Highway Technician 1
State of Ohio - Fairfield County, OH

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A Physical Ability Test (PAT) and Reading Comprehension & Math (RCM)Test will be given for the Highway Technician 1 position and candidates MUST pass both tests in order to be considered for employment. PAT/RCM candidates will be selected based in part on meeting the prescribed minimum qualifications, including education and/or experience or licensure requirements of this position. Applicants selected to take the test will be notified by mail, per the address provided on the application, of the exact time and location to report for the test administration.
Operates basic equipment (i.e., see glossary for identification of basic equipment) & performs general highway maintenance duties which vary by season (e.g., constructs, improves, maintains, repairs & cleans highways &/or roadways & right-of-ways to include excavating & grading ditches, digging channels & cleaning waterways, cuts brush, grass & other vegetation, applies chemicals to vegetation, patches & seals berm & pavement, mixes mortar & concrete, shovels backfill, installs & repairs catch basin & stream channel & completes other drainage work, screens bleeding surface, reshapes/digs ditches/trenches, pours hot tar, removes trash, cleans & repairs highways &/or roadways & right-of-ways, mows grass, moves & loads supplies & materials & completes other related highway maintenance assignments, operates any combination of basic equipment to haul trash), performs snow & ice control & related maintenance duties by operation of snow plow with spreader, brine dispensing equipment, dump truck with attachments, maintains, repairs & installs traffic signs & pavement markings on inter-state, federal & state highways &/or roadways (e.g., repairs/replaces/straightens street &/or traffic signs & other route markers; installs & repairs guardrails). Performs emergency response & clean up & performs traffic control (e.g., flags traffic through work zone or around accident site; sets lane closures; places high water signs; erects barricades); receives training (on the job & formal) in various types of construction inspection activities (maintenance related inspection items). Performs minor repairs & maintenance on equipment (e.g., sharpens; sands; paints; refuels; lubricates; checks tires for wear & pressure; replaces light bulbs; washes & cleans trucks & equipment to prevent rusting); changes tailgates & snowplow blades; conducts pre-trip inspections of equipment. Performs miscellaneous labor & bookkeeping tasks; operates two-way radio/base station; telephones crews for emergencies; cleans offices & garage; keeps daily records & logs (e.g., fuel sheets, material check sheets); responds to general inquiries from public (e.g., gives directions; explains traffic delays; explains work underway); assists stranded motorists (e.g., telephones for needed assistance); performs general labor & maintenance functions at garage; loads & unloads freight; arranges stock in warehouse; moves equipment.

Minimum Qualifications:
Formal education in arithmetic that includes addition & subtraction & decimals, percentages & fractions; ability to read, write & speak common English vocabulary; 3 mos. trg. or 3 mos. exp. in operation of basic equipment. Note: Applicant must have valid Commercial Driver’s License at the appropriate level pursuant to approved position description on file to operate motorized equipment of size & type regulated by sections 4506.1, 4506.03 & 4506.12 of Ohio Revised Code. -Or equivalent of minimum class qualifications for employment noted above. Applicant must possess a Valid Class A or B Commercial Driver's License with tanker endorsement without airbrake restriction.

Major Worker Characteristics:
Knowledge of addition & subtraction; decimals, percentages & fractions; safety practices associated with highway maintenance & use of traffic control equipment*; agency policies*. Skill in use of basic equipment & related highway maintenance tools; traffic control equipment. Ability to recognize unusual or threatening conditions & take appropriate action; read & verbalize simple sentences; maintain accurate records; cooperate with co-workers on group projects; demonstrate strength to lift 50-100 pounds. (*) Developed after employment.

Supplemental Information:
Physical Abilities Test - This test will require candidates to physically demonstrate the ability to lift, pull, drag, and/or maneuver 50-100 pounds. There are six (6) events to the Physical Ability Test course which consist of equipment and materials utilized on-the-job by current Highway Technician 1s. Candidates MUST successfully complete each of the six (6) events in order to pass the physical ability test and continue on to the Reading Comprehension & Math (RCM) Test. Applicants must pass both the PAT & RCM Tests in order to be considered for employment.

Per ORC 4506.20 (A) Each employer shall require every applicant for employment as a driver of a commercial motor vehicle to provide the applicant’s employment history for the ten (10) years preceding the date the employment application is submitted to the prospective employer.

Applicants for CDL positions must list the names and addresses of previous employers for which he/she was the operator of a commercial motor vehicle, dates employed and reason for leaving previous employers.

Per Federal Regulations, the final applicant selected for this position will be required to submit to urinalysis prior to appointment to test for illegal drug use. An applicant with a positive test result will not be offered employment.

Glossary : the terms below are to be interpreted as follows wherever they appear in the classification specification: Basic: equipment: air compressor, asphalt reclaimer/recycler backhoes, towable barricades, power or tow broom, 1 ton brush chipper, concrete saw or vibrator, 3 ton &/or 8 ton ditcher, ditch shaper, 8 ton dump truck, 6 &/or 10 ton dump truck, 10 ton tandem axle dump truck, electricade with trailer, forklift, 2 or 4 wheel drive front-end loader, generator, 13,000-23,000 pound grader, hammers & jack hammer, 6 ton loader, mowers including rear brush hog, rear flail, cutter bar under 60 cubic inch, push & side mount rotary, ½ ton, ¾ ton & 1 ton pick-up truck or van, plow & spreader, tractor mounted pot hole digger/auger, 4-6 ton roller patcher, 5-8 ton roller, sand blaster, chain saws, pavement joint sealer, sewer jet, sewer eel, hydraulic &/or stone box spreader, spade, stake truck, stump cutter, 300 gallon truck tar kettle, tar distributor, tractor under 190 cubic inches, berm drag tractor &/or tractor with cutter bar, water pumps, weed eaters, 24 foot straight truck.

This position is designated as overtime eligible based on FLSA Standards.
Position will be filled pursuant to the provisions of the OCSEA/AFSCME Contract.
All Bargaining Unit new hires must serve a one (1) year probationary period.

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