Police Chief
City of Littleton, CO - Littleton, CO

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Responsible for the administration and management of the daily operations of the divisions in the department that includes the following: Patrol ; Investigation; and Support Services . With the concurrence of the City Manager, establishes and administers department operating policies and procedures. Plans and coordinates department activities to accomplish the work goals and objectives established for the department. Meets with Division Chiefs to review, evaluate, and revise work programs and division activities. Work is performed with considerable independence under the general guidance and supervision of the City Manager. Prepares and oversees budget, 911 Communication PSAP, Animal Control and community programs.
Serves as a representative of the department in meetings and interactions with: employees of other City departments and the City Manager; members of City Council; citizens; homeowners, business, and community groups; law enforcement agencies; and other individuals representing companies or agencies outside the organization.
This is an at-will position and the selected candidate will serve at the pleasure of the City Manager.

The Hiring Range for this position is $114,288-$120,002. The Salalry Range for this position is $114,288-$134,060.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Maintains overall command and direction of the programs and activities of the department and its assigned employees. Administers and manages the daily operations of the department that is comprised of two divisions, Patrol & Investigations and Support Services. With concurrence and prior approval of the City Manager, establishes and administers operating policies and procedures. Plans and coordinates department activities to accomplish the work goals and objectives established for the department. Meets with Division Chiefs to review, evaluate, and revise work programs and division activities.
  • Provides direction to employees assigned to the department. Oversees the scheduling and assigned work of subordinate employees; supervises and reviews the work of Division Chiefs. Manages the personnel and resources of the department. Keeps the City Manager advised of the activities of the department through meetings, briefings, or written reports.
  • Plans, implements, and manages the department's new programs and procedures and manages the department's existing programs and procedures to deliver high quality customer services. Customers include, but are not limited to, the general public; business and property owners; community groups; other city department managers; the City Manager and staff; members of the City Council, its boards and commissions; other City employees; employees and officers of other government agencies and private companies; members of homeowner and other community groups or organizations, including members of the Citizens’ Academy Alumni Association; and members of the news media.
  • Establishes short and long term goals and strategic planning.
  • Prepares, controls, and monitors the department budget, grants, IGA’s and MOUS in the general fund and applicable portions of the capital improvement program funds as assigned by the City Manager or Deputy City Manager. Responsible for the review and approval of department expenditures and the planning and coordination of expenditures from other funds as assigned.
  • Serves as a representative of the department; attends and participates in meetings with members of City Council or its appointees, the City Manager, City employees,, homeowners, community, or business groups; representatives of other government agencies, private companies, or other customers to plan and coordinate the activities of the department.
  • Delivers work products and services with responsiveness, courtesy, and tact in personal interactions with customers. Work products and services are delivered within the assigned full-time work schedule. The work schedule includes requirements to attend and participate in evening or weekend meetings of the City Council, its boards, as well as Law Enforcement associations and committees, and commissions, business, homeowner, or community groups as required by the City Manager. Is required to carry a pager and be available to respond to police emergencies.
  • Prepares written communications including agenda items scheduled for consideration at meetings of the City Council or other boards or commissions as necessary; proofreads and reviews written materials for accuracy; gives oral presentations of agenda items at meetings as required; participates as a City staff member in public meetings and hearings; and responds to questions from members of City Council, its members of boards or commissions, or the public as directed by the City Manager.
  • Observes and follows established City and department policies and procedures in the daily conduct of the job.
  • Performs other assignments and projects as required.
This Position Reports to: City Manager
This Position has Supervisory Responsibility for: Serves as the appointing and disciplinary authority for subordinate employees assigned to the department. Responsible for the daily supervision of Division Chiefs. Supervisory responsibilities include planning, directing, and supervising the work activities of subordinates; evaluating and reviewing the work products and work performance of subordinates; promoting, demoting, and transferring subordinates; reviewing and approving pay and classification change forms; conducting performance evaluations, and making merit pay salary adjustment recommendations; taking disciplinary actions as required; scheduling and assigning work; allocating equipment and resources necessary to accomplish assigned work; and assisting in the training and professional development of subordinate employees.

Education, Formal Training & Experience:
  • Requires completion of a four-year college course with a Bachelor's degree in business, police or public administration, criminal justice, or a closely related field. A Master's degree in business, police or public administration is preferred; and
  • Requires a minimum of ten years’ progressively-responsible full-time law enforcement experience; and
  • Requires a minimum of five (5) years supervisory experience at the Commander, Division Chief or Lieutenant level; and
  • Completion of Leadership In Police Organization or Leadership in Public Safety Organization training (LPO/LPSO) is desired;
  • Requires certification as a Peace Officer level I in the State of Colorado upon hire or within six months of hire and a Colorado Driver’s License.
Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
  • Requires expert knowledge of the principles, practices, and techniques of: public management and administration; criminal justice and law enforcement management and administration; budget and personnel planning and administration; and the skill and ability to apply that knowledge to perform the essential duties and responsibilities of the position.
  • Requires expert knowledge and understanding of: applicable state and federal laws; the City charter and codes; relevant areas of police and municipal civil liability; City personnel policies and procedures; department rules, regulations, and operating procedures; and the ability to apply that knowledge to perform essential job functions.
  • Requires emotional stability and maturity, sound judgment, understanding, empathy, and the ability to: apply knowledge, logic, and reasoning to make prompt and effective decisions and act on those decisions with decisiveness and assertiveness in routine and life-threatening circumstances; quickly and effectively evaluate alternative courses of action, and select the most appropriate alternative. The following mental abilities are needed to perform the essential duties of this position: alertness, precision, ingenuity, problem-solving, analytical ability, decisiveness, assertiveness, spatial perception, persuasiveness, auditory discrimination, tactile discrimination, speaking ability, memory, creativity, concentration, judgment, aesthetic sense, olfactory discrimination, writing ability, reasoning, imagination, initiative, patience, and visual discrimination.
  • Requires expert knowledge of police tactics and procedures including arrest techniques and procedures; hand cuffing, searching people and buildings; self-defense tactics; interview and interrogation procedures; booking of suspects; advisement of rights to suspects; evidence and property handling; qualification and proficiency in using assigned firearm(s), and the skill and ability to apply these tactics and procedures to perform the essential duties and responsibilities of the position.
  • Requires solid knowledge and the skill and ability to use required equipment at or above established standards of proficiency and competence. Requires the skill and ability to: establish and conduct verbal communications through speaking, talking, and hearing; maintain composure and perform effectively in stressful situations and the ability to manage conflict effectively.
  • Requires solid interpersonal, oral, public speaking, and written communication skills; solid staff leadership and public relations skills; the ability to effectively communicate and interact with individuals or groups of individuals of varying social, cultural, economic, professional, and educational backgrounds including the ability to effectively deal with individuals who may be angry, argumentative, or disagreeable; the ability to act with tact, good judgment, and discretion; and maintain the confidentiality of matters as appropriate.
  • Requires solid knowledge of the principles of government regulations, including, but not limited to, the applicable provisions of Federal and State law; City Charter and City Code; the City's personnel policies and procedures; the Littleton Police Department Manual (rules and regulations); the Colorado Peace Officer's Resource Book, and the ability to read, interpret, apply, and communicate the requirements of selected provisions for the law, codes, and regulations to perform the essential duties of this position.
  • Requires possession of a valid Colorado Driver's License appropriate for the type of vehicle to be operated and the ability to safely and effectively operate a vehicle when used for City business; requires a qualifying driver's history as prescribed by the City's personnel policies and procedures.
  • Requires the attainment of at least age of 21 years on the date of appointment to the position and no record of felony convictions or convictions of crimes involving moral turpitude.
  • Requires the knowledge, skill and ability to attain and maintain a Level I certification in the state of Colorado as established and administered by the Police Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) Board, other applicable state laws, or regulations.
  • The ability to speak one or more foreign languages is helpful, particularly Spanish.
  • Requires the ability write comprehensive reports and demonstrates analytical skills and tools.