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Confinement-Senior Specialists provide law enforcement and protection to the citizens of Tarrant County by performing duties that include but are not limited to Classification, Identification, Release, Court Update, Error Resolution, Grievance, TDC Desk, and other jail functions required to safely house inmates in accordance with statute, policy and procedure.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

1. May file detailed chronological reports of incidents and offenses with the appropriate authorities and prepare sworn affidavits for the issuance of arrest warrants
2. May assist with case preparation and completion, and process evidence
3. May file charges with the District Attorney
4. May get arraignments, present fugitives to court, arrange attorney appointment and handle renditions
5. May gather and prepare the necessary documents to transfer sentenced felons to other jurisdictional institutions
6. May participate in the intra or interstate transportation of prisoners/inmates or escorts inmates from jail to court and back after court appearance
7. May testify in court
8. May coordinate and implement initial and in-service training programs for departmental officers while developing new training course and updating existing courses
9. Performs occasional administrative duties such as answering phones, scheduling appointments for supplier/purchasing and other related clerical duties
10. Must maintain physical fitness in order to perform the essential duties of the position.
11. Must have the ability to use reasonable force when necessary.
12. Must work assigned shift.
13. Must enforce all applied rules and regulations of given position.
14. Must complete mandatory paperwork.
15. Must produce legal documents required in the performance of the duties of the position.
16. Trains and/or supervises detention officers monitoring inmates confined in the Tarrant County Confinement System.
17. Insures the safekeeping of all inmate property or maintain and care for all persons in the custody of the Sheriff.
18. Identifies arrested persons.
19. Obtains necessary legal documentation, medical information including MHMR history to properly classify inmates for safe housing.
20. Coordinate and supervises inmate students enrolled in G.E.D. classes including attendance records, materials, supplies, equipment, and records from other institution/facilities.
21. Performs all jail duties required to safely house inmates in accordance with State Jail Standards, policy and procedure.
22. Prepares end of month/end of year reports, class and test lists. Secures computer programs and run back up file on students.
23. Performs all other related duties as assigned.
24. Attends and complete all training required by statute or TCLEOSE to maintain required certification(s) and (licenses).

SKILLS - For this position the following skills and abilities must be demonstrated by a level of proficiency or achieved within a normal and customary time period:
1. Must have good interpersonal and public relations skills.
2. Experience or training in public speaking desirable.
3. Must be able to understand, interpret and properly apply court orders, relevant State statutes including the Code of Criminal Procedure, Penal Code, Jail Standards, and all other statutes, ordinances, policies and procedures required to perform essential job duties of the position assigned.
4. Must be able to prepare official documents required to perform assigned functions including but not limited to interoffice memos and letters to other agencies, affidavits, investigative reports, and case filing documents.
5. Must be proficient in the use of defensive tactics requiring physical force including the use of intermediate impact weapons and firearms (if required).
KNOWLEDGE – For this position the following knowledge is required to perform essential job functions relevant to assigned positions. (Personnel not possessing a Texas Basic Peace Officer License must have the ability to obtain and demonstrate required knowledge within six months of selection).

1. Must have a working knowledge of the Code of Criminal Procedure, Penal Code, Jail Standards and other State statutes, and County ordinances. Must have a working knowledge of applicable County policies including but not limited to TCSO Civil Service Rules, the Tarrant County Employee Handbook, TCSO policies, Standard Operating Procedures.
2. Must have a working knowledge of department organization and functions.
3. Must have a working knowledge needed to use basic Microsoft Office Word functions (word processing).
ABILITIES – For this position the following demonstrated abilities are required to effectively perform essential job functions:
1. Ability to control emotions and focus on professional duties and obligations in all circumstances regardless of provocations or stresses encountered.
2. Ability to communicate necessary information to others in a calm, clear, dispassionate and purposeful speaking voice in all circumstances.
3. Ability to create accurate, clear, concise, comprehensive, relevant and grammatically correct documents.
4. Ability to work with employees and citizens from diverse population groups to meet Department mission and serve public interest.
5. Ability to focus personal efforts and participate in team efforts toward continuous performance improvement.
6. Ability to actively seek opportunities to increase and improve knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to improve personal performance
7. Ability to actively listen by aggressively practicing good listening techniques.
8. Ability to use interpersonal skills to foster positive working relationships with team members (peers, supervisors, and other providers) required to provide superior services in the public interest.
9. Ability to take appropriate action to accomplish assigned duties and accept accountability for outcomes.
10. Ability to use appropriate physical force including deadly force when imminently necessary to prevent death or serious bodily injury to others or self.

Minimum Requirements:

High School diploma or GED; and two (2) years of related experience. Associate’s degree and three to five (3-5) years of experience preferred. Must have a Basic Jailer license (Intermediate certification preferred). Texas Basic Peace Officer Certification preferred but not required. Must possess a valid Texas Driver’s License and/or obtain a license within 30 days.

Physical Demands and Work Environment & Other Requirements:

While performing the duties of this position, the incumbent is regularly required to stoop, sit, walk, run on occasion, strenuously climb stairs or ladders and lift up to 100 lbs. Must be able to exert physical force when necessary and lift, twist and throw persons using defensive tactics regularly. May have to sit at the computer for prolonged periods of time typing, using the computer, writing or telephoning to contact pods for information. May lift to pick up evidence and run/fight to control inmates daily. Exposure to communicable diseases. Must be willing to work overtime, weekends, holidays, rotating shifts, evenings and nights.

There is exposure to household type cleaning agents (such as diluted bleach, alcohol based window cleaner, chlorine based cleanser); and occasional exposure to pesticides. There is occasional exposure to inmate control devices that emit pepper agents via aerosol spray, gel or foam. There is the potential of exposure to toxic smoke.

Applicants must demonstrate distant and near vision of 20/30 corrected or uncorrected in each eye and must be able to read typewritten material with or without glasses. Must be able to see without glasses (with or without the use of contact lenses) in order to wear an air mask; and in order to be able to see to defend themselves and others; applicants with uncorrected vision worse than 20/100 (Snellen) must wear contact lens while working; Must be able to distinguish basic colors (without the use of x-chrome lenses); Must be able to hear the conversational voice, with or without the use of hearing aid. Must be able to lift an approximately 40 lb Self Contained Breathing Apparatus for emergencies during fires; and, must be able to partially lift and drag an average weight person of approximately 185 lbs, a distance of 75 feet for the evacuation of individuals unable to assist themselves during emergencies; Must be able to physically restrain hostile and combative subjects; Must be physically able to participate in defensive tactics training and annual refresher training: Must be able to work any shift; and, Must be able to communicate in clear English during emergencies.