Environmental Science Senior Water Quality Planner
Montana Department of Environmental Quality - Helena, MT

This job posting is no longer available on AWRA.

Application can be found on the State of Montana Website (https://svc.mt.gov/stateapp/). The job profile can be requested via email: KDavis3@mt.gov Phone: (406) 444-4218 or FAX: (406) 444-5330. Duties: The primary purpose of this position is to develop water quality restoration plans and total maximum daily loads (TMDLs) that, when implemented, will result in attaining and maintaining water quality standards. Duties will include: developing TMDL project plans; identifying water quality data gaps; identifying methods to fill the data gaps via sampling and analysis plans; implementing sampling plans; identifying pollutant sources and pathways; identifying modeling or other approaches to quantify pollutant loading and implementing the identified approaches; evaluating water quality data and source assessment results; developing and managing contracts with consulting firms for sampling, simple models, and similar activities; working on and documenting improved TMDL development approaches in Montana; coordinating TMDL development activities with watershed stakeholders and providing input opportunities at important phases of TMDL development; and compiling and producing a final TMDL document that may include anywhere from 1 to 50 individual TMDLs.

This position can require several days of travel per month during the field season. The employee must be in good physical condition and be able to participate in occasional field assessment activities that can include hiking in rough terrain and wading small streams. Detailed job listing located online at www.mt.gov Position 53122005