Surgical Technician 40 hrs various shifts for St Elizabeth Health Center
Humility of Mary Health Partners (E - Youngstown, OH

This job posting is no longer available on Humility of Mary Health Partners (E.

POSITION TITLE: Surgical Technologist
JOB CODE: 5370
ENTITY: St. Elizabeth Health Center
DEPARTMENT: Clinical Services/Surgery
REPORTS TO: Director

The Mission of Humility of Mary Health Partners is to extend the healing ministry of Jesus by improving the health of our communities with emphasis on people who are poor and under-served.


The Surgical Technologist, working under the direction of the nurse manager and the supervision of the surgeon performs the functions of surgical assistant and surgical scrub; scrubs and assists on operative procedures using aseptic technique; performs pre-operative shave preparation; provides the care of, proper use of and reassembling of instrumentation; performs other duties as assigned.

The Surgical Technologist actively promotes behaviors that are consistent with the mission and values of the organization. He/she demonstrates and reinforces CQI principles with unit customers, including patients, families, physicians, and nursing and other staff members. The Surgical Technologist supports positive patient, family and staff relationships.


? Graduate of an accredited School of Surgical Technology.
? Current CPR card.
? Attaining competence in the assigned area.
? Certification required within one year of hire.

Experience Preferred:
? Experience in providing direct patient care.
? Computer literacy.
? Previous experience working in Care Center specialty areas.

? Follows general instructions.
? Understands several defined work routines
? Reads various references, extracts information, and applies basic arithmetic functions.
? May operate basic equipment/machinery.

Problem Solving/Decision Making:
? Makes decisions by reviewing defined alternatives.
? Receives assistance from standard procedures, coworkers, and/or supervisor(s).

Scope of Impact/Accountability:
? Impact is generally focused on immediate work area. May also affect closely related activities in other work units or teams on a temporary basis.
? Influence is indirect and supportive in nature.
? Accountability is restricted.
? Activities are usually assigned by others.

Interpersonal Communication:
? Coordinates work with others.
? Conveys detailed, routine information.
? Provides written responses in standard format to others knowledgable about subject.
? Requires listening skills to maintain cooperative associations.

1. Performs the function of a surgical scrub nurse.
2. Performs the functions of a surgical assistant under direct supervision of the physician and/or
surgical resident in the operating room.
3. Assists in cardiopulmonary resuscitation as directed by physician.
4. Reports any implanted devices, catheters, drains and packing to circulating nurse for documentation.
5. Performs the pre-operative skin preparation and shave as ordered.
6. Inserts foley catheters as ordered.
7. Knowledgeable and has the ability to use or assist in the use of surgical equipment.
8. Capable of assisting or scrubbing on all surgical procedures.
9. Implements the standards of practice of the Association of Surgical Technologists.
10. Knowledgeable and skilled in care of instrumentation, the proper use of and reassembling of instruments sets.
11. Participates in orientation of new staff.
12. Functions “on-call” as scheduled and is available when needed within twenty minutes of phone request.
13. Performs the functions of a surgical scrub that includes:
- Check supplies and equipment needed for surgical procedure; has knowledge of surgical preference and instrumentation.
- Scrub, gown and glove.
- Set up sterile table with instruments, sutures, blades, electro-surgical equipment, suction, prosthesis, and solutions needed for procedure.
- Count sponges, needles, and instruments with circulator prior to procedure and before incision is closed.
- Gown, glove, surgeons, assistants, etc..
- Assist in draping sterile field.
- Pass instruments, etc., to surgeon during procedure.
- Prepare sterile dressings, etc..
- Maintain highest standard of sterile technique during procedure.
- Clean and prepare instruments for terminal sterilization.
- Assist other members of team with terminal cleanup of room in readiness for next patient.
14. Performs functions of surgical assistant under direct supervision of the physician and/or surgical
resident in the operating room.
- Retracts during operative procedure.
- May clamp or tie bleeders.
- May utilize cautery as directed by physician.
- Suture fascia, subcutaneous tissue and skin.
- Suction surgical wound.
- May instill irrigation solution under the direction of the physician.
- May assist in the application of a cast.
- May apply gelfoam, avitene, surgicel in wound, per physician orders.
- May use power or manual equipment for fixation during orthopedic procedures as directed by physician. This includes screws, pins and similar devices.
- In a complex situation the Surgical Technologist may cut tissue as specifically directed by the physician at the operating room table.
15. Knowledgeable and has the ability to use or assist in the use of the following equipment:
- Sterilizers
- Electrosurgical machines
- EKG monitors
- Suction machines
- Endoscopic equipment
- Pacemaker equipment
- Orthopedic tourniquets
- Microscopes
- Air-powered equipment
- Operating tables
- Lasers
16. Capable of assisting or scrubbing on the following procedures:
- ENT surgery
- General surgery
- Gynecological surgery
- Vascular surgery
- Neurosurgery
- Rectal surgery
- Plastic repair and reconstruction
- Transplant surgery and organ procurement
- Thoracic surgery
- Cardiac surgery
- Eye surgery
16. Capable of assisting or scrubbing on the following procedures (cont’d):
- Orthopedic surgery
- Urological surgery

1. Performs other duties as assigned.
2. Competency to create and maintain a sterile field.
a. Uses principles of aseptic practice.
b. Initiates corrective action when breaks in technique.
c. Inspects sterile items for contamination before opening.
d. Maintains sterility while opening sterile items for procedure.
e. Functions within designated dress code.
3. Competency to provide equipment and supplies based on patient’s needs.
a. Anticipates the need for equipment and supplies in a judicious and cost effective manner.
b. Assures all equipment is functioning before use and operates according to manufacturer’s instruction.
c. Assures emergency equipment and supplies are available at all times.
3. Competency to perform sponge, sharps, and instrument counts.
a. Follow established policy and procedures for counts.
b. Initiates corrective actions when counts are incorrect.
4. Competency to demonstrate care of specimens.
a. Accurately handling, labeling and recording specimens.
5. Competency to monitor and control the environment.
a. Adheres to electrical safety policies and procedures.
b. Monitors sensory environments and limits traffic patterns.
c. Adheres to policies concerning waste disposal and universal precautions.
d. Coordinates patient care needs with team leaders and other appropriate departments.
6. Competency to respect patient’s rights.
a. Demonstrates awareness of individual rights of patients.
b. Provides for privacy through maintaining confidentiality and physical protection.
7. Competency to perform nursing actions that demonstrate accountability.
a. Demonstrates flexibility and adaptability to changes in nursing practice.
b. Practices within ethical and legal guidelines.
c. Seeks opportunity for continued learning.

FACILITY: Humility of Mary Health Partners
JOB TITLE: Direct Patient Care Staff
1-33% 34-66% 67-100% 0%
workday workday workday workday
Sitting X
Standing X
Walking: 2.3 mph, 0 incline X
Unilateral Horizontal Reach 0-18” X
Unilateral Vertical Reach 36-72” X
Bilateral Carry 30’, 27# X
Push/Pull 100’, 19ft. lbs. X
Hold 200# patient sidelying while doing procedure x 2 min. X
Roll 200# patient away/toward self X
Transfer 105# person chair-chair 5x/hr. with gait belt X
Bed-cart transfer with 200# person and assist of one with sheet X
More 200# person up in bed with assist of one and sheet X
Lift 0-30# 6”-36” from floor X
Lift 0-50# 6”-36” from floor X
Lift 0-20# 36”-48” from floor X
Lift 0-20# 6”-72” from floor X
Bilateral fine motor manipulation X
Climbing stairs X
Functional near, far, color vision aided or unaided X
Functional hearing aid or unaided X
Functional verbal communication skills X
Climbing ladders X
Working from heights X
Crawling X
Kneeling X
Running X
Operating machines: (2hand(s)) X
Operating machines: (2foot/feet) X
Moving of beds—2 person required for procedure X
Working overtime as assigned to meet operational / patient care demands X

Category I Job Classification – HMHP employees who have jobs with tasks that routinely involve exposure or potential exposure to blood, body fluids, tissues and/or used sharps.