records.

Facility Rentals: Reviews the Oregon Military Department (OMD) facility rental contract with renters. Informs renters of all rules governing the facility. Reviews renter’s plans for using the facility and informs renter if the plan or any part of the plan conflicts with their contract. Ensures the security of areas where items are stored (weapons, computers, etc.) by making sure that doors are locked and periodically checked. Briefs security guards hired by the renter. If security is scheduled and does not show up, notifies security agency. Ensures compliance with OLCC by making sure permit is posted, makes sure that security guards have licenses from the city or state. Coordinates set-up of facility. Ensures that the facility is cleared of anything that may injure people who rent the facility. Prior to or before event concludes, collects rental fees.

Inspects clean-up of the facility after the event and if necessary may stay on after the event to clean. Performs final inspection after the renter or assigned crew has cleaned the facility. Prepares applicable reports and keeps a variety of records. Negotiate and prepare rental contracts in absence of the assigned FMS.

Coordinates staffing needs for assigned shift. Calls for substitute staff in case of unplanned absences of Military Lease Agent (MLA). Assists in training new employees to do custodial or military lease agent work and to correctly operate equipment. Coordinates the work of private custodial contractors or military lease agent staff on assigned shift. Moves and arranges furniture for various special functions.

Minor Repairs: Performs minor maintenance of custodial equipment and building. Changes belts or bags on vacuum cleaners, changes brushes and pads on floor buffers and polishers, tightens screws, and replaces doorknobs. Reports needed building repairs to Facility Maintenance Specialist (FMS). Maintains safety standards.

Inventory Maintenance: Keeps an inventory of supplies, furniture, equipment, linen and materials. Coordinates linen and custodial supply needs of custodial and military lease agent staff and requisitions new supplies and materials. Reports missing furniture or equipment; empties ashtrays and waste baskets.

Qualifications & Desired Attributes:


To qualify, applicant must:

Have a current and valid driver license;


Two (2) years of experience in custodial services work.

As a condition of employment applicant will be required to:
  • Push, pull and lift up to 50 lbs;
  • Obtain and maintain a security clearance at the confidential level;
  • Pass and maintain a drug/alcohol free workplace in accordance with the 1988 Drug Free Workplace Act, OMD Drug/Alcohol Testing Policy and applicable collective bargaining agreement;
  • Work a modified day shift which include evening’s and weekend’s schedule. You may be required to “flex” your work schedule to accomplish tasks in support of the Rental Program and the Oregon National Guard.


We are seeking candidates with a work history that demonstrates experience in the following areas:
  • Custodial procedures including safety precautions;
  • Work without direct supervision;
  • Minor maintenance repairs on building fixtures and equipment.;
  • Working with computers for tracking purposes, work order, emails, scheduling and preparing reports;
  • Explaining rules, regulations, policies and procedures;
  • Strong team player skills, including the willingness to collaborate, share information and contribute to team success;
  • Maintenance and grounds keeping.

Additional Information:

The Oregon Military Department is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action employer, committed to a diverse workforce with equal opportunity programs.

To Apply, follow the "Apply" link above to complete the Oregon Employment Application online. If the announcement requires attachments or supplemental questions, all application materials must be received by the closing date/time posted on this announcement.
If you require an alternate format in order to complete the employment process, you may call Recruitment Services at (503) 584-3514. Please be prepared to leave a message describing the alternate format needed.

The pay and benefits on all announcements may change without notice. Please be aware that due to economic downturn and subsequent state budget shortfall, AFSCME has agreed mandatory unpaid furlough days for employees. This position will be required to take furlough days through June 30, 2013.

Only complete applications will be considered. Be sure to answer all supplemental questions completely and attach all required documentation. Responses to the supplemental questions will determine if you meet the minimum qualifications, any special qualifications and/or desired attributes for this position. Qualified applicants whose responses most closely match the requirements for this position will be invited to interview.

The selection process will consist of a review of the material provided and an evaluation of experience and training.

The successful candidate for this position will be subject to a LEDS check.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Requiring Email Addresses

To improve communication with all applicants, the State of Oregon requires an e-mail address be provided on all applications received.

If you do not currently have an email address and do not know where to go to get one please refer to our Applicant Frequently Asked Questions web page, scroll to the How to Apply for a Job section, question #14 to view several links to internet providers where you can get a free e-mail account. The state of Oregon does not endorse any particular provider.
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Veteran Preference Points

Since the time of the Civil War, Veterans of the Armed Forces have been given some degree of preference in appointments to government jobs. In recognizing the sacrifices made by those serving in the Armed Forces, Congress enacted laws to prevent veterans seeking employment from being penalized because of the time spent in military service.

To qualify for 5 points, if you are a qualifying veteran or a non-service connected disabled veteran you may obtain preference by submitting as verification of eligibility a copy of your DD214 or 215 or a letter from the U.S. Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) indicating receipt of a non-service connected pension with application.

To qualify for 10 points , if you are a qualifying veteran with a service connected disability you must submit a copy of your DD 214/215 and a Veteran’s disability preference letter from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, unless the information is included in the DD Form 214/215. You may call 1-800-827-1000 to request a public employment preference letter.

We provide qualifying veterans and disabled veterans with preference in employment in accordance with Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 408.225, 408.230, and 408.235; Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) 105-040-0010 and 105-040-0015.

For detailed information regarding Veteran Preference Laws visit: and ORS 408.230 .
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